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Exercise Daily – Buying the best hand exercise balls is not an easy task, especially when you have a lot of choices. So, we have reviewed the best 10 here!

The fact that yoga increases strength and flexibility while simultaneously decreasing tension and anxiety is one of the reasons we enjoy it. 

Hand exercise balls perform the same function but on a more personal scale. Using your hands to halt obsessive and nervous thinking and then releasing them can help you to relax your mind and soul. 

Increased circulation and strength in your hands are also enhanced by the same movement. These advantages help to alleviate the discomfort and stiffness associated with hand diseases such as arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Additionally, increased strength and flexibility in your hands will assist you in holding and maintaining Cobra and Crow Pose. Hand training is quite beneficial to your health and does not need the completion of a full gym routine. 

When you want to exercise your hands while doing other things, simply have an exercise ball ready for when you need it. You can put them out so that you’re motivated to utilize them. 

Your tension level will decrease, and you’ll be able to perform the Crow Pose in no time at all. Take a peek at some of our favorites listed below.

10 Best Hand Exercise Balls in 2022

Serenilite Hand Therapy Stress Ball

Serenilite Hand Therapy Stress BallBuy on Amazon

With Serenilite’s hand therapy balls, you may squeeze away stress, worry, and any other mental strain and find your way to a state of Zen. 

These gel squeeze balls, which are suitable for both adults and teenagers, will improve your attention and concentration while also increasing your muscular agility and flexibility. Relax your thoughts and maintain your calmness throughout the day!

The following are the features of the Serenilite Stress Ball:

Exercise Multiple Senses And Relieve Stressful Exercises

So, how would you want to alleviate physical suffering while also alleviating mental tension? This squishy ball helps you concentrate better, boost your power, and relax your mind. 

A wonderful health tool for bringing awareness to your life and helping you to calm your mind and body. Adults will like this fidget toy.

Improve The Strength Of Your Grip, Joints, And Muscles 

Every squeeze of this workout ball helps to enhance blood circulation while also strengthening and conditioning your grip, fingers, hand, and forearms at the same time. 

Carpal tunnel and arthritic problems can be alleviated with the use of this stress ball, which is also useful for rehab and post-surgical recuperation.

Ultra-durable, High Quality

This product is extremely durable. TRP gel is used in the construction of these ergonomic stress relief balls, which are coated with a non-stick fabric that is sleek and non-stick. 

These stress balls have a 2.2cm diameter, allowing you to feel optimum grip and comfort. They are also long-lasting and constantly maintain their shape.

Serenilite Hand Therapy Exercise Stress Ball Bundle

Serenilite Hand Therapy Exercise Stress Ball BundleBuy on Amazon

Serenilite has created these balls with extraordinary qualities that make you attracted when it comes to these spheres. They are multipurpose, have a distinctive structure, and come in an appealing variety.

The following are the features of the Serenilite hand exercise ball:

Best Hand Therapy

All three globes are delivered with varied density, which includes all of the textures, ranging from complicated to soft in nature. 

The ideal progressive series that takes you toward quicker recovery and energy restoration so that you may return to your former state of health.

These are excellent stress-relieving and anxiety-reducing workout techniques that will allow you to fully enjoy your leisure time.

Suitable for Adults and Elders

The pack is suitable for both adults and older people since it relieves muscular tension and increases blood flow, allowing your body components to function properly.

The excellence of these spheroids can be attributed to the material that was utilized in their production.

With the inner shred-resistant gel core and the soft outside fabric covering, it eliminates the sticky feel and provides a nice touch to the user’s hands. 

Through the gentle squeezing of these elastic balls, you may gradually recover your energy and promote muscle repair.

Best for After-Stroke Recovery

After a stroke, the forelimbs no longer receive adequate blood flow and become numb; they often remain dysfunctional for several weeks after the stroke has occurred.

Because it improves the impulse inside the forelimbs, the tool can shorten recovery time and provide a comprehensive exercise for the arms, fingers, and hands. 

You may also use them for post-surgery rehabilitation or to treat any unlucky injuries that may occur while participating in sports.

Secure Stress Balls on a String

Secure Stress Balls on a StringBuy on Amazon

In order to protect the joints and muscles linked with squeezing or any other related actions, the stretching handballs must be properly fastened.

This orb has been created with damage issues in mind, which is a major issue that patients who have suffered from strokes have reported when they have been exposed to these balls.

The following are the features of this hand exercise ball:

Effective for Stroke Patients

It is easy to bear the strain generated by a stroke since the texture of this void is smooth and has medium resistance. 

Since some people may find it difficult to work out with the hardball and others may find the softball ineffective, a moderate resistance has been selected.

As a result, the medium resistance provides a mid-range of resistance that is ideal for all ages and traumas.

Suitable for Wrist Pain

The wrist problem is becoming more and worse, especially for those who have had a stroke or for those who have to use their hands and wrists more in their jobs than other portions of their bodies, such as typing or driving for long periods of time, among other things.

These issues result in the forelimbs not working properly or causing pain when participating in such activities. This product can alleviate all of your problems due to its softness, lightweight, and durability.

Ergonomic Design and Durable

The fact that this ball is tied to a string is one of its most appealing features. Make sure the string is snug against your wrist and that it does not slip.

You may take this prop with you everywhere you go, whether you’re traveling or going outside. The string decreases the likelihood of it being misplaced.

So whether you’re searching for a rehabilitation tool, a forelimbs training tool, or anything that will help you get rid of worry and a high degree of tension, this spheroid is just what you’re looking for.

Hand Therapy Pro Gel Squeeze Ball

Hand Therapy Pro Gel Squeeze BallBuy on Amazon

Stress Balls are a stress-relieving squeeze that may be used by people of various ages and hand sizes to release tension, stress, and anxiety in their hands. 

Physical tension is caused by a significant amount of stress. The use of a stress ball helps to relieve this tension from the body, guaranteeing that your muscles and other body components get the benefits of the reduction in tension.

The following are the features of this hand exercise ball:

Hand Exercise and Rehabilitation

Included is a free printable stress ball exercise PDF that contains excellent hand routines for mobility, rehabilitation, and strength development! 

Stress may also lead to sleep loss; however, the usage of a stress ball will aid in the promotion of sleep by relaxing the entire body. 

The regular usage of a stress ball will assist you in finding clarity of mind since your attention is drawn to the act of squeezing the ball, which then calms the mind and diverts it away from stressful tasks, as described above.

High Quality and Durable

Durable gel and soft lycra are used to create the squeeze ball’s non-sticky feel, which is ideal for children. Give yourself permission to let go of your tension with hand therapy.

Highly Portable

While sitting at your work or simply watching television, you may relieve tension, strengthen your grip, and increase hand mobility. 

Not only is the stress ball the handiest way to swiftly and effectively reduce tension, but it also has the added benefit of significantly improving mood. 

Those who utilize stress balls on a daily basis see an improvement in their entire mental and physical well-being; they begin to notice changes in their lifestyle and a reduction in their stress levels.

FMELAH 3 Resistance Levels Stress Relief Ball

FMELAH 3 Resistance Levels Stress Relief BallBuy on Amazon

The FMELAH Stress Relief Ball is composed of a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). In addition to being lightweight and sturdy, the FMELAH stress reduction balls are also safe for adults. To clean, use warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

It is also suitable for hand joint pains. The following are the features of this hand exercise ball.

Three Strength Levels

This set has three hand treatment balls, each of which is a distinct color, as well as three different strengths levels. 

The resistance levels are as follows: yellow (slightly soft), orange (moderately hard), and blue (firm hard), allowing you to select the most appropriate level for your training progress. 

You can also alternate between different intensities, use them as a hand rehabilitation tool during your recovery, and they can help to increase the flexibility of your joints.

Extremely Comfortable

The stress relief balls will provide you with a tactile experience that is incredibly pleasant. When you squeeze them, the soft and comforting sensation travels throughout your body, causing you to feel relaxed in a way that you have never felt before. 

When you squeeze these handballs, you will not bother those around you or cause them to look at you with surprise since they will not make any sound. The stress balls, which are about 2 inches in diameter, are precisely sized for your hand.


Ideal for stress reduction when you’re under strain, you may knead it whenever you feel like it anytime you want to. 

The soft and elastic touch will entice you to fondle it, which will help to reduce stress and worry by diverting your focus away from the situation. 

This stress-reduction ball is extremely portable and may be used anywhere, including the home, business, classroom, and other public places.

Fanwer Finger Ball Exerciser Grip Ball

Fanwer Finger Ball Exerciser Grip BallBuy on Amazon

To progressively rehab a hand after an accident or after surgery, use this finger strengthening ball. As the fingers get stronger, it can assist older people in increasing the number of repetitions to gain extra benefits.

The following are the features of the Fanwer hand exercise ball:

Durable and Effective

The product is made entirely of high-quality silicone that is devoid of BPAs, phthalates, and latex. This stress relief ball is powerful, long-lasting, and completely safe.

Squeezing them increases the strength and endurance of the hands, fingers, wrists, and forearms.

This is important for individuals who have ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, joint pain, or high levels of anxiety.

Highly Portable

Exercise is simple and can be done anywhere. Finger Strengthener Balls are small and portable, so you can take them with you everywhere you go in your luggage. They are appropriate for a range of locations, including school, home, and the workplace.

Perfect Surprise

It is also an excellent choice as a gift for your family because it is excellent for targeting muscles in the hands and fingers of older folks. It helps in the prevention of stress, the increase of limberness, and the relief of joint discomfort.

Therapist’s Choice Hand Exercise 3 Ball Kit

Therapist's Choice Hand Exercise 3 Ball KitBuy on Amazon

These balls are highly recommended by all therapists because of their long-lasting durability and high-quality texture. The package itself comes in its own wrapping for each of the items within.

The following are the features of these hand exercise balls:

Highly Durable and Different Colors

The TPR material used to create these spheres has a unique texture. TPR material is a rubber-based, more plastic-based substance that preserves both of its characteristics.

The TPR substance prevents them from adhering to your hands and gives you the necessary power for squeezing action.

The balls arrive in a variety of colors that denote the strength of the balls, with the hard, medium, and elastic being the most prominent.

Perfect as Therapy

You may begin your therapy session with the softer one and, as your grip improves, you can gradually progress to the harder one as your hand strength increases.

So, basically, a full package that will take care of you till you are totally healed from your injury or illness. They are perfect for both strokes and treatment sessions, and a single workout would be sufficient to address all of your hand-related problems.

Suitable to Alleviate Pain

These balls would alleviate the discomfort, would relax the joints, and would increase the grip in the process. A full relaxation procedure would boost your physical and emotional well-being by reducing stress levels.

It helps to strengthen the hands, forearms, and even arm muscles such as the biceps and triceps, allowing you to regain the strength in your forelimbs that they once had.

It is completely devoid of harmful substances such as phthalates, and the non-latex texture prevents it from sticking to your hands.

Penzance Therapy Squeeze Relief Soft Balls

Penzance Therapy Squeeze Relief Soft BallsBuy on Amazon

Penzance hand stress balls are the finest physical therapy relievers for mental tension, stress, and anxiety since they are easy to squeeze and use. 

Squeezing stress relief balls can help to relax your brain and take your attention away from whatever is stressing you. Even under the most difficult of circumstances, maintain optimistic and healthy attitudes.

The following are the features of Penzance hand exercise balls:

Best Hand Therapy

Squeezing a hand stress relief ball every day is the quickest and most effective hand workout for improving strength and mobility in the hands. 

Increasing blood flow and circulation in your hands, fingers, and forearms with each squeeze can help to alleviate tight joints and carpal tunnel syndrome caused by too much time spent on computers, phones, and tablets, among other things. 

It is the best option for rehabilitation and post-surgery recuperation.

Relaxing Sensation

Relaxation treatment ball with a TPR soft gel core and a sleek, durable non-stick lycra fabric cover for stress reduction. 

The hand stress reliever balls quickly return to their original shape after being pressed at will. 

The diameter of the hand stress ball is 2.36 inches. Moreover, it has three distinct levels of grip resistance ranging from gentle to hard. It is simple to use and is machine washable.

Perfect as Gift

A hand stress ball is a wonderful present for adults, children, students, teachers, seniors, and coworkers who are prone to displaying excessive wrath or worry in their daily lives. 

The three stress balls are packaged in a drawstring pouch, which makes them extremely portable for carrying around in your daily routine: to the office, vehicle, school, living room, and so on. 

The best option for watching television and sitting through dull meetings.

Healthy Seniors Squeeze Balls for Hand Therapy

Healthy Seniors Squeeze Balls for Hand TherapyBuy on Amazon

This workout package contains four exercise eggs (extra soft, soft, medium, and hard), as well as a printed guide including 16 different exercises. It is ideal for arthritic hands because it allows them to gain strength without causing harm or pain.

The following are the features of the Healthy Seniors hand exercise ball kit:

Booklet with 16 Exercises

In addition to a thorough series of exercises created by a physical therapist to strengthen your fingers, hand, and wrist, the Healthy Seniors exerciser kit also includes a DVD. 

You may perform your rehab training exercises on a daily basis, progressively increasing the difficulty as you go through the program and strengthening your fine motor abilities. 

When performed on a daily basis, these exercises will reduce discomfort and make it simpler for you to pick up different things or do household duties, thus enhancing the overall quality of your life.

Strengthen Grip

This hand treatment equipment can help you gain strength in your fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms while also decreasing stiffness and joint discomfort by increasing blood circulation in your hands and wrists. 

Hand mobility is restored in physical and occupational therapy using this medication. 

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, tennis elbow, or who require pre-surgery preparation, post-surgical rehabilitation, or rehabilitation following a stroke can benefit from this product.

Best Quality

Egg-shaped therapy balls are composed of a quality composite silicone substance that is odorless and latex-free. 

The balls are available in a variety of colors. The gently textured outside provides a stable, nonslip surface for gripping and is ideal for wet conditions. 

For extended use, these squishy therapeutic balls will keep their form and remain flexible.

Hand Grip Exerciser Strengthener

Hand Grip Exerciser StrengthenerBuy on Amazon

What else could you ask for in a product if you are receiving high-quality materials and distinctive features? The phenomenon of pressure points serves as the inspiration for this workout equipment.

The following are the features of this hand exercise ball:

Voids on Surface

The void is filled by Bumby thorns that have an uneven surface and are squeezable while also applying precise pressure.


Such spheres have always been a crowd-pleaser as the texture is pleasant, and they provide quick relief from tension, discomfort, and numbness. 

Getting a nice sensation from the straight texture balls takes somewhat longer since you have to crush them repeatedly to obtain a satisfying experience.

Massaging Surface

Fortunately, this helpful gadget includes a massaging surface that will begin functioning immediately once it is grabbed by the user.


The material is TPR; however, it is of good quality since it has no odor and does not generate any flavor. When you’re getting a massage, the tactile feeling keeps you happy, and the lengthy adjustable rope prevents the ball from bouncing away.

Best Hand Exercise Balls – Buying Guide

Hand Exercise Ball

Hand treatment is important, especially as we grow older and our body parts become less capable of performing their functions appropriately, and the forelimbs that support our major motions become ineffective.

In old age, cells lose their ability to sense blood flow and so continue to be numb and in tension. As a result, older individuals frequently experience restlessness as a result of this chronic disease, which lowers the stimulation within the forelimbs for any movement.

In a similar vein, a stroke occurs when blood flow to a region of the body is disrupted. It causes the muscles to become ineffective as a result of the abrupt shock that they have experienced.

Because of the traumas, the nerve endings in the hands may damage, causing them to malfunction or stop working altogether. It is possible that the accidents or injuries will have the same sort of effect, depending on the type of harm sustained.

Sometimes children’s fore and hindlimbs are unable to function correctly as a result of a lack of nourishment. Hand workout balls are the most effective remedy for all of these issues and more.

But before you stretch out your hand to grab the one that seems the most enticing to you, have a look at the characteristics that you should consider before making your final decision. 

These characteristics would help you find the goods you’re looking for more quickly and efficiently, saving you both time and money.

Strength Level

Resistance refers to the degree of softness or hardness that a tool provides to the user. You will benefit from adaptability since each one will have a different resistance level. It will allow you to conduct gradual recovery sessions after your workout.

The brands frequently provide three different levels: mild, medium, and hard. This one is for initial injuries and rehabilitation when the forelimbs are completely paralyzed and do not function.

While the medium one is appropriate when only a small recovery has occurred.

However, the hard one is appropriate when you need to lower your stress level.

Those that feature a single ball are more likely to provide a medium or a hardball. They are typically used for high-stress situations, so consider your needs before purchasing one.


With the majority of the workout equipment, I was forced to deal with the sticky stuff. I found it to be disgusting and unpleasant. How are you expected to squeeze the ball properly if the ball adheres to your hands and leaves behind the remnants of the ball?

Some orbs will not cling if they are produced with high-quality gel.

However, despite the fact that many companies employ gel substance, which is frequently sticky. 

Others, on the other hand, could be silicon-based non-sticky substances. So choose the one that will not annoy you so that you can enjoy your leisure time to the fullest.

Shape of Ball

The character can be vague and have nothing to do with the quality of the spheroid. However, when you examine the damage to your hands, it can be useful in helping you concentrate on specific injured areas of your hands.

Some of the gaps are circular, which is great for palm and wrist exercises.

Others, on the other hand, may have uneven bumps that act as pressure points. They allow the healing process to go more quickly. 

Others of these balls may have a distinctive structure, such as oval forms or finger holds. They add to the variety of ways in which you can use it for a variety of applications.

Best Hand Exercise Balls – FAQs

Are hand exercise balls good for arthritis?

Use one of those tiny, squishy “stress balls” to relieve tension. The Arthritis Institute of America discovered that gripping a stress ball increased grip strength and reduced discomfort in people who had osteoarthritis of the hand.

How do you use a hand exercise ball?

Holding a softball in your palm, squeeze it as hard as you possibly can to release the tension. Hold for a couple of seconds before releasing. 

10 to 15 times on each hand, depending on your skill level. Carry out this exercise two to three times each week. However, allow your hands to rest for at least 48 hours between each session.

Does squeezing a ball make your hand stronger?

Even though it appears to be insignificant, squeezing a ball is a beneficial hand strengthening exercise. It helps to develop your intrinsic hand muscles. 

Hand strengthening exercises such as this one will increase your grip strength. Moreover, your ability to open jars and hold on to objects with ease.

Does squeezing a stress ball help grip strength?

According to Performance Orthopedics, squeezing a stress ball can assist in the rehabilitation of your hand. Moreover, it helps in the improvement of grip strength. 

Holding the ball in the palm of your hand. Squeeze it as tightly as you possibly can, and then release the pressure. It is necessary to repeat 3 sets.