Weight Watchers Activity Points Calculator

Exercise Daily – Weight Watchers activity points are perfect for you if you check your weight but notice little progress even after staying away from high-fat meals. Exercise Daily has brought an amazing weight watchers activity points calculator for you.

Activity points are a point system that assesses the intensity of your workout in order to efficiently burn calories.

Many people believe that simply refraining from eating sugary or fatty meals will suffice to help them lose weight. However, many are unaware that the human body needs sugar and carbs in order to function properly.

It allows you to consume sugar and carbs in moderation while compensating by increasing the intensity of your exercises, according to the Weight Watchers activity points system.

Instructions to Use Weight Watchers Activity Points Calculator

weight watchers activity points

  1. Mention your weight in the calculator above. Don’t forget to select your preferred unit (e.g., Kgs or Pounds)
  2. Provide your workout or exercise duration in minutes.
  3. Now select the exercise level, e.g., low, medium, and high.
  4. Now, select from Added points or Original points. You can find the factors below for both of them.
  5. At last, hit the calculate button to get your results.

Factors for Added Points

  • Low = 0.00033
  • Mod = 0.00047
  • High = 0.00117

Factors for Original Points

  • Low = 0.0002332
  • Mod = 0.000327
  • High = 0.0008077 1
  • Pound = 2.20462Kg

What Qualifies for Activity Points?

Another question you could have is what exactly counts as an activity for the purpose of earning points. Some activities are self-explanatory, such as a brisk walk, 30 minutes on the elliptical, riding a bike, and jogging around the track.

While some of these activities are clear, others may not be so obvious. Many people, for example, may forget to count their strength training or ab crunches as they are doing them.

You will burn calories and get activity points even if you may not be sweating or feeling like you are doing an intensive workout since you are doing organized activities. Other activities that may be used to gain points are far more enjoyable than aerobics and weight lifting.

Taking part in activities such as dancing, a round of golf, bowling, or even a friendly game of touch football at a family picnic can earn you extra points that you may use to exchange for food if you need it.