Exercise Daily – Why do you need to boost your immune system during covid 3rd wave? As we know, the world is once again under the siege of the coronavirus.

This is the third wave of the virus that is proving to be fatal. Now it is controllable as the vaccine has come and people are getting their vaccination done asap.

However, some people are not following the SOPs to keep themselves and their families prevented from this disease.

If you have any of such non-serious people in your surrounding, you can get the virus from them as well. It is also seen that when a close group of people has tested positive, and some get recovered quickly because they have a robust immune system.

Yes, as the virus highly affects the weak person, a stronger person can overcome it rapidly. No matter how strictly you follow the SOP’s, you can somehow get infected from it.

In this article, we are going to immensely emphasize the second important factor to stay safe. It’s about boosting your immune system to keep yourself internally strong and a more potent protector. Let us get you to the effective ways to boost immunity.

How does our immune system work?

An immune system is the body’s defense system that consists of two major components. One is the innate system that is inside the body by birth, while the other is an adaptive system that develops over time to protect outside invaders.

Therefore, both functions work side by side as a weapon against infections to keep the body healthy.

A human immune system is sharp enough to recognize any infection or disease instantly. AS the system identify it gives a quick response in terms of some symptoms/signs. When we feel sick, we can feel the signs of the virus or infection.

Those symptoms are actually reflected in that our body is fighting against the virus inside us. So, it’s our immune response to the infection.

If our immunity is stronger enough, we can quickly fight with it. On the other hand, a weak person’s immune cannot handle the infection quickly, which later becomes harmful. If you feel more sicker suddenly, you must visit a doctor for a quick consultation.

Top Effective Ways to Boost Your Immune System

As coronavirus has mentally affected us, we look forward to seeking the best ways to keep our immune systems boosted. We want our body very defensive. But for a defensive body, we need to test our immunity level.

Either we are stronger enough or not. You can take this idea from the last diseases and infections you have gone through. If you are weaker by the immune system, you need to plan a healthy lifestyle and follow the essential factors that help you out all time.

Or, if you feel you are stronger enough, you still need to maintain your system stronger. After long research on immunity-building techniques, we came with the top practices.

List of Top Ways to ways to Boost the Immunity

Here are these practices that you can make part of your life. So, there will be fewer chances of being affected by viruses or other infections.

  1. Maintain a Well Balanced Healthy LifeStyle
  2. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol
  3. Keep your Attitude Positive
  4. Get the Flu Shorts for better immunity
  5. Drink Plenty of Water
  6. Getting quality sleep
  7. Go in Open Area for Boosting Immunity
  8. Keep yourself Isolated and Adopt good hygiene habits
  9. Reduce the Stress Level
  10. Recommended Supplements for Strengthening Immunity
  11. Try essential oils for Immunity Boosting

Let’s know about each factor used in daily life and how these will be the beneficial

boost the immune system
boost your immune system

1- Maintain a Well Balanced Healthy LifeStyle

A healthy lifestyle leads to a robust immune system that has the capability to fight against viruses on a quick basis. Major factors include in such a lifestyle are eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and balancing the body weight. Let put a deep on these factors.

a. Eat a healthy diet

Maintaining a healthy diet plan is the best way to keep the immune system boosted. Take a balanced diet including both fruits and vegetables. Let’s discuss vitamins and protein-rich food in detail.

  • Vitamin-A

Vitamin A directly boosts up our respiratory system and protects against infections. The foods with a rich amount of vit-A include Spanish, Carrot, Sweet Potato apricot, and Broccoli.

  • Vitamin-C 

This vitamin stimulates the formation of antibodies and fights against bacteria. The vitamin C rich foods include grapefruit, strawberries, kiwi, tomato juice, citrus fruit, and red bell paper.

  • Vitamin-D

It fights against infections to make our bones strong. Vitamin D rich includes food such as bread, cereals, mushrooms, and salmon.

  • Vitamin-E

Another essential vitamin, which job is to work as the best antioxidant. The food rich in Vitamin E includes Nuts, vegetable oils, Peanut Butter and Avocado. Besides the above vitamins, you can also take certain vitamins or multivitamin tablets.

  • Zinc Rich Food

Zinc is another best antioxidant that boosts metabolism. Nuts, meat, seeds, shellfish, and seafood are rich zinc foods.

  • Protein

T-cells are the cells that protect the body from pathogens. So, it’s essential to take protein-rich food on a daily basis. Food including eggs, nuts, poultry, meat, and seeds have a rich amount of protein.

  • Honey

Honey is good for relieving minor pains like cough, sore throat. So, you can add a spoon of honey in hot water with lemon or add simply in tea.

  • Garlic

Garlic is another healthy organic supplement that helps in reducing the severity of infections.

b. Boost your immune system through Exercise and Physical Activities 

Physical activities like exercises better the immunity level. Here we have different convenient activities that you can add to your daily routine.

  • At least move around 150 to 300 minutes in a week. Also, move muscles for 10 to 20 minutes a day.
  • Try some indoor activities like up/downstairs, cooking, clean the house or play some music.
  • For outdoor activities, you can only go to the market if necessary. Also, follow the proper SOPs while going outside.
  • Do a proper workout daily for few minutes. You can find any healthy exercise on the internet and follow that.
  • Besides these activities, try yoga as well. It’s advantageous as it reduces the stress level.

Above all, these activities are associated with a healthy immune system. Also, the balance in these activities is essential.

c. Maintain the Body Weight

An average body weight according to your height keeps you active. The best way to maintain this balance is to do daily exercise and eat a healthy diet.

2- Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and alcohol are extremely unhealthy. If you are a smoker or alcoholic addict, try to limit the amount or quit it. When you take care of these factors, your immune system will operate accurately, and ultimately the body will get stronger internally.

3- Keep your Attitude Positive

A positive attitude leads to better immunity as you are taking care of your mental health. In this pandemic situation, we used to hear about serious patients’ conditions who are restricted to follow SOPs, etc. Such circumstances have a high impact on our immune system. As a result, our mind starts thinking negatively.

Here you need to keep your mindset positive so that your immune system functions bitterly. For that, you can engage yourself in some activities like social activities, spend time with kids, read books or listen to motivational stories, etc.

4- Get the Flu Shorts for better immunity

As studies say that the virus is more spread because of flu and sneezing. It continues to be a serious threat in adults/elders. So, If you or anyone in the surrounding is a little elder, he/she must get the high-dose flu vaccine. It keeps the person avoid from catching the flu.

Otherwise, consistent flu can weaken the immune system and increase the risk of illness.

5- Drink Plenty of Water

It’s highly important to keep the body hydrated. Because as we get older, our body loses the sense of thirst. Therefore, we need to stay mindful by frequently drinking water. 

Always remember to keep a water bottle along with you. Drink a glass of water before every meal.

6- Getting quality sleep

We actually heal when we sleep well. A sleep-deprived immune system is weaker to fight against infections. So, you should sleep for 6 to 8 hours at night.

Sleep recharges the body and strengthens the immune system. For better sleep, clean the bed, and turn the lights off. Also, set the routine for sleeping and waking up.

7- Go in Open Area for Boosting Immunity

Powerful and natural resources for boosting the immunity level are sunshine and fresh air. If you have an open area in your house, you can sit for half an hour under the sunshine. Moreover, go on the top of the roof-top in the morning or in the evening and feel the fresh air.

8- Keep yourself Isolated and Adopt good hygiene habits

If you are really concerned about your and your family’s health during this pandemic, first take care of yourself. If you maintain the distance without making your loved ones/ elders feel it, it can also boost your immunity system. Spend time with family and take care of the people who are in your contact. 

Besides that, you must adopt some hygiene habits like wash your hands after using the bathroom, before and after eating, after sneezing or coughing. Most importantly, use hand sanitizer and drink warm water frequently. 

9- Reduce the Stress Level to boost your immune system

It’s the major and really effective factor that impacts badly on the immune system. Therefore, it’s important to keep yourself busy with exercises, breathing techniques, meditation, etc. 

10- Recommended Supplements for Strengthening Immunity

Here are some of the top-recommended supplements to boost immune system by the researchers. Let look at them to know how you can take advantage of them.

a. Mushrooms 

There are a variety of mushroom species that are proven by health researchers as the best immune boosters. Maitake, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and Shiitake are the top mushrooms on the list. Try to use them in your daily routine.

b. Berberine

This is the natural compound found in various plants’ stems and roots. Its well knows for its anti-inflammatory properties. Usually, it is found in goldthread, Oregon grape species, and goldenseal. So, you can make the berberine a part of your daily routine and will feel the difference in terms of immune strength.

c. Sulforaphane 

Having anti-inflammatory properties, it boosts the immunity level. It produces in our body when we eat some cruciferous vegetables. You can also found take supplements like glucoraphanin or myrosinase enzyme.

d. Elderberry Supplement

Its a powerful supplement having the properties to quickly fight against viruses. It’s packed with antioxidants and vitamins that may boost your immunity.

We have discussed the top suggested supplements here, but still, it’s preferable to take them by taking consultation from a doctor. Otherwise, if you have taken any of these before, so you can take them now as well.

11- Try essential oils to boost the Immune System

The essential oils help in improving and building a strong immunity system. The common and fruitful oils include tea tree oil and eucalyptus, which contain antiviral properties. So, you can use these oils by adding a small amount to your food or add in your warm bathwater.


We are well familiar with gro­­­­wing concerns of coronavirus. Therefore, each of us needs to take little steps at the individual level to make sure our loved ones and we are protected. In conclusion, we have discussed the proven practices to boost your immune system by research that truly helps in building the immune system stronger.

All practices are really easy and common, like eating a healthy diet, taking exercises, balancing weight, adding supplements in the diet, sleeping properly, washing hands, drinking hot water, taking essential oil, etc. All we can do at our ease and just require consistency.

Hopefully, the content will help you out in many aspects. Furthermore, if you require any changes or addition, you can drop your views under the comment box.