Accurate Height Calculator (2023)

Note: If you do not know how to use our standard growth calculator, please read the instructions below!

Exercise Daily accurate height calculator allows you to check for your standard growth based on Gender, Date of Birth, and Height.

Human growth depends on the degree of nutrition and illness. It is evident that poor nutrition and illness may limit growth in childhood.

So, it is important to know that the average height of a population at any given time depends on the standards of living in that population.

However, one important thing you should keep in mind is that you can never use height as a direct measure of your well-being or healthy lifestyle. It is evident that the variations in the standard height of any given population largely depend on multiple genetic factors.

The best method to track the human height progress against undernourishment and disease is by evaluating the variations of height in human history.

It will allow us to understand whether or not today’s modern advancements in health or science are beneficial for standard growth.

Instructions to Use Exercise Daily Accurate Height Calculator

Accurate Height Calculator Range

Please follow these instructions carefully to use our standard growth calculator:

Step One: Select Gender

First, you need to select your gender, e.g., man or woman.

Step Two: Select Date of Birth

You can either manually type your date of birth in a relevant field or you can use a calendar icon to find your date of birth on a calendar.

Step Three: Mention Height

Now, you have to mention your height in the relevant field. Please make sure that you measure your height in centimeters (cm) and not in feet.

Step Four: Calculate Standard Height

After providing all the required information, please press the “calculate” button.

Step Five: Interpret Results

After pressing the “calculate” button, you will see the results for your given information.

For example, if you are a male with a date of birth of 14/05/2001 and a height of 180 cm, then accurate height calculator will show the following results:

“For Men aged 20 years the average growth of 174.7, the lower limit of normal is 161.4 cm, upper limit of normal is 188 cm. Your height 180 cm above average on 5.3 cm, that within the normal range.

The last sentence shows whether your height is within the normal range or not. Now, it is your turn to check your standard growth using Exercise Daily accurate height calculator.

Standard Growth Table


Gender Average Growth (cm) Lower limit of Normal
Men 175 162
Women 162 150
Children Varies Varies


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