Exercise Daily Magazine brings a well-organized Exercise Book for preschoolers to 1st-grade kids, generally aged 3-5 years.

Since the breakdown of this pandemic, parents know that not only the physical attraction of kids is restricted, but also their outdoor activities have been shut down completely.

With the ease of post-pandemic restrictions, Exercise Daily Magazine made its best effort to contribute towards the well-being of your kids. Not only for parents, but this curriculum is also suitable for fitness trainers to help them improve the well-being of kids.

So, let’s have a thorough review of the Exercise Daily Soccer Fit Curriculum:

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Specific Guidelines for Parents & Fitness Trainers

The “Exercise Daily Soccer Fit Curriculum” was developed with the aim to provide unique sports and fitness experiences to today’s preschoolers.

The physical, social, and cognitive demands of preschoolers are distinct from those of older children.

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The following guidelines are available for those who are educating preschoolers in order to enhance the success of their experience:

  • Lessons in fitness and physical exercise for preschoolers should not last more than 30 minutes in duration.
  • It is advised that they use the restroom before participating in any fitness/physical activity activities.
  • After the fitness/physical activity session, little water bottles with their names printed on them should be made accessible to them.
  • In the event that kids are unable to recognize their own names, photographs or stickers might be used to identify their water bottles.
  • The instructor-to-preschooler ratio should not be greater than 10–11 preschoolers to one teacher.
  • Children at this age learn best when the activities are varied and changed on a regular basis.
  • If you have a 30-minute class, it is suitable that you employ 4–5 distinct activities, each of which should last around 5–6 minutes each.
  • Pre-school instructors should be CPR certified, as well as have a basic understanding of the first aid process and protocols is necessary.

 As a fitness trainer, you may not find such guidelines in any other exercise book.

Features of Exercise Daily Soccer Fit Curriculum

Starting with a space awareness/locomotor activity, the Pre-School curriculum progresses to a manipulative activity (such as throwing, catching, and so on), followed by a non-manipulative activity (such as balance, jumping), and ending with a stretching activity and the nutrition tip of the day.

All of the kids should be moving at the same time. This curriculum does not encourage kids to stand about and wait for their turn to do it.

Plan ahead of time and prepare some ‘transition time rhymes’ to assist you in changing tasks. Moreover, it will also help you move from one exercise segment to another.

For your preschoolers’ benefit, try teaching some rhythm and rhyme so that they will be certain that something new is going to take place at any time throughout your teaching session!

Fun Way of Learning Nutrition Facts

Unlike most exercise books or curriculum, Exercise Daily Soccer Fit also aims to provide basic nutritional knowledge to preschoolers.

The parents and fitness trainers can find many nutritional facts in the curriculum. The purpose of these facts is to teach them to kids at the end of every exercise or training session.

Fruits and vegetables are integral parts of a healthy body and mind. Teaching all these facts to kids will not only help them in their early life but in the coming years of their age as well.

Not only this, but you can give fun breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas to kids as well. Something like, “french toast with a fruit smoothie.”

Yoga and Stretching Routine

The next feature of the Exercise Daily Soccer Fit Curriculum is an effective yoga and stretching routine

Counting forward and backward in a different language or saying the alphabet or the days of the week is suitable to make stretching time more enjoyable for kids.

Suitable for people of all ages, these stretches are simple and effective. Children as young as three to five years old may hold stretches for 15–20 seconds. 

Kids between the ages of 6 and 8 years old are capable of holding stretches for up to 30 seconds. Only if they have the necessary attention span.

Moreover, Exercise Daily Exercise Book also provides different stretching and yoga poses along with instructions. It will help kids to do those stretching and yoga poses properly.

Soccer Fundamentals

Exercise Daily Soccer Fit curriculum has a separate section for Soccer Fundamentals. The purpose of this section is to teach kids about the basics of soccer.

It includes everything from learning how to dribble and how to hit the goal effectively without missing it.

Moreover, like nutritional facts, soccer facts are also available to help the kids know about the facts and history of the soccer world.

For example, one interesting fact is that Martinho Eduardo Origen of Brazil juggled a regulation-size soccer ball non-stop for 19 hours and 30 minutes, making a World Record.

All these interesting facts and history will help the kids to learn more about soccer. Moreover, it will ultimately increase their attention and interest in all activities.

Highly Customizable Fitness Program

Exercise Daily Soccer Fit is the only exercise book or curriculum that provides a highly customizable fitness program.

The fitness program consists of 6 weeks @ 5 sessions per week. The parents and fitness trainers can decide which day kids need to learn something. 

However, for effective outcomes, Exercise Daily Magazine has assign activities to each day accordingly. At the end of each week’s training session, there is an assessment which is a combination of Soccer, Nutrition facts, and yoga.

Specified Journal for Parents and Fitness Trainers

To help parents and fitness instructors to write down important points relating to each week’s activities, there is a separate journal available in the curriculum.

It will help the parents and fitness trainers to track or monitor different activities performed by kids each week.

Grab Your Exercise Daily Soccer Fit Curriculum

The perfect time is now! Say goodbye to all those ineffective exercise books for kids. It is time to switch to Exercise Daily Soccer Fit Curriculum.

Exercise Daily Magazine is always eager to help preschoolers to dwell towards a bright and healthy future.