why does my facial hair grow so fast

Exercise Daily – Wondering why does my facial hair grow so fast? If so, then don’t worry. We will discuss all the possible causes of fast facial hair.

In simple words, facial hair growth depends on multiple factors like genetics, hormones (testosterone), diet, sleep, and even stress. So, if you experience fast facial hair growth, then it can be a result of these factors.

The beard-growing process has caught your attention, but the speed at which your facial hair is growing has surprised you. 

Alternatively, you may not be a fan of beards and like to shave on a regular basis, but you find it irritating when you begin to see stubbles on your face just a day after your previous close shave. So, what is it about your facial hair that causes them to grow so fast?

Using the factors that influence the growth rate of your beard, we’ll get to the bottom of why your beard grows so fast in this article.

Many guys who are into beard grooming would never inquire as to why their beard is growing so fast. Many people would be thrilled by this and would happily accept it. Because of this, you won’t have to wait long to attain your beard objectives. 

Many, on the other hand, are curious people who would like to know why their beard is growing at a faster rate than a friend’s.

Another category of guys who are likely to ask this question is those who want to maintain a clean-shaven appearance on their faces. They are, however, dissatisfied with the fact that they must shave virtually every morning due to the fast development of their beards.

Why Does My Facial Hair Grow So Fast – 9 Reasons

Assuming that all guys are the same and have the same lifestyle, they should be able to predict with some accuracy what sort of beard they will have. 

The phases of beard development are not entirely the same for every man, which is why they are experienced differently by different men.

A few of the most significant factors that influence beard development are as follows:


Based on our family history, genetics informs us that if our father or grandfather grew a thick, healthy beard, we have a strong probability of doing so as well. 

why does my facial hair grow so fast

Understanding your ancestors can assist you in determining what type of beard you may develop or why your beard is growing in a particular manner, yet this is not always the case because there is always the possibility that a particular characteristic is not passed down.


Your age has an impact on the rate at which your beard grows and the quality of your beard. Males begin to grow facial hair at the age of thirteen. 

Most hair development happens between the ages of 25 and 35, and it is the most plentiful and quickest growing at this time. As males grow older, their pace of development tends to reduce, but not always dramatically.


So, here’s how it works: Men with higher testosterone levels have a greater likelihood of developing an excess of face and body hair. That makes sense, doesn’t it? 

The body generates testosterone, which causes thin hair to become thicker and darker in color as a result of the process.

On the other hand, men with greater testosterone levels are more likely to develop baldness as a result of dihydrotestosterone, an androgen that gives men their masculine features but also has the potential to induce hair loss in some men. 

If you’ve ever wondered why a man with a monstrous beard ends up bald, DHT is most likely the cause of it.


A nutritious diet has a favorable impact on many aspects of our lives, including the growth of our beards. 

The consumption of a well-balanced diet that is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals can help you maintain your beard while also allowing it to reach its maximum development potential.

It is essential to ensure that your diet has a sufficient amount of protein because hair is composed primarily of protein. Whisker strands can become brittle and weak as a result of a lack of protein.

Vitamins B, C, and D, as well as zinc and iron, are all beneficial in keeping your beard healthy and growing steadily over time.


Exercise has been shown to increase testosterone levels, which, as previously stated, assists in the development of a healthy beard. So, keep up the workouts, guys. Not only will your body seem and feel better, but so will your beard.

It is more important to exercise properly than only thinking about why does my facial hair grow so fast.


Getting adequate sleep is another important factor in maintaining the health of your beard and accelerating its development. During sleep, the body’s temperature decreases, resulting in enhanced blood circulation, which includes circulation to hair follicles and their roots. 

The greater the number of nutrients that can reach the hair follicle and its roots, the better the results.


Your race might also have an impact on the growth of your beard. Generally speaking, Caucasians and African Americans can grow larger beards, although Asian males may have a more difficult time growing a full beard.


Whenever someone claims that stress has caused their hair to fall out, it is not usually a laughing matter. 

As a result of weakening one’s immune system, stress can, in fact, have an effect on the growth rate of both beard and scalp hair. Furthermore, a reduced immunity results in less hair development.


You are well aware of the dangers of smoking’s effect on one’s health. However, one concern you may not be aware of is that smoking can cause hair loss, including beard hair loss, in some people. 

Simply put, it is yet another compelling incentive to put down the cigarette for good.

Growth Phase of Facial Hair

In the event that you decide to put the razor aside for a bit, what can you expect? You’ll go through four major stages of beard growth.

 why does my facial hair grow so fast

Stage One

It’s only normal to want to get a beard as soon as possible after shaving. The first week or so won’t be very exciting.

Within a few days, you’ll start to notice some stubs, but that’s about all. Although it brightens your complexion, there isn’t much you can do to straighten or style your facial hair with it.

Stage Two

This stage takes place between weeks two and four. At this point, most men decide whether or not to keep their beards growing or shave them off completely.

At this point, you can see where the beard hair will be clustered in the most prominent areas. You may have noticed that it is coming in patches, but don’t be concerned about this.

Patches are common among guys, and they do a good job to cover those patches.

It is at this point that you should consider making an investment in high-quality oil. Not only does it soften the beard, but it also helps to relieve the irritation that comes with having a beard.

Use a beard gel and a comb to hold the hair in place to help keep your beard under control during this awkward stage.

Stage Three

Your beard begins to take off between four and six weeks after you start growing it. This is the point at which you should start thinking about how you want to style your facial hair, and, as paradoxical as it may sound, you should bring the razor back out again at this point.

You may begin to notice stray hairs on your neckline, and you may decide to touch up your neckline. Beeswax can be used to help build up the shape.

Stage Four

At roughly eight to twelve weeks, the majority of men reach this stage of development. The fact that you now have a beard is a milestone, but the process is far from over. You must now devote your attention to upkeep.

Some places may begin to appear a little out of control. It is essential to brush your hair on a regular basis to avoid it becoming entangled. It may also be worthwhile to locate a barbershop in your area that can provide more assistance when you want it.

Facial Hair Growth in Females

Having excessive hair growth is a typical condition in which a person suffers from hirsutism (hair growth disorder). Between 5 and 10% of women of child-bearing capacity are affected by this condition. You might come across a lot of them asking why does my facial hair grow fast.

why does my facial hair grow so fast

The upper lip, chin, chest, belly, and back of women frequently have coarse, black hair growth in place of the fine hair commonly referred to as “peach fuzz.” Despite the fact that this ailment can be quite distressing, it is treatable.

What is the cause of hirsutism?

In many situations, the actual cause of hirsutism is not recognized, making treatment difficult. However, there are other diseases that have been linked to the development of hirsutism. These are some of the conditions:

The synthesis of male hormones (androgens) in the body

Hormones are normally produced by female reproductive organs. Nevertheless, if a woman’s androgen levels are elevated above normal or if her hair follicles are more responsive to androgens, she may develop hirsutism.

Syndrome of polycystic ovarian cysts (PCOS)

Known medically as a polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), this hormonal disorder causes a female to generate an abnormally high amount of the male hormone androgen. 

Additionally, women who have PCOS may experience acne, irregular or nonexistent menstrual cycles, diabetes, weight gain, and/or difficulties reproducing.

Changes in Hormones

Increased facial hair may be caused by the hormonal changes associated with menopause (mustache and whiskers). Other, more dangerous problems may also exist.

In certain cases, hirsutism that appears quickly coupled with other masculine traits, such as a deeper voice, acne, or increased muscular mass, may be caused by a more serious problem, such as an adrenal gland disorder or an ovarian disorder.

Home Remedies to Remove Facial Hair

It’s time to stop thinking about why does my facial hair grow so fast, and start working on how to remove them. 

Facial hair, in contrast to the hair on other regions of the body, is very noticeable. They may make or break your overall appearance. If you find it inconvenient to visit a salon every few weeks, here are some simple and efficient home methods:

Sugar and Lemon Juice

All you have to do is combine two teaspoons of sugar and lemon juice with 8-9 tablespoons of water to make a delicious drink. Continue to heat the mixture until bubbles begin to emerge, and then set it aside to cool.

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It should be applied to the afflicted regions using a spatula. Let it sit for approximately 20-25 minutes. Wash it off with cold water, massaging it in a circular motion to remove the residue.

Sugar is a natural exfoliant, and heated sugar adheres to the hair rather than the skin. Lemon juice may be used as a natural (and inexpensive) bleach for the skin’s hair, as well as to lighten the skin’s overall tone. Say goodbye to the excruciating face waxing!

Lemon and Honey

This is another alternative to waxing that may be used. To begin, combine two tablespoons of sugar and lemon juice with one tablespoon of honey in a small mixing bowl. Heat the mixture for approximately three minutes. Then add water to thin it up if necessary.

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As soon as the paste has cooled, apply cornstarch to the afflicted regions and distribute the paste in the direction of the hair. Take a waxing strip or a cotton rag and pull the hair out in the opposite direction of its development. Repeat as necessary.

The use of honey can assist to moisturize the skin, making this treatment highly recommended if you have dry skin.

Oatmeal with a slice of banana

This strategy comes in helpful pretty often. Make a paste out of two tablespoons of oats and a ripe banana, and apply it to the afflicted areas. Apply pressure on it for 15 minutes, then rinse it off with cold water.

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Oatmeal is a wonderful moisturizing scrub that is also high in antioxidants. It helps to reduce redness on the skin. This paste will not only remove your facial hair but will also leave your skin looking radiant.

Potatoes and Lentils

If you keep thinking about why does my facial hair grow so fast, you need to be smarter! Combine five tablespoons of potato juice with a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon juice, each. 

In the meantime, grind the lentils (which have been soaked overnight) into a smooth paste. Combine all of the ingredients and massage the mixture into the afflicted region for approximately 20 minutes. Once it has been allowed to dry fully, wash it off.

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This paste forms a thin crust that aids in the removal of unwanted hair. In addition, potato aids in the whitening of the hair, making the roots less noticeable.

Egg Whites with Cornstarch

Using one tablespoon each of cornstarch and sugar, make a paste with the egg white. Using this combination, apply it to the regions where you have unwanted hair. Pull it off once it has dried completely. Isn’t it a piece of cake to understand?

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When the egg white is mixed with sugar and cornstarch, it becomes sticky and produces a thin film on the skin. For those with acne-prone skin, this approach is not recommended since egg white includes Vitamin A, which can cause outbreaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is facial hair normal in females?

A small amount of facial hair is typical and natural, particularly on the chin and upper lip area. Hirsutism is the term used to describe excessive female body or facial hair. A higher prevalence of this condition is found in South Asians, Mediterraneans, or of Middle Eastern origin.

How can a female stop facial hair growth?

  • Reducing body weight if you are overweight can assist you in controlling your hormone levels
  • Shaving, waxing, plucking, hair removal treatments, and bleaching are examples of activities you may perform at home to remove or lighten your hair
  • A prescription lotion can reduce facial hair development 

What hormone causes facial hair in females?

The female sex hormone estrogen is responsible for the fine and silky texture of body hair. Androgens, which include testosterone, are male sex hormones that are responsible for masculine features such as facial hair and coarse body hair. 

The ovaries and adrenal glands of a woman produce a modest quantity of androgens of their own accord.

How can I permanently stop facial hair from growing naturally?

Preparations of the following can help stop facial hair from growing naturally:

  • Sugar and Lemon Juice 
  • Lemon and Honey
  • Oatmeal and Banana
  • Potato and Lentils
  • Egg White and Cornstarch

Is there a pill to stop facial hair growth?

Spironolactone is the most widely used anti-androgen for the treatment of hirsutism (Aldactone, CaroSpir). The benefits are small, and they will not be evident for at least six months.

Take Away

The rate at which your facial hair grows is a natural phenomenon that cannot be completely controlled. You have no control over your genes or hormones. They continue to be the most important determinant in hair development. 

You may, however, make a difference by taking the appropriate steps. Share in the comments section if you used any methods to eliminate facial hair.