Lifespan Fitness RW 1000 Rowing Machine

Exercise Daily – In this post, we will review the Lifespan Fitness RW 1000 Rowing Machine, so you can easily find the perfect rowing machine for your fitness goals.

Doing full-body cardio exercises with a rowing machine is one of the best techniques to establish a healthy cardiovascular system.

You may avoid stroke and other cardiovascular disorders in the future by adopting an active lifestyle and investing in high-quality gym equipment.

Finding a budget-friendly rower with outstanding features, on the other hand, can be difficult. Fortunately, the LifeSpan RW1000 Rowing Machine can be a good option to consider. If you want to get a full-body cardiovascular exercise, this inexpensive rower is a great option.

Lifespan Fitness RW 1000 Rowing Machine Review

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“After using the professional machines in my local gym I was a bit skeptical about buying a machine. After research I chose this machine as it stood out from the rest. This works very well. It is sturdy, smooth and efficient and very quiet.”

– Amazon User

The LifeSpan RW1000 rowing machine comes with a magnetic resistance system having 5 resistance levels.

A 16.5-pound flywheel supplies the resistance. Although we like how quiet the resistance is on this machine, many users, particularly experienced trainers or those with strong upper-body power, may find the five settings to be insufficiently challenging.

It does, however, offer an overall weight range of 300 pounds and will fit persons with inseams up to 38 inches (the monorail is 53 inches). Most trainees will find it to be a good match. However, the pedals aren’t particularly spacious.

Customers say they’ve had to stop and re-strap the pedals in the middle of sessions because of their larger shoe sizes.

Padded hand grips and an ergonomically constructed foam seat are among the elements that provide comfort.

The RW1000 comes with a simple console that shows distance, time, calories burned, stroke count, and strokes per minute. Because the console is cordless and works on batteries, you won’t have to be concerned about where you put it.

It also has a locking pin that allows it to be folded down to 34′′ long, 19′′ broad, and 64′′ tall for convenient storage. With the transfer wheels situated underneath the footpads, you may even roll it into a different room after your workout.

Despite its inexpensive cost, it comes with a decent residential warranty: the frame is covered for five years, the parts for two years, and the service is free for a year.


The Lifespan Fitness RW 1000 Rowing Machine incorporates the following features:


When it comes to buying a rower, one of the most important considerations is comfort. Who wants to spend money on something they won’t be able to utilize for more than ten minutes?

The softness and comfort of the cushioned seat are the main specialties of the RW1000 Rower’s comfort.

A number of rowers said the seat was quite comfy, so that’s a plus for all of you marathon rowers out there. Moreover, the seat slides up and down the seat rail without causing any problems.

The no-slack retrieval device on the nylon strap that is pulled by the handle ensures that the strap is never loose. As a result, the strap will not snag, allowing for a smooth rowing action.


While reviewing the lifespan fitness RW 1000 rowing machine, resistance is an important factor to consider.

The RW1000 Rowing Machine from Lifespan Fitness is a magnetic resistance rower. This implies that the varying resistance levels are controlled by a magnet.

The resistance may be increased or decreased by simply moving a magnet closer or farther away from the metal flywheel.

Feel greater resistance as you bring the magnet closer to the flywheel, and less resistance as you move it further away!

The 16.5-pound flywheel of the RW1000 Rower contributes to the rower’s ultra-smooth rowing action.

Monitor/Control Panel

The lifespan fitness RW 1000 rowing machine is equipped with a fitness monitor with several LCD screens. This monitor keeps track of the following information:

  • Distance
  • Calories
  • Time
  • Strokes per minute

It is powered by two AAA alkaline batteries (provided). When the rower is in use, the monitor will automatically turn on, and it will automatically switch off after 4 minutes of inactivity.

The workout activity data is divided into three different mini-LCD panels. Because the numbers are huge, the information is easy to see; but, because the monitor is not backlit, additional lighting is required.

However, it only performs one basic purpose, that of tracking workout data; the monitor is straightforward to operate.

You will need to keep track of your workouts separately in a notebook or spreadsheet because it does not save the information about your workout sessions.

Build Quality

The Lifespan Fitness RW 1000 Rowing Machine is made with a steel frame and has a generally high level of construction quality.

Users commented that the parts appeared to be of great quality and that they appreciated the rowing machine’s three points of ground contact, which they thought provided stability.

This makes it possible for bigger folks to use the rower as opposed to less costly variants that just have two points of contact with the ground.

A number of users also said that the seat, handle, rowing strap, and foot pedals all appeared to be built of high-quality materials and would last for a long time.


The structural integrity of a machine is one of the measures of its quality. And by this, We mean that the rower should not creak or wobble when being used frequently.

Well, this is a little difficult to determine without taking the machine for a trial run, but you can get a general sense of how durable it is by looking at a few different factors.

An excellent place to start is with the frame’s weight capability; durable and robust frames will have larger weight capabilities than less durable frames.

At first glance, the RW1000 appears to be a well-built machine. It has a steel frame with stabilizers on the legs and rail, and it exudes a sense of toughness.

When it comes to weight capacity, the RW1000 can securely support individuals weighing up to 300 lb, which is impressive for a rower in this price range (and even matches many more expensive models).

The fact that the RW1000’s frame can be folded is yet another appealing feature. You can effortlessly fold the frame in half, which reduces its overall footprint by half.

The seat is spacious and ergonomically built, and it is made of injected foam. The cushioned grips provide a secure grip, although the pedals are not particularly spacious.

If you have larger feet, you may find that they do not hold up as well as they should. Despite the fact that the RW1000 features foot straps, they appear to come undone when worn by someone with large or wide feet.

The lifespan fitness RW 1000 rowing machine, on the other hand, receives great marks for its sturdy construction. The great weight capacity and foldability of this device are fantastic, but the pedals may be improved.


The following warranties are provided by LifeSpan Fitness in support of their RW1000:

  • 5 years
  • 2 Years for
  • 1 year for labor

This is a very decent guarantee, in our opinion. 5 years on the frame is more generous than most in this price range, and 2 years on parts is more reasonable than most in this price range.

For more costly models, a one-year warranty on labor is a typical operating practice; yet, it is a real treat for a rower in this price range to have such a generous warranty.

Overall, the RW 1000 rowing machine comes with an excellent guarantee.

Lifespan Fitness RW 1000 Rowing Machine – Pros and Cons


  • Extremely quiet
  • The frame is made of solid steel.
  • Resistance may be adjusted to five different levels.
  • Gear Awards Winner, Seal of Excellence, in 2008
  • Exceptional warranty
  • Simple to put together
  • It is possible to fold it up in seconds for storage.
  • Much more comfortable to use
  • Can be used by people of all heights
  • Rowing action is smooth


  • Fitness monitor performs below average
  • Not suitable for advanced fitness levels
  • Difficult to keep your feet in place when rowing

Final Words

Customers have generally expressed satisfaction with the lifespan fitness RW 1000 rowing machine indoor rower, especially considering its low price. It also comes with a pretty decent guarantee for a rowing machine with such a low price tag.

It is efficient as a cardio trainer, but it does not replicate the experience of outside rowing, nor does it allow you to build up momentum as you would in the outdoors. Every stroke looks exactly the same. It is the most appropriate for persons who are new to rowing.