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Everyone knows that the prime purpose of guest posting is to increase brand awareness and get continuous traffic to the website. EDM is Google News approved publisher. This means you can reach out to more people and get a high-quality backlink to your blog or website. As a professional health & fitness magazine, EDM only accepts guest posts relevant to the “Health & Fitness” niche with high-quality SEO-optimized content. Check our pricing plans below if you think you can produce high-quality SEO-optimized content relevant to our niche.


Guest Posting Trial

$ 50$ 100
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Guest Posting SuperStar

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Guest Posting Guidelines

Exercise Daily Magazine has its own guidelines, policies, and procedures for guest posts. Please click on the button below to access all the guidelines and procedures. If your article doesn’t meet the guidelines, it will get rejected.

Why Choose Us

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EDM has paid professional tools to check the quality of content. At EDM, we prefer quality over quantity

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EDM's guest posting services are time-bound. Your guest post will be visible on our website for a time period based on the pricing plan

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GetCustom Offers

EDM is an offical Google News approved publisher! Guest posting on Exercise Daily Magazine is an effective method for building your own brand identity. By guest posting on respected pupolar blogs, you'll be able to share your thoughts with people who are already interested in what you have to offer! Exercise Daily Magazine will help you reach a wider audience around the globe with the help of its guest posting services.