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Exercise Daily – Looking for the best blender for protein shakes? No need to be confused by the large number of options available in the market. Read this comprehensive review and make your call.

When it comes to gaining muscle – or reducing fat – the actual workouts are less important than what you eat and how well-balanced and healthy your diet is. 

The process of muscle building begins in the kitchen, and keeping a nutritious, protein-rich diet is far more vital than lifting the heaviest weights and dumbbells you can find at the gym.

Protein shakes – manufactured from the highest-quality protein powders, of course – are synonymous with bodybuilding, while increasing protein intake can help with weight loss as well as muscle rehabilitation in any sport. 

It is also possible to make tasty smoothies using the finest protein shake blenders when you don’t want to cook a whole dinner (or when you don’t want to eat another dish of chicken and rice).

If you’re searching for the best blender for protein shakes and smoothies, you should opt for something that’s simple to operate, has enough power to pulverize ingredients, and in most cases, comes with cups that are convenient to take along. 

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10 Best Blender for Protein Shakes

Listed below are some of our best recommendations for you to consider:

Vitamix 5200 Blender – Editor’s Choice

Vitamix 5200 Blender - Editor’s Choice - best blender for protein shakesBuy on Amazon

In order to make shakes, you’ll need a blender with professional-grade power. The Vitamix 5200 has a large 64-ounce container with a customized cover and an ergonomic handle that is both stylish and functional.

Professional Grade Blending

The massive motor at the base provides enough power to the blades to assist you in blending the wildest shakes and smoothies you have ever dreamed of making. 

Do you have any protein powder? The Vitamix 5200 will crush that dry, flaky powder into a tasty workout liquid in a matter of minutes.

Self Clean Technology

Another advantage of having such strength is the ability to self-clean effectively. When you use soap and water to clean your Vitamix unit, it will clean itself in less than one minute. 

Furthermore, it cleans itself thoroughly, in contrast to other units that only sprinkle water on the edges of the container. The Vitamix provides a thorough cleaning of all of its components.

This is why it is the best blender for protein shakes.

Wide Range of Application

You’d want to create smoothies, which is fantastic. However, you will almost certainly want to do other things along the way. 

A professional blender such as the Vitamix 5200 handles everything. Using this device, you may grind grains, combine ingredients, liquefy substances, cook soup, slice vegetables and meats, break down ice, coffee beans, and fruit seeds, and much more. 

We wouldn’t be shocked if you were able to manufacture wine in this incredible machine! Without hesitation, we declare the Vitamix 5200 to be the best blender for milkshakes and smoothies on the market.

The Bottom Line

The Vitamix 5200 Professional Grade Blender is capable of much more than just blending smoothies and making shakes. This device can do anything, and it comes with a slew of additional hardware. 

It has an extremely efficient cooling motor, stainless-steel blades that have been toughened to an extremely robust level, and a metal drive system that distributes enormous power from the motor to the blades for exceptional blending capabilities.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Professional grade blending
  • Wide range of uses
  • 7 years warranty


  • Vibrates a lot

My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle – Budget Friendly

My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle - Budget Friendly - best blender for protein shakesBuy on Amazon

My Blend is one of the best blender for protein shakes. The Oster my blend demonstrates that a low-cost blender does not always imply a low-quality blender. 

Even if the 250-watt motor isn’t the most powerful, it’s more than enough to produce a basic protein shake with it. Because the smaller motor is quieter, it’s perfect for households where morning shakes don’t wake up the whole family.

One-Touch Mixing

While the single-speed blender is less adaptable than multi-speed blenders, it is easier to operate because of the simplicity of one-touch mixing. 

The top features a carry hook for easy transportation, and the 20-ounce container has all the mobility you need when on the road. The container, according to users, is the perfect size for a daily protein shake serving.

No Confusing Modes

MyBlend Blender has a tonne of useful functions that make life easier. It’s one of the simplest blenders to use once you get the hang of it. 

It is capable of one-touch blending, which means that you only need to touch the machine once to finish the full mix session. There are no options, there are no confusing modes, and there is no default functionality whatsoever.

This is what makes My Blend the best blender for protein shakes.

Suitable for Wide Range of Blending

The blender operates with a powerful 250-watt motor that spins the blades quickly enough to smash ice, blend frozen fruit, and thoroughly blend your protein powder into the rest of your contents. 

A handful of recipe ideas are offered in the instruction manual, which is included with the purchase of this blender.


Because of its one-button operation, the MyBlend is extremely simple to use, and its basic design eliminates the need for time-consuming cleanup later. 

The base of the blender, which has four blades, and the container, which holds 20 ounces, are both dishwashers safe.

Automatic Cooling System

Regarding size, this unit has a tiny footprint, making it easy to transport in and out of tight locations almost anyplace. 

When the blender detects that the motor has been overheated, it automatically shuts it off and restarts it after it has completely cooled down. This is done for safety reasons. This process usually takes around fifteen minutes to complete.

The Bottom Line

The Oster MyBlend is a very economical alternative for folks who enjoy making protein shakes, and it is also one of the most visually appealing blender for shakes on the market. 

It’s an ultra-vibrant blender that comes with a convenient sports container that you can use to mix all of your protein shakes in before bringing them with you on the go.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Automatic cooling system
  • Highly portable
  • Self-cleaning system


  • Not suitable for heavy blending

Magic Bullet Protein Shake Blender – Amazon’s Best Selling

Magic Bullet Protein Shake Blender - Amazon’s Best Selling - best blender for protein shakesBuy on Amazon

The Magic Bullet Blender is, in fact, a magical blender. Personal blenders were revolutionary when they were introduced, and this was one of the earliest. No doubt, the Magic bullet is among the best blender for protein shakes.

Best Selling Protein Powder Blender

As of now, the Magic Bullet Blender has received more than 10,000 good reviews on the internet. Nothing can convince you that this blender is of high quality unless you see it for yourself.

Wide Range of Components

One of the most appealing aspects of this blender is that it includes everything you could possibly want. This is the same thing that made the blender so well-known in the first place. 

A comprehensive set of components, including a strong motor, compact drinking cups with sealable lids, and has a variety of other features.


You’ll need this sort of setup if you’re a beginner when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It will help you stay on track and inspired. The easier it is for you to prepare your protein shakes, the more likely it is that you will drink them.

Everything is simple and straightforward when using the Magic Bullet. You can combine fruit, veggies, hard nuts, and protein powders into a tasty blend that you can drink right away since it has a very powerful motor with plenty of speed.

The Bottom Line

The Magic Bullet is capable of a wide range of tasks, all of which may be completed with a simple twist of the wrist. It chops, mixes, blends, and grinds everything you throw at it. 

Furthermore, the cups are composed of exceptionally durable, high-impact plastic. And did we forget to mention the cost? This blender set is less expensive than a week’s worth of smoothies from a coffee shop!


  • Easy-to-use
  • Hassle-free Cleanup
  • Multiple components to use
  • Best selling


  • Not suitable for ice crushing

NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender – Runner Up

NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender - Runner Up - best blender for protein shakesBuy on Amazon

Not only do you receive cutting-edge technology built into the machine, but you also get a machine that is solely dedicated to healthy eating. Let’s see what makes NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 the best blender for protein shakes.

Among all blenders, the NutriBullet features one of the most potent extractors of nutrients available on the market. Essentially, this means that you will obtain the most nutritional value possible from all of the ingredients you combine into your smoothie.

Heating Function for Soups

Because of its heating function, it may also assist in the preparation of well-balanced meals. It is simple to prepare a customized shake in the morning and then use the NutriBullet to prepare a hot and nutritious soup for lunch.

Less Messy

Say goodbye to the huge messes that used to accumulate on your counter. With the NutriBullet and its strong 1700-Watt engine, you won’t have to worry about spills or messes again. 

Serving Cups

The machine includes serving cups that link directly to the mixing unit, eliminating the need to move your shake from a pitcher to a glass in the first place. Within the cup that you are sipping your shake from, you are really blending everything together.

The cups also come with unique drinking lids and ergonomic handles to make sipping more comfortable. This complete device is meant to provide you with a tasty shake that you can either drink immediately or carry with you when you leave the house. 

The Bottom Line

The NutriBullet Rx is a wonderful blender that completely deserves to be included on this list of the best blender for protein shakes reddit.

It is the NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender that you should use if you want to prepare shakes in the morning, midday, or at midnight.

This machine may be more expensive than certainly affordable glass blenders, but it is far less expensive than the other large blenders available on the market. The NutriBullet Rx is a must-have for anyone who only likes to drink shakes (and smoothies).


  • Suitable for making soups as well
  • Comes with serving cups
  • Easy-to-operate
  • Less messy blending 


  • Prone to leakage

Cuisinart CPB-300 350 Watt BPA-Free Blender – Best for Cleanliness

Cuisinart CPB-300 350 Watt BPA-Free Blender - Best for Cleanliness - best blender for protein shakesBuy on Amazon

Preparing protein drinks is a daily chore for bodybuilders and those who follow a strict diet. In order to maintain this standard, they would have to clean not just their blender but also all of the tools they used on a daily basis.

Professional Blending

The Cuisinart CPB-300 blender is constructed of stainless steel panels, which make cleaning as simple as wiping the surface with a piece of tissue to remove any stains. 

Its elegant electronic touchpad is also waterproof, allowing you to wipe up sticky spills with a damp towel if necessary. Additionally, the blender comes with To-Go cups that may be used in place of separate bottles for protein shakes, making it unnecessary to purchase them separately.

Professional blending is what makes Cuisinart the best blender for protein shakes.

Single Blend

The 32-ounce blending cup allows you to make enough protein shake for a large group of people in a single batch. Using this function, you will no longer need to use more than one blender cup while preparing protein shakes if you are preparing for a large party. 

Razor Sharp Blades

In addition, the blender is equipped with razor-sharp blades. So you can toss in any fruits and veggies you like without having to cut them with a knife and cutting board beforehand.

The Bottom Line

It is possible to do everything with the best portable blender for protein shakes

You can prepare smoothies in seconds with the streamlined blender container, mince herbs, or ground flax seeds in the small chopping cup and mix up unique beverages directly in the four Tritan travel cups.

The Compact Portable Blending/Chopping System, which is small enough to fit anywhere, provides powerful performance thanks to its 350-watt motor and user-friendly electronic touchpad. This set comes with a dishwasher-safe blender jar, a chopping cup, and two travel cups.


  • Single blend for large preparations
  • Compact and portable blending
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Razor-sharp blades


  • Leaking from bottom

Nutri Ninja BL642

Nutri Ninja BL642 - best blender for protein shakesBuy on Amazon

The Nutri Ninja Blender is a powerful blender that can handle everything. The blender’s primary container is large, and it comes with large drinking glasses as well as a powerful motor for grinding all of the components down to a fine powder for your shake.

Let’s take a look at the features of Nutri Ninja BL642 – the best blender for protein shakes.

Ideal for Large Servings

This blender is ideal for persons who live in a household with a large number of shake drinkers. If you, your friends, your partner, or your family like shakes, the Nutri Ninja can provide plenty of servings to meet the needs of everyone in your group.

Blends Everything

Its strong motor allows anyone to create whatever they desire with no limitations. Even coffee beans and kale and spinach, as well as huge pieces of ice, maybe ground into a fine paste. There’s nothing this massive mixer can’t take care of.

Auto-IQ Technology

Ninja is well-known for producing the most technologically sophisticated kitchen equipment, and this new blender takes technology to a whole new level. 

When using auto-iQ technology, you can anticipate scheduled blending programs as well as intelligent blending programs that eliminate any guesswork from the process of mixing your shakes.

You only have to push one of the Ninja’s buttons to prepare a shake or a smoothie, or a cup of soup, or even conduct some food processing. The front of the Ninja is covered in buttons.

The Bottom Line

The Nutri Ninja BL642 is a sophisticated device with a lot of features. Specifically, we are referring to smart technology, intelligent blending, the ability to crush ice, the use of specialist extractor blades, multi-purpose serving cups, and a whole host of other features and benefits.

If you’re looking for the best blender for protein shakes with ice, the Nutri Ninja is the way to go.


  • Auto-IQ Technology
  • Suitable for large servings
  • Easy-to-use
  • Crushes ice, dry fruits, etc


  • Not much durable

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender - best blender for protein shakesBuy on Amazon

The Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender is the “Swiss Army Knife” of the kitchen; it is capable of performing a wide range of tasks. 

Easy to Use

Vitamix makes it simple to prepare a variety of delightful recipes, from rich and velvety protein drinks made with freshly ground nut butter to nutritious soups and sauces.

BPA-free Container

For individuals cooking for one or preparing modest family dinners, the 48-ounce container is composed of BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester and fits under most cabinets, making it an excellent choice. 

Variable Speed Levels

This blender comes with a variable 10-speed control knob that allows users to create the texture they choose. When needed, the pulse function provides short bursts of power thanks to the addition of this feature. 

The stainless steel blades of the Vitamix spin at such high speeds that the friction alone is capable of heating a soup in about six minutes or less.

The Bottom Line

The 1380-watt device is equipped with a self-cleaning mechanism. The blender will clean itself with just one pump of soap and 30 seconds of operation. There is no need to disassemble the item or put it in the dishwasher. 

This high-performance blender is available in three colors: black, red, and slate. It comes with a tiny tamper and a cookbook, among other accessories. 

The Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender is 11 inches tall, 8 inches wide, and 18 inches long, and it weighs 10.5 pounds.

So, we can say that Vitamix E310 is the best blender for protein shakes.


  • Easy-to-clean
  • Powerful motor
  • Durable
  • Variable speed levels


  • Expensive

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender for Shakes

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender for Shakes - best blender for protein shakesBuy on Amazon

In addition to making smoothies and protein shakes on the move, the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender is a space-saving addition to any kitchen.

Multi-purpose Blending

By pressing a single button, the Hamilton Beach Personal Creations Blender with Travel Lid lets you create smoothies, shakes, salad dressings, small-batch salsas, and more to your chosen consistency and flavor. 

The stainless steel blades are readily cut through ice and frozen fruit, resulting in smooth, consistent results every time, regardless of the material.

Single-Button Function

This basic one-button operation is straightforward to use and is excellent for simple drink recipes—just push down on the button, and the blender will start blending. 

The 175-watt engine and stainless steel blades quickly and easily smash ice for use in smoothies and other chilly drinks.

BPA-free Jar

The accompanying 14-ounce blending jar is BPA-free and functions as a to-go cup with a portable lid, allowing you to mix and be on your way in seconds. Whether you’re in the office or at the gym, this one-speed personal blender is ideal. 

Fill the cup with fruits and vegetables first thing in the morning, then combine and serve whenever you like. This little item is 11.8 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches and weighs 1.8 pounds. It has a compact design.

Hamilton blender depicts all features of the best blender for protein shakes.

The Bottom Line

If you drink milkshakes and protein shakes on a regular basis, your life has just been a bit simpler. When you use the Hamilton Beach Blender, you can blend while on the go. 

There is no need to search for the appropriate cup or spend time cleaning the blender before leaving the house because the blending jar functions as a travel mug with a cover. Instead, just unscrew the jar from the base, and you’re ready to start using it.


  • Highly Affordable
  • Compact and portable
  • BPA-free Jar
  • Single-button function


  • Not suitable for heavy blending

Blendtec Professional 800 Blender

Blendtec Professional 800 Blender - best blender for protein shakesBuy on Amazon

For all of you who like to get up early, this one is for you! When it comes to being the first one up in the morning and causing a noise in the kitchen, there’s no better blender to choose than the Blendtec Professional 800 Blender. 

Noise Inhibition System

As a result of Blendtec’s sound insulation mechanism, the machine can function silently, allowing the regular conversation to continue at a normal volume for you to blend breakfast without disturbing the entire household.

The BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester WildSide+ jar that comes with the kit has a capacity of 90 ounces and measures up to 36 ounces are indicated on the package.

Easier to Clean

Smoothies prepared with Blendtec blenders have innovative controls that not only add a touch of modernity to your kitchen but also make blending and cleaning easier than ever before. 

With a single touch, you can create beautiful mixes every time and then wipe them clean. Easy-to-clean is one of the most important features of the best blender for protein shakes.

Variable Speed Menu

The user-friendly interface has an 11-speed touch bar menu with six pre-programmed blend cycles, as well as an LED display, which allows users to have complete control over the precision and speed of the contained materials. 

The speed may be adjusted by simply sliding your finger up or down. With a power output of 1800 watts, this blender has dimensions of 8.5 x 9.13 x 17.25 inches and weighs 16.2 pounds.

The Bottom Line

Excellent blender for making smoothies, shakes, cocktails, and soups, as well as adding crushed ice (for snow cones and margaritas). 

Blendtec blenders are used at some of the world’s largest smoothies cafes, and you can have the same experience in the comfort of your own home if you use one of their products. 

There is no need for a tamper or a plugger because of their revolutionary technique, which automatically pushes ingredients toward the blade rather than spinning them around in a circle.


  • 11-speed menu control
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Noise control
  • Suitable for heavy blending


  • A bit expensive

Tribest PB-250 Personal Blender

Tribest PB-250 Personal Blender - best blender for protein shakesBuy on Amazon

Increase the nutritional value of a protein shake by using high-protein, nutrient-dense nuts and seeds. Designed for single-serving smoothies and soups, the Tribest Personal Blender and Grinder is also great for grinding nuts, seeds, and coffee beans. 

Let’s take a look at the features of Tribest blender, which we consider the best blender for protein shakes.

Less Messy

It makes less mess and is easier to store than most other personal blenders. Simply combine the ingredients in a blender and keep the mixture in the refrigerator. There are four cup and four lid options.

2 Function Modes

This machine has two modes of operation: a one-touch pulse mode, as well as a press and twist mode for blending or grinding on the go. 

PB-250 Tribest Complete Blender and Grinder Package includes a personal blender with a 200-watt motor base, one stainless steel four-pronged blade for mixing, one stainless steel two-pronged blade for grinding. 

Eastman Tritan Copolyester Cups

It also includes two Eastman Tritan copolyester cups in sizes of 16 ounces and 8 ounces, three cup lids, and a commuter cap.

The unit is 5 x 5 x 12.3 inches and weighs 4 pounds with the 16-ounce container and blending blade connected to the base.

The Bottom Line

Tribest personal blender allows you to customize your drink in any manner you choose. For today’s hectic lifestyle, it’s important to be versatile and portable. 

This portable smoothie blender allows people and families to combine many beverages at the same time without having to stop and clean a cumbersome blending container between each recipe.

The tight and easy lid allows you to blend and serve your drink directly in your customized Blend-N-Serve cup or carry it with you on the go.


  • Blend-N-Serve cup
  • 2 function modes
  • Less messy
  • Multiple blade options


  • Low powered motor

Buying Guide – Best Blender for Protein Shakes in 2021

Blender Types

Blenders are generally classified into three categories: countertop, high-performance, and single-serve.

Countertop blenders are distinguished by the presence of a big pitcher with a handle that is set on top of a motor base. These are simple to operate and have a variety of functions, including the ability to mix, crush, blend, and puree.

Highly functioning blenders, as well as those with the most powerful motors, provide the smoothest consistency, which is typically the case. 

Grinding machines and food processors are among the many multipurpose appliances available today, and they may be included in a range of foodstuffs, including harder goods such as nuts and ice.

Single-serve blenders take up the least amount of counter space of the three options. The pitcher is significantly smaller, providing only one piece at a time, and is frequently used as a to-go cup as well. 

As a result of their smaller size, single-serve blenders often have less power, making them more suitable for materials with a softer texture.

Size of the Motor

The size of the blender’s motor determines the type and volume of food that can be processed at one time—the better the outcomes, the stronger the motor, which is indicated by its larger wattage. 

Blenders of 1000 watts or more can not only handle harder ingredients, but they can also operate for a longer period of time as well. Furthermore, they are significantly larger in size. 

When it comes to crushing ice and other tougher components, lower-powered devices might have difficulties. They also have a reduced life expectancy when subjected to heavy use. Lower-capacity blenders, on the other hand, are far less expensive to purchase.

So, while finding the best blender for protein shakes, consider the motor size and its efficiency.

Speed Control

Blenders with variable speed control allow users to start slowly and progressively increase the speed until they get the desired consistency. 

This capability also enables users to layer numerous components at different times and with variable textures into a single recipe. Variable speed control also reduces the amount of stress placed on the motor, allowing it to last longer in a blender. 

However, depending on the model, some blenders feature a manual speed control knob, and others have a digital touchpad with pre-programmed parameters.

Moreover, manual or digital control systems are both viable options, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.


In general, investing in a high-quality appliance that is constructed of high-quality materials pays off in terms of durability and long-term performance. When purchasing a blender, stainless steel blades are always the best option because they are the most durable.

In most cases, plastic or glass is used to construct blender pitchers. The use of glass is preferable for mixing hot foods (such as soup) since it does not retain aromas like other plastics can. 

However, glass is heavy and can shatter easily. A BPA-free plastic pitcher should be used at all times. 

A few high-end plastics can be prohibitively expensive, and they are not necessarily dishwasher-friendly. Investigate your options to get the optimum combination of quality, safety, and pricing.

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FAQs – Best Blender for Protein Shakes

Is a blender needed for protein shakes?

To be sure, you could just as easily use a “regular” home blender to complete the task, but they are not typically designed for smoothie/protein shake preparation and do not come with bottles and lids that are suited for on the go smoothie drinking.

What is the best blender for protein shakes?

Vitamix 5200 Blender is the best blender for protein shakes. Considering all of its features, we have come to the conclusion that it is a clear winner.

Can nutribullet handle protein powder?

Regardless of the ingredients you use, it will simply smash and combine them, even frozen fruit, protein drinks, and ice.

Fortunately for Nutribullet, there are a lot of great things that can be said about this specific blender. The majority of the feedback has been good and outstanding. 

Can you use a blender for protein shakes?

Yes! While any blender may be used to prepare a smoothie, the ideal protein shake blenders are ones that are specially developed and marketed to individuals who wish to integrate protein powder into their fruit and vegetable delights.

How do you make protein shakes less chalky?

You can use the following ingredients to make your protein shakes less chalky:

  • Yogurt
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon
  • Banana

How do you make a smooth protein shake?

Follow the below steps to make a smooth protein shake:

  • Make use of a creamier base such as milk, almond milk, or coconut milk.
  • Blend in a banana or avocado to make it even smoother.
  • Make sure you’ve got the proper amount of liquid.
  • Don’t just let it sit there.


For those looking for a high-powered blender that can whip up delicious shakes, blend flawless smoothies, and even clean itself, the Vitamix 5200 Professional Grade Blender is the best blender for protein shakes. 

It is also the best blender for smoothies. However, the Nutri Ninja is still an excellent choice; in fact, if you can’t afford the price of the Vitamix, we definitely recommend the Nutri Ninja BL642.

Let us know in the comment section below about your favorite protein shake blender!