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Exercise Daily – Looking for the best natural loofah sponge? If so, then read this article to everything about them!

Natural loofah sponges are made from the Egyptian plant dried material to help you cleanse and exfoliate your body. Using these natural loofah bath sponges has been very popular in the body care and skincare regimes of many people. 

Gently rubbing the loofah helps remove dry skin as well as dead skin cells from the surface of the body leaving a firm, healthy glowing skin. Bathing sponges come in many forms, some are synthetics while others are produced from natural plants. 

The natural loofah plants make these sponges which provide gentle exfoliation. People generally confuse loofah sponges with sea sponges, natural loofahs have a spongy consistency made of dried fibers that are used to scrub the skin surface to provide deep exfoliation.

Belonging to the cucumber family, it can also be called a vegetable scrubber that is all organic and produced by natural means. If used with care and effectively maintained, they can make your skin look glowy and super healthy. 

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What is A Natural Loofah Sponge? 

Natural Loofahs, as the name suggests are organic sponges used for the shedding of dead skin and cleansing purposes. Great for all skin types and ages, these are used to cleanse the body and scrub the surface of the skin to leave you with a smooth and soft skin texture.

Despite the common belief of them being extracts from sea sponges or dried corals, interestingly, natural loofahs are made of dried fibers from the cucumber family.

You may think that natural loofahs are incredible scrubbers for exfoliating your skin but stagnant bacteria over the sponge surface may irritate sensitive skin.

How Natural Loofah Sponges are Made?

Understanding how these sponges are made may help you use them for the right purpose and in the right way. One may think, how are these natural loofah sponges made?. 

These natural sponges are made from an Egyptian cucumber plant that is peeled and dried to obtain rich fibers to act as an organic scrubber. The xylem of the plant acts as the base material used to make the sponges. They are then given different shapes and sold as natural sponges.

Heavily harvested in tropical climates natural loofah plants can now be grown easily in warmer temperatures. They require sunlight to grow properly in moist soil.  

The domestic harvest can help the production of these sponges in a larger amount and make a budget-friendly, organic alternative to be used as a cleansing tool. When used appropriately they may prove a healthier option for those looking for a gentle exfoliant.

How to Use A Natural Loofah Sponge? 

The very first step in using an exfoliating loofah sponge appropriately is to buy one from a store. They are easily available at drugstores and in the local market natural loofah sponge wholesale. 

Differentiating a natural loofah sponge from a plastic bath sponge is necessary to buy the right item from the store. Loofahs are generally considered a healthier option for skin due to their organic base. Both may appear somehow similar but they differ in the synthetic structure. Loofahs with an attached hand-grabbing strip is easier to use as they give a firm grip to hold it during the shower. 

Once you have an authentic natural loofah body sponge, the next step is to wet the bath loofah slightly with slightly warm water. Not only will it give the loofah a smooth texture but will also help the soup sink in pretty quickly. 

Then you can either use your soup and rub it over the surface of the shower loofah or use anybody to scrub your skin gently in circular motions. This procedure is generally considered the essence of scrubbing the right way.

Avoid harshly rubbing the loofah on your skin as it may damage the skin cells doing more harm than benefit to the body. The circular movements allow the exfoliation procedure to proceed gently.

Special care needs to be taken while scrubbing sensitive skin parts. Loofah bathing sponges can also be used to exfoliate dead skin from the elbows and ankles. Once you’re done cleansing the body, the last step would be rinsing the body with cold water.

Do not use the loofah on your face as the skin of the face is highly sensitive to physical exfoliators and needs to be handled with care. Once you are done using it, you may want to know how to take care of the loofah!

How to Clean A Loofah? 

Don’t forget to take care of the natural loofah body sponge after using it. You must proceed with using clean water to rinse the loofah to remove excess soup from its surface. Leftover soap residue may cause it to smell. 

After rinsing it, place it on a dry surface outside your bathroom in the clean and fresh air. Drying the loofah would help kill the bacteria on its surface and protect the skin against irritants. Additional care steps should be taken to keep the loofah free from bacteria by sanitizing the loofahs once a week. 

There are many ways to sanitize loofahs, with the most popular being boiling them in water for some minutes to kill the germs and bacteria. You may also wash it in your washing machine using hot water or use a diluted mixture of water with bleach to sip it in for some minutes for thorough cleansing from bacteria. 

Remain mindful of the period you use your natural loofah sponge. Keep changing the sponge regularly with a new one.  You should be aware of signs that may tell you it’s time to buy a new loofah, like a strange odor or smell from the sponge or changes in the color of the loofah.

To avoid the spreading of bacteria, avoid using it on private body parts and skin areas that are freshly shaved as scars and shaved skin areas have damaged skin barriers allowing the bacteria to pass through it a new one once a month at least to avoid any skin allergies.

Benefits of Using Natural Loofah Sponge 

We have been discussing the natural loofah benefits for cleansing and exfoliating purposes, but apart from these, there are many benefits to using these in your daily routine. Not only do they provide you with an affordable substitute for plastic bathing poufs, but they can also be used for other purposes.

You can use them to clean the surface of your kitchen shelves, marble surfaces and easily remove stains that are otherwise hard to remove. 

Tired of using your regular sponge to remove sticky cheese from the food containers? Natural loofah can also be used to help you clean your dishes effectively. Just scrub it gently with the container to be washed and rinse it thoroughly.

Natural Loofah sponges can also help in cleaning dirt from the skin of vegetables and fruits. For best results, soak the natural loofah sponge in hot water and then slowly rub the surface of the vegetables. Not only will it remove the dirt, but it will also not soften them.

Are you wondering that buying a new loofah every other month must create a problem to discard the old damaged one?

One of the most interesting benefits of using a natural loofah sponge is that its composition is entirely based on organic plants and you can use it in the soil as a biodegradable substance. Its effective property of absorbing carbon dioxide makes it an amazing substance to use for the soil to enhance plant growth. 

Once you have used a loofah, you can easily discard it in an environmentally friendly way. Its eco-friendly nature makes it an environmentally friendly product to use in your daily routine.

However, if you decide to use a natural loofah sponge for several purposes, consider keeping a specific sponge for unique purposes to avoid bacterial contamination and dirt transfer. 

10 Best Natural Loofah Sponges to Buy in 2022 

Applying soap and cleansing the body with hands is always a task. Using these natural loofah sponges may help you complete the task with ease and comfort!

Main Basics Bath Shower Loofah Sponge Pouf Body Scrubber Exfoliator

Basics Bath Shower Loofah SpongeBuy on Amazon

Not only is this product a best seller, but it provides you with a pocket-friendly option as well. It is a perfect size and comes in three different colors. Both adults and kids irrespective of their skin types can use it effectively.

The shape of the loofah has a special design that appears luxurious and works at its best to provide exfoliation. They are present in three different color scheme options, and you can always buy a match to the color of your washroom. It comes in greys, pinks, and a blue set of colors which is perfect for all.

Shower Exfoliating Loofah Scrubber Sponges for Face, Back & Body

Shower Exfoliating Loofah ScrubberBuy on Amazon

We all love using Eco-Friendly products. Well, this one will not disappoint you in that case. You may be worried about the presence of chemicals in bathing sponges, especially those that you plan on using for the face. It is a relief that this product mentions having no toxic chemicals in it, making it a perfectly natural scrub for your body.

It has a relatively softer texture and provides a good quality in a very affordable amount. Moreover, they have a replacement facility for returning unused loofahs in case you change your mind. These natural loofah sponges are nothing artificial but a very gentle exfoliator that your skin may love.

Black Bath Sponge Shower Loofah

Black Bath Sponge Shower LoofahBuy on Amazon

Black Bath natural loofah sponges have an additional ingredient that is beneficial in the process of exfoliating. The charcoal helps to cleanse effectively. This product is effective for people with sensitive skin. Moreover, both genders can use it. It has an attached hanging that may help clean the loofah after use and dry it effectively. 

The special design is very durable and may help you last the loofah for a little bit longer if you take care properly. It is also present in many colors to suit your choices.  

Organic Loofah Pad 

Organic Loofah Pad Buy on Amazon

Looking for a 100% natural and organic loofah? This brand is for you! The brand takes special time to describe how they naturally produce these loofahs from organic plants at the back of the product packaging.

An additional benefit is a double-sided pad. You can use it to scrub your body either way. Not only is this product effective, but it saves time. 

This natural loofah sponge is hypoallergenic; hence it will not irritate or cause redness on your skin. One can use this organic loofah pad for several purposes. Not only you can use it for bathing, but you can also use it to clean the kitchen shelves and the vegetables.

Luxurious Egyptian Body Loofah

Luxurious Egyptian Body LoofahBuy on Amazon

Luxurious natural loofah sponge is more towards the high-end side to provide you with both exfoliation and luxury. Not only does it help pamper your skin but it provides essential comfort.

This body loofa is particularly beneficial for reducing cellulite and for dry scrubbing. Moreover, its premium quality ensures eight weeks of continuous use and diminishes the hassle of constant replacement of the loofah.

If you soak it in water for some time before usage, it softens a bit a gives even better results. However, maintaining its cleanliness is important for healthier-looking skin. 

Loofa Sponge Scrubber Body Glove – Men and Women

Loofa Sponge Scrubber Body Glove - Men and WomenBuy on Amazon

This product is one of the best-selling natural loofah sponges in the market. It is cruelty-free, which is a huge plus. It comes in the form of a pad and is easy to use.

If you are fond of using a pad to have a firm grip on the body during usage, this is the one you should go for. It is highly sustainable and doesn’t contain any chemicals, and allows all body exfoliation.  

This product claims that it reduces blackheads and assists treatment of skin conditions. It is especially beneficial for people having any skin conditions as it is hypoallergenic and claims to improve skin texture naturally. 

Premium Exfoliating Loofah

Premium Exfoliating LoofahBuy on Amazon

Maximum mobility is provided in this loofah due to the hand stripping loop. It helps in gripping firmly as well as provides support to the hand while scrubbing.

If you are looking for something that does not tire your hand, this is the product you need to buy right now. It has a soft fabric on the backside that helps smoothen the skin texture after gentle exfoliation.

Moreover, it is the only flexible loofah out of all, which adds to the benefit as you can easily adjust it to use in different body parts with ease and comfort. It is eco-friendly, and even the packaging of the product is biodegradable.

Natural Luffa and Terry Cloth Materials

Natural Luffa and Terry Cloth MaterialsBuy on Amazon

This product is for you if you don’t wish to restock your natural loofah sponges again and again. It comes in a pack of 10, and you can use all of these sponges differently for unique purposes. This loofah is also made of natural materials, but it is also available in large sizes if needed. 

The size range is quite interesting, and one can buy the size they like for usage in multipurpose. It claims to remove dead skin particles and strengthen skin, and is very easy to use. The backing hand strips are very comfortable, making them user-friendly at an affordable price. 

Natural Exfoliating Loofah luffa loofah Bath Brush On a Stick

Exfoliating LoofahBuy on Amazon

This is a unique product of all, as it has a brush attached to the loofah. It becomes easy to handle and very hygienic. Moreover, the stick provides help to reach body parts that you feel are difficult for each using hands. 

The brush is of special use to people who firmly hold wet natural loofah sponges during bath. It comes in a pair of two, and the rope attached to the stick provides extra support to the loofah hanging on the wall in the washroom. Maintenance becomes relatively easy too. 


MAYMII·HOMEBuy on Amazon

Natural loofah sponge by Miami comes in a tough shape in its very natural and raw form when first purchased. The sizes may vary too. To use it appropriately, it is necessary to soak it in hot water for some time so that it becomes soft and ready for usage. This product has effective results. 

It claims to stimulate blood circulation as well as promotion of skin cell turnover and the growth of healthy and smooth skin texture. The packaging includes six packets of natural loofah sponges and is a quite budget-friendly option if you’re looking for a 100% natural loofah.

Risks of Using A Loofah 

Exfoliating is a significant part of the skincare routine of many people. It helps shed the dead, dull skin surface that may make the individual appear tired. The dead skin cells at the top layer may also cause the skin to look less bright and healthy. 

Using a natural loofah sponge helps exfoliate and gently remove the dead skin cells to leave smooth, healthy skin behind, but this procedure may also involve some risks that one needs to be aware of.

When in the shower, the air is excessively humid, which may lead to the loofah soaking in moisture. The dead skin cells in contact with the moisture may give the perfect atmosphere for bacterial growth.

Loofahs themselves don’t grow bacteria. Still, they can act as the source of bacterial contamination for different bacterial types on your body, especially at sensitive parts.

For sensitive skin types, physical exfoliation using a loofah may be just too much.

The skin cells may become irritated, resulting in redness and, in rare cases scarring. Doing a patch test is recommended while using a loofah to see if it suits your skin type or not. Your skin may be too sensitive to the loofah and can get damaged on harsh scrubbing. 

Alternatives to Natural Loofah Sponge 

Looking for alternatives to using a natural loofah sponge?. Well, there are many.

The simplest substitute for a loofah is using a water cloth. You can wash it easily with warm water and reuse it multiple times without the fear of bacterial contamination.

Keeping the washing cloth in the washroom is also a hassle-free task. Wetting with hot water and rinsing with a soup can easily clean it, hence less effort to maintain it. 

Switching to silicon-based scrubbers is another option. They are famous for their benefits, such as properties to protect against microbes.

Most popular are the sea sponges, which are naturally occurring sponges used for exfoliation. 

They have no other additional product added to them except the enzymes that help them provide exfoliation. However, while using a sea sponge, you may have to follow the same routine of rinsing, drying, and replacing the sea sponge, similar to the natural loofah sponge maintenance routine.

You can use these synthetically produced bath poufs in place of natural loofah sponges, too, but they have several harmful effects on the skin. They may additionally damage the skin due to the presence of several additives, fragrances, chemicals, and additional substances. 


What is an Egyptian loofah?

Mostly found in the countries located to the east, Egyptian loofah is a dried vegetable scrub used for cleaning and exfoliation purposes. It is made from an organic plant that is dried to be used as a sponge due to its strength in fibers. 

Are natural loofahs better?

Natural loofahs are made from a plant of the cucumber family and may be used as a gentle cleanser. Still, they need to be maintained effectively so that it doesn’t become a carrier of bacteria.

Are loofah sponges sanitary? 

Loofahs may seem sanitary to begin with, but maintaining the hygiene f the sponge may become challenging to keep up with in the long run. 

How do you use a natural loofah? 

Begin with soaking it in water, followed by applying body wash. Scrub in circles and rinse thoroughly with the help of cold or hot water.

How do you make a natural loofah sponge? 

Take the natural loofah plant and use the inner xylem to make the loofah. Peel it off, dry it and shape it according to your choice.

What to use instead of a loofah? 

Water cloth is the safest option to use as an alternative. However, you can use synthetic loofahs, sea sponges, and silicon-based scrubbers instead of a loofah.

How to dry a loofah sponge? 

Gently squeeze them to let the excess water flow out. Leave to dry in the open air on a clean surface outside the bathroom to avoid humidity.

How to make a loofah sponge soft? 

Dip the loofah in lukewarm water 10 minutes before going to the shower. The warm water will make your loofah soft and ready to use in the shower.

How do you grow luffa sponge gourds? 

They need warm temperature, adequate sunlight, warm and moist ground, and some space to grow their vines in the soil beneath the ground.

How long does it take for luffa to grow? 

It takes approximately 120 weeks for the luffa to grow. However, if you want to dry it properly before harvesting, you should give it more time.

Are sponges plastic? 

Synthetic sponges can be plastic. However, within the can, you can grow natural loofah sponges from Egyptian cucumber plant gourd – that is all-natural. 

Can you grow loofah sponges? 

Yes, you can grow loofah sponges in the home garden if proper sunlight and frequent water are available to them regularly. Warm temperatures help the growth. 

How long do loofah sponges last? 

You need to replace the loofah sponges every three to four weeks in order to avoid bacterial contamination. However, in case of a strange smell, you may need to replace it immediately.

Where do loofah sponges grow? 

They usually grow in warm temperatures with frequent sunlight, adequate water, and enriched soil. You can also grow them in the home garden in a warm climate.