women's running shorts with pockets

Exercise Daily – Women’s running shorts with pockets are particularly made for running activities. Colors, designs, and materials vary, and some models have storage pockets as well as sweat-repellent materials. This keeps you cool and dry.

Running shorts are an important piece of running equipment since they may improve your comfort and performance while also being incredibly practical. Many running shorts offer pockets on the front, back, and sides, providing you with plenty of space to store essentials such as your phone, keys, energy gels, and snacks throughout your workout.

There is no such thing as a universally flattering pair of shorts, so we did the research and found some that are both utilitarian and stylish, while also excelling in the areas of comfort and style.

Advantages of Running Shorts For Women

Women’s running shorts with pockets are composed of soft nylon are suitable for long-distance running. They are light and soft, thus allowing for ventilation. Moreover, you will prevent rubbing or uncomfortable regions, which allows for a total range of movement. 

Tight lycra short, such as those worn by sprinters, may be preferred by certain runners in order to reduce chafing and give support. Skorts, or shorts for runners, are becoming more common among female athletes.

Running shorts may give a person flexibility and comfort while they are training. Certain materials are breathable, allowing air to circulate through them and therefore reducing perspiration. They may also be less irritating to skin that is sensitive to chemicals.

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Top 10 Women’s Running Shorts with Pockets

C9 Champion 3.5” Knit Premium Running Shorts (Best Budget)

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You can’t go wrong with these lightweight shorts from Champion. C9 Champion is a pair of shorts that are comfy, inexpensive, and have large storage space. These women’s running shorts with pockets are the one for you if you want premium shorts. 

The zipped pocket on the back of the jacket is excellent for storing on-the-go items. The inner brief is made of the wicking fabric which keeps you dry. Additionally, the elastic fabric lets you move freely without restriction.

Because of the broad, flexible waistband with an elastic drawstring, your shorts will remain in place all day long.

Bottom line

The zipped pocket in the rear is great for securing on-the-go items while keeping the price low. Hence, it does not compromise on quality or functionality.


  • Inexpensive
  • Do not move from place
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Pocket size is very small
  • See-through white color

Under Armour Women’s Qualifier Speedpocket Shorts (Best For Long Runs)

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When running long distances, distance runners want high-performance running shorts. Additionally, the women’s running shorts with pockets should be comfortable over long distances.

This pair is shorts are not only comfortable but also provides plenty of storage room for everything. This helps keep them going throughout lengthy runs or distance races. 

These Under Armour shorts are different for a number of reasons. These have an expanding, water-resistant waistband pocket that keeps your phone safe and secure without bouncing. Additionally, a rear zipped pocket provides extra storage and distinguishes these Under Armour shorts from the competition.

An exceptional range of motion is provided by the robust, flexible fabric, which also provides remarkable comfort and wicking properties. The anti-odor technology from UA also helps to protect them from smelling bad.

Bottom line

The Under Armour Women’s running shorts has a waist pocket for your phone and a back zipped pocket for additional storage. This makes it an excellent choice for long-distance runners.


  • Anti-odor properties
  • Dries quickly
  • Water-resistance for belonging in pocket


  • Not available in many colors

Baleaf Women’s High Waist Running Shorts (Best Compression)

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This pair of compression shorts from Baleaf is the ideal answer if you’re fed up with shorts that ride up or bunch up when you’re out jogging. The lightweight, flexible fabric of women’s running shorts with pockets provides exceptional movement.

These shorts help to minimize wardrobe disasters in the middle of a run. It has two large side pockets that provide plenty of space for your phone and other things. The compression in these shorts holds them in place without bouncing or moving about.

The high-rise waistband is broad and comfy, and it provides full coverage even while you’re extending or bending your body. A tiny internal pocket is also included in the waistband for storing minor things such as cash and sports gels. 

These shorts are available in women’s sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-extra-extra-large, with inseams ranging from 5 to 8 inches.

Bottom line

These compression shorts, which are designed to avoid riding up or bunching, provide movement as well as bounce-free storage.


  • Inexpensive
  • Large coverage
  • Available in a large number of colors


  • Only for small runs 
  • High-rise waistband
  • Not suitable for petite women

Nike AeroSwift Running Shorts (Best Lightweight)

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The Nike AeroSwift Running shorts are made of a combination of jersey and mesh. They are lightweight and provide lots of ventilation. These are some of the best women’s running shorts with pockets.

These women’s shorts have a Dri-FIT lining and a lightweight mesh waistband with two layers of laser-perforated elastic. This helps to improve ventilation. Additionally, the shorts include a drawstring closure.

You can get them in sizes 0–18 (XS-XL). Moreover, they’re built with reflective components to make you more visible while jogging in low light.

Additional features include inner back and right front pockets with a waterproof barrier to help keep your belongings safe. There is one thing to keep in mind: the inseam is merely 2 inches (5 cm). Hence, this is making them a poor choice if you want a longer fit.

Bottom line

Nike AeroSwift women’s running shorts with pockets are super soft and lightweight. You can wear them all day long and not feel a thing. Moreover, their pockets are waterproof which keeps your phone and other stuff safe!


  • Increased airflow and ventilation
  • Reflective properties
  • Contains waterproof pockets


  • Length may be too short for some women
  • Expensive

Core 10 Women’s High Waist Yoga Shorts with Side Pockets

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The Core 10 Yoga Shorts represent a significant discount when compared to the prices of all the other pairs. They also function well. They are made of polyester and elastane and have four-way stretch as well as moisture-wicking characteristics. 

There are three pockets, two on the sides and one in the front, which are really desirable. They’re high-waisted and reach just above the belly button for a comfortable fit. The inseam measures 5 inches. 

We particularly like that they are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from XS to 3X. Hence, if you are looking for women’s running shorts with pockets, these might be the ones for you!

Bottom line

Core 10 Women’s All Day Comfort High Waist Yoga Short with Side Pockets are inexpensive and comfortable enough to wear all day.


  • Inexpensive
  • Stays in place 
  • Soft and stretchy material 
  • Moisture-wicking stuff
  • Has three pockets


  • Thicker material
  • Less breathable and warm

Paitluc Sports Shorts Women Workout Shorts with Pockets

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This women’s running shorts with pockets has an elastic waistband and a drawstring closure for you. This pair of athletic shorts for women has two deep front pockets. They are large enough to hold your phone, keys, wallet, and driving license without falling out.

The Paitluc pair of shorts is made of lightweight material. When you work out at the gym or engage in physical activity and training, you will see the benefits. With an adjustable drawstring and a wide elastic waistband, it is simple to get the perfect fit for your body.

These shorts are available in a large number of colors, and you can choose according to your liking! The best thing about these shorts is that you can pair them with a variety of tops and blouses, shirts and tank tops, flats or heels. 

These beautiful women’s shorts are perfect for spring, summer, and fall. 

Bottom line

Paitluc shorts are perfect for running with an elastic waistband and drawstring closure to prevent moving. You can keep your belongings in your pockets and feel free to run!


  • Elastic waistband and drawstring closure
  • Deep front pockets
  • Lightweight material
  • Perfect fit


  • Material is not good

CRZ YOGA Women’s Mid-Rise Quick-Dry Athletic Sports

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These shorts offer a feathery-fit lining with 94% polyamide and 6% spandex. The closure with a drawstring makes sure that your shorts won’t move from the place. The fabric is soft and lightest, similar to feathers, and it dries quickly while remaining soft to the touch. 

Moreover, CRZ women’s runnings with pockets are also quite durable. Workout shorts feature an inside drawcord within the knit waistband for a custom fit. This pair of athletic shorts have an inside lining that helps to keep you from rubbing and chafing.

The belongings may be stored in the back zip pocket and the inside waistband pockets. These shorts are ideal for a rigorous gym session, weightlifting, aerobics, jogging, or just strolling.

Bottom line

It offers the soft and lightest fabric with pockets to carry your belongings. These women’s running shorts with pockets are available in a custom-fit size. Hence, these can be the perfect choice for you!


  • Ultralight
  • Allows free movements
  • Quick-drying
  • Soft to touch
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric
  • Superior comfort & durability


  • Sizes may not fit

Oalka Women’s Short Yoga Side Pockets

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Oalka Women’s shorts are made of a lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking stretchy material that provides optimal comfort. These workout shorts has a high waistband and enough coverage for belly control and coverage when bending and stretching.

These are some amazing athletic shorts with convenient side pockets that can accommodate a large mobile phone or credit card. 4-way stretch non-see-through fabric and a gusseted crotch provide maximum comfort and mobility. 

Thus, it contours your body without squeezing as you change posture and prevents thighs from rubbing against one another.

Sports shorts with a 4 inch inseam are long-lasting, useful, and fashionable! Yoga, fitness, the gym, workouts, jogs, exercise, hiking, jogging, strolling about the home, and daily usage are all possible with this product.

Bottom line

These lightweight, breathable shorts have excellent moisture-wicking capabilities. They have a high waistband and provide enough coverage to the belly.


  • Lightweight and breathable fabric
  • Excellent moisture-wicking capabilities
  • Side pockets to carry the thing
  • Maximum mobility


  • Not a good waistband
  • Thicker
  • Rides up while working out

New Balance Women’s Impact Run 5 Inch Short

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If you place a high value on comfort, these shorts may be the perfect option for you. With an 86% polyester and 14% spandex blend, the fabric is gentle on the skin. This prevents chafing and pain arising from the garment.

One of the things that makes these shorts so comfy is the relatively big waistband that they have. It spreads pressure across a larger area. So, you don’t notice it as much around your waist as you do with other belts that are small.

Despite the fact that the waistline is tight and may be adjusted with the drawcord, the rest of the shorts are rather loose, so they won’t be irritating or unpleasant. 

However, they aren’t so loose that additional material is thrown about when you’re out for a run. As a result, they appear as beautiful as they feel since it conforms to the curve of your body.

A mesh underwear liner provides additional support and prevents your underwear from riding up as you move. The dry technology also aids in the rapid evaporation of moisture, allowing you to be even more comfortable.

You’ll discover two little drop-in waistband pockets for storing small things that you don’t want to lose. At the rear of the bag, there is a larger zipper compartment that may keep heavier goods safely and securely.

Bottom line

New Balance women’s running shorts with pockets have adequate storage space to keep your belongings while you are on a run. Get these shorts and enjoy your running experience without any stress. 


  • Gentle fabric
  • Large coverage
  • Conforms according to your body
  • Underwear liner to prevent riding up
  • Rapid evaporation


  • The waistline is too big for some people
  • Uncomfortably tight around the waist

Brooks Women’s Short

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If you’re a fan of Brooks running shoes, you’ll probably like these running shorts as much as well. Combining a semi-fitted silhouette with a soft fabric helps to keep the shorts from riding up or irritating and chafing the skin.

The DriLayer fabric helps to wick away moisture from your skin and dry rapidly, allowing you to have a more comfortable running experience. You’ll notice that the mesh interior is breathable and keeps you cool. However, it may not remain in place for the whole run.

Because there is a large pocket on the right thigh, you may easily carry your phone with you when hiking. When you run, the pocket is large enough to securely keep your phone. So, you won’t have to worry about it bouncing off your thigh. 

Keeping your vehicle keys or credit cards safe in the tiny pocket tucked within the waistband is essential. The waistband is made of ribbed elastic and does not have a drawstring to allow you to customize the fit of the pants. So be certain that you purchase the correct size.

Bottom line

Brooks Women’s running shorts with pockets has a soft fabric that does not irritate or chaf the skin. If you want a breathable experience without moving your shorts, this is a must-have option for any runner out there!


  • Semi-fitted design
  • DriLayer fabric
  • Hidden large-sized pocket
  • Reflective logo


  • No drawstring to fit the shorts

What to Look for When Choosing a Pair of Women’s Running Shorts with Pockets?

What follows are some pointers to assist you to choose the ideal shorts for your particular style.  Whether you’re a sprinter, a marathoner, or an occasional jogger, the pair of shorts would work best for you if you choose them the right way!


Some running shorts are made of a mix of materials that serve diverse functions. For example, a person may discover a product that is made of nylon for sweat-wicking and spandex. It is a flexible fabric that provides for freedom of movement in all directions. 

Soft fabrics, which are less likely to irritate the skin, maybe the most comfortable choice for comfort. There are also environmentally conscious companies that make use of recycled materials in their goods. 

Some textiles are water repellent or tear-resistant, which may be appropriate for trial or long-distance runners, depending on the fabric.


Shorts with long inseams give a lot of coverage. However, those with shorter inseams may be more beneficial for individuals who are into speedrunning and racing. This is because they allow for more range of movement, allowing for longer and faster strides. 

Generally speaking, shorter shorts with longer inseams are better in preventing chafing. However, athletes must discover the inseam length that is most comfortable for their bodies.


Look for shorts that are made of breathable materials and have ventilation panels on the sides and back. Choosing moisture-wicking fabrics is also a smart idea to keep you dry and chafe-free while you’re working out.


Some people like short shorts, while others prefer shorts that reach just above the knee or even a little longer. Both may be excellent – it all depends on your own choice.


No one wants their trousers to tear in the middle of a race. As a result, don’t squander your money on low-quality apparel. Instead, choose a pair of shoes that are built to last a long time.


Always refer to the sizing chart before purchasing. Even though you normally wear a size big, the sizes of various brands might vary.


If you’re looking for sports apparel, the phrase “function above fashion” is a good attitude to live by. However, this does not imply that your training attire must be unsightly. Choose shorts that will make you feel fashionable and confident in your appearance.


You do not have to purchase just the shorts with the greatest ratings, but you should ensure that they are at the very least decent enough to prevent wasting your money on red flags. You may also want to look at the company’s return policy and track record of providing excellent customer service.


A good pair of running shorts shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive. However, it is recommended that you stay with high-quality, renowned brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do running shorts have pockets on the back?

The pockets on the back of running shorts serve the purpose of carrying your belongings. It is possible to carry your phone or gel in the little pocket on the back of the shorts. There is an inner lining that keeps everything securely in place.

What is the small pocket in running shorts for?

Many running shorts include a little pocket sewed to the waistband on the inner front for storing small items. These include things such as keys and other small items. Some models also have a bigger rear zip-up pocket, which is useful for storing refreshments during long training runs.

How do you look good in running shorts?

Wearing a shirt of the same color as the shorts will help to make them seem more deliberate rather than a result of laziness. Some athletes wear white or black sports shorts. 

Combine women’s running shorts with pockets with a similar-colored top, contrasting shoes, and a few other accessories. In this way, those shorts will be too nice for the treadmill in no time.

Should running shorts be tight or loose?

Compression running shorts provide the greatest amount of versatility. Because they do not include any moving or loose fabric, they are an excellent solution for chafing avoidance.

Running compression shorts are similar to spandex in that they cling tightly to your body. Their tight fit may be beneficial in providing muscular support.

Why do womens running shorts have liners?

Inside of running shorts is lined to provide a little more support. This also prevents the genitals from becoming caught in the cloth during the activity. Compression shorts, which may be worn for running as well as for other activities, are often exempt from this requirement.

Take Away

Shorts for women who like to run are available from a variety of companies and come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and designs to suit your needs. Running shorts may be beneficial to runners since they allow for more freedom and comfort while moving.

People should read reviews and examine the attributes of each product before making a decision on which one to buy. Some products have a breathable design and are odor-resistant. Some materials also have the ability to wick away perspiration, which may be advantageous since it reduces the likelihood of skin discomfort.

If you are using any of the women’s running shorts with pockets, share your reviews in the comments section.