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Exercise DailyEvery man dreams of getting six-pack abs. But they can not fulfill their dreams. Doing various types of exercise doesn’t make changes to their body.  Most of us are not aware of the Abdominal Exerciser, which can give a sexy Six-Pack-Abs.

By going to the gym, running, and drinking protein shakes will not improve the condition of your abs. After taking food, most of the energy is stored as fat in the abdominal area. To get rid of the abdominal fats we should do proper exercises.

Secondly, we have to give our abs a Good six-pack shape. The core muscles or rectus abdominal muscles are the main factors of building a nice six-pack-abs. If we train the muscles correctly, we will see the results soon.

Apart from other exercises, we should be focusing on how to shape the abs. The tool we will need to train our abs is an Abdominal Exerciser.

I think you got the point, our today’s article is about, Top 10 best Abdominal Exerciser that will give you a handsome looking, strong six-pack body.

WelKare Adjustable Weight Bench Press

WelKare Adjustable Weight Bench Press

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This Abdominal Exerciser provides the best 7 level backrest pad positions. It helps the user to properly stretch the body. The softback foams of the abdominal machine are so soft and comfortable for any user.

Abdominal Machine with lightweight and easy folding functionality. The abdominal exerciser is very light in weight, only 24 pounds, but it can carry a user up to 330 pounds. It is the best-rated abdominal exerciser in this affordable price range.

Easy to assemble. The machine is so fast and convenient to use. It is fully assembled because the Bench Press machine has only a few joints that could be unmounted. Just the foam rollers are disassembled. Just attach them in the right position and lock the rollers with the given keys.


  • 7 Level Adjustable Bench – Get your perfect backrest position.
  • Light Weight – Easy to carry.
  • Easy to assemble, no need for extra screws to set up.
  • Can lift heavy weights to 330 lbs.
  • Space cutter – Easy to fold and store, saves 80% more space.
  • Ease of use – Soft foams and perfect backrest pad positions.
  • You can perform all types of exercise related to the abdominal.


  • 1 – 2 inches gap between seat and backbench.


The machine is so easy to use. If you are having problems with backrest positions, you can fix it yourself. The bench adjuster could be found at the backside of the machine. Just unplug the key and plug it in a suitable position.

There is a 7-level adjustment feature. You can find the perfect position by this method.


KESHWELL Ab MachineBuy on Amazon

The Keshwell Abdominal Machine is designed to do exercise comfortably. With its 120 degrees solid angle frame, the stability became more powerful. A slim body and cool design will increase your stamina.

The maximum weight capacity is 400lbs. It’s massive. Can you imagine a 19.5 pounds weight machine can carry up to 400 pounds of weight on it? Not only weight, the slim design, and foldability made the machine compact.

Comfortable to use. The machine can be modified as your use. You can do several types of abdominal exercises like leg extension, Hanging Leg Raises, core muscle, Gorilla Chin/Crunch Barbell, Ab Rollouts Cable Crunches Side Jackknifes, targets on your most major muscle groups, shape your abs, back, chest, thigh, gluteus and stretching the whole abdominal.

This Abdominal Exerciser can increase your metabolism, and exercise regularly can give good results. To fulfill your wish of a good body shape or to get six-pack abs, it features a great thing, which is an adjustable workout intensity level adjuster. You can adjust the bench as your level of workout intensity.


  • Comfortable handles and rollers with foam attached
  • LCD to show all measurements
  • Lightweight and easy to fold
  • Less space needed
  • Pro Design and Pro level workout models
  • Good Build Quality – Heavy-duty steel
  • Adjustable Intensity of your Workout strategy


  • Not the perfect Abdominal Exerciser for low intensive workouts.
  • Cannot pull up with individual legs.


The abs machine shown above is the best affordable ab machine in the market. But you should know the proper uses of the machine. The machine is completely detachable. You can control the workout intensity by the adjuster.

Mikat Sit Up Bench Full Body Foldable Multifunctional Exercise Machine


Mikat Sit Up Bench Full Body Foldable Multifunctional Exercise Machine

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The multifunctional abdominal machine. Introducing Mikat sit-up bench. The name itself representing the abs exerciser is a sit-up machine.

Not at all. The machine can be used for all types of abdominal exercises. You can do multiple types of exercise using this Professional abs workout equipment.

Like: Such as push-ups, abdomen, abdominal curl, and leg rise. Whole-body exercises for arms, waist, core, and legs.

Great design with more flexibility and durability. The body is made from steel and ABS plastic. The rollers are covered with good-quality foams that will make your workout experience better. The abdominal trainer is also foldable and portable. That cuts the space efficiently.

It includes a Liquid Crystal display that measures the workout and its level. You can also adjust the bench level at a higher and lower position. After setting a suitable position, you can do any type of exercise on this machine.


  • All components of this abdominal exerciser are Adjustable.
  • Strong and secure joints.
  • Electronic counting device and LCD to show results.
  • Super stability and multi-functionality.
  • Good quality leather and foam.
  • Easy to install.


  • Little bit heavier abs machine.


Mikat sit-up bench is the mighty abs exerciser in the market. If you want a multifunctional abs trainer with the latest features and foldability, this product is for you. Or if you want to get a cheaper machine with less function and features, then this trainer is not ideal. Try cheaper and lighter ones, mentioned down in the list below.

IDEER LIFE Core & Abdominal Trainer

IDEER LIFE Core & Abdominal TrainerBuy on Amazon

Best-rated abdominal exercise equipment in the market. If you want to push up, sit up, fat burning, calorie-burning, and abdominal exercises from all in one package, then this abdominal expert is for you.

You can do any type of exercise with this machine. Thanks to its multifunctioning design and good build quality. Good quality steel, ABS plastic, and foams are used in this machine.

This abs machine is comfortable for all types of users. Believe me, I thought this machine was so hard to set up, but that was not true. It is so simple, just set those handlebars and foot bars and ensure them by locking their positions. As simple as that.

The machine has some exercise modes. The exercise modes vary from user to user. An expert user uses the expert mode and functionality. And normal user uses the basic functionalities. The machine provides most of the functionalities that an abdominal exerciser can provide.


  • Perfect design – well designed and easy to use machine
  • Portable and foldable – use small space
  • Multifunctionality – functions set from beginner to pro
  • Good build materials
  • LCD to see the workout results
  • Adjustable difficulty levels


  • It is hard to reach the handle-bars for short people
  • A little bit heavier than other abs machines
  • Users are not satisfied with the handle-bar position


The best ab equipment for home under budget. This trainer is an effective choice for beginners who do not want to go to the gym for exercise. They can buy this affordable machine as their abs trainer.

leikefitness Height Adjustable Ab Trainer

leikefitness Height Adjustable Ab TrainerBuy on Amazon

The simplest ab trainer I have ever seen. This ab exerciser is compact in design, light in weight, and portable. It also has Good build materials. The body is made out of steel, and the handlebars and legs of this machine are made with High-Quality ABS plastic. The handlebars are covered with foams.

This package also includes a digital Display or LCD on the top of it. It will show the workout results in numbers. It will show the calories that you have burned, the time you worked, and some other standards.

The machine has height adjustability. You can adjust the height as your workout intensity level. Every workout cannot be done with the same height.

The height adjustability is the feature of mode switching. If you want to do stretch-ups, sit-ups, or abdominal exercises, you need different heights for all different exercises.


  • Easy to set up because of the machine’s compact design.
  • Adjustable nice rollers and handlebar
  • Durable and Steady
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Adjustable height
  • LCD calorie meter


  • Do not have all of the features
  • Slightly expensive with normal features
  • Foam pads are so normal in condition


As a Compact Abs trainer, this machine is efficient in terms of using it. Because it does not contain any additional features, it also does not take extra space.

But if you want those modern abdominal exercisers which are capable of all types of exercises, you have to look at other products on the top of the list.

You can’t expect more from a compact, low-priced abs trainer.

Core Max Smart Abs and Total Body Workout Cardio Home Gym

Core Max Smart Abs and Total Body Workout Cardio Home GymBuy on Amazon

The smallest abdominal exerciser available in the market. This Core Max Smart abs machine is featured in amazon’s choice. Do any type of abs training on this tiny machine.

The machine can carry a 220lbs person on it. The design of the abs trainer is so adorable. Thanks to its unique design that is foldable and portable.

You can fold and put this machine under your bed or sofa. The machine has a good build quality. The materials used to build this machine are so rich in quality. The body is made out of Aluminium, and the handlebars are made with high-quality plastics.

There is no need to set up this abs trainer because it is packed and shipped as in the picture. Just warm up and sit on the machine. This package also includes a nutrition guide. This will make your workout effective. This small machine does not contain an LCD display to show the workout results.


  • Lightweight, slim, and compact abdominal exerciser.
  • Super steady and durable build material.
  • Foldable and portable – takes low space.
  • Good looking design – with 8 minutes abs exercising system.
  • No assembly or installation required – unpack and workout straightly.


  • Have limitations while exercising – all types of exercises are not supported.
  • No digital measurement and LCD display not found
  • Not perfect for every body shape


This machine is completely different than other ones in the market. Most of the advanced features of an abdominal trainer are missing in it.

But it is a very good choice for beginners. Anyone who wants to build a six-pack body at home can buy this affordable abdominal workout equipment. But this ab machine is not recommended for pro-level users.

FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench

FLYBIRD Adjustable BenchBuy on Amazon

The FlyBird adjustable bench is one of the leading abdominal exercisers in the market. This abs machine is also featured by amazon.

The main feature of this ab trainer is that it is fully customizable. Its bench, rollers, and seat position can be changed. For this functionality, the machine is so flexible. It includes 6 back positions and 4 seat positions.

The machine is so light and portable. The machine is 10kgs in weight, but it can carry up to 600 pounds. Any type of exercise is supported. Just stretch or bend the seats, bench, or rollers and do your workouts. The results are awesome. If you do regular exercise on this machine, you will find comfort.

The adjustable bench is nice in its design, look and, feel. The bench and seat are made out of good quality steel and covered with high-quality leather and foam. The rollers are so soft for doing high intensive workouts.


  • High weight capacity up to 600lbs
  • Strong Build Materials
  • Soft bench, seat, and rollers
  • No assembly required
  • 6 backrest positions and 4 seat positions
  • Featured on Amazon


  • Not foldable but portable
  • Footholds are small for holding a normal person foot
  • No digital measurements and LCD not included


This workout bench is one of the popular benches in the market. Over 1000000 sets are sold and got great feedback. I think this abs trainer is the perfect choice for those who want home gym workout equipment.

But if you want a machine that is compact and portable, you go on with the other machines mentioned above. If you also want the digital measurement and LCD features, you can go on with the expensive ones on this list.

AbCoaster MAX Ab Machine Exercise Equipment For Home Gym

AbCoaster MAX Ab Machine Exercise Equipment For Home GymBuy on Amazon

Presenting AB Coaster – the perfect abdominal exerciser for home gym. All types of latest features are added to this machine. With the perfect design, the machine can carry up to 300lbs. Made with high-quality build materials – steel and plastic. Included with freely movable seat, 2 AAA batteries, 14 days express program, and Meal guidelines.

Easy to assemble with guided manual book or tutorial on YouTube. Foldable and portable abs machine – Saves more space—powerful and stable machine. From beginner to advanced, users can do any type of abs workout with this abs trainer.

A digital meter is attached to the abdominal exerciser. It will measure the workout intensity, calorie burnings, and other measurements digitally.

The machine has a bottom-up slider which helps the user to work out efficiently. The package also includes a 14 days express workout program guide. It will make the user familiar with the trainer and make the workout experience better.


  • Extreme sturdy build materials
  • Accurate Digital measurements with easy to read LCD
  • Most advanced system
  • Perfect for male body
  • Best selling product
  • Easy Installation
  • Best home gym equipment available in the market


  • High price
  • Not fully adjustable


AB Coaster is the perfect product that has the extreme features and durability of an abdominal exercising machine exerciser. But the price point is too high for a person who is on a short budget.

The machine’s digital measurement system is so accurate than the cheaper ones in the market. If you want the best home gym equipment and have enough budget, this machine will be the perfect choice for you.

Fitlaya Fitness-abs Exercise Equipment

Fitlaya Fitness-abs Exercise EquipmentBuy on Amazon

With a cheap price point and a compact design, Fitlaya Fitness’s AB Crunch is a Beast. Providing the best compact designed system for abs training.

Not only abs exercise, but this trainer is also providing a Total Body Workout facility. Nice looking shape, good seat quality, and the best good build material are promised.

Do any type of exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, abs training, triceps extension, biceps extension, Shoulder Press, arm collapse, etc. The machine will help you to develop your muscles and train your core muscles for good-shaped six-pack abs.

The abdominal exerciser is only 11 pounds in weight. It can carry up to 220 lbs. Its compact design made it portable.

You can just fold and put it under your sofa, bed, or anywhere else. The abs machine is small but so powerful. Most of the high-intensity workouts can be done with it.


  • Durable – Good build materials and foams
  • Lightweight and compact design – Saves space
  • No extra keys or screws – Easy to install
  • Dual Adjustable Resistance
  • Cheap in price


  • Less amount of features
  • No LCD and digital workout measurements


This abs trainer fits in a small space while the others are taking more space. If you want an all-in-one trainer on a strict budget, you can buy this affordable home gym equipment.

Bigzzia Abdominal Trainer

Bigzzia Abdominal TrainerBuy on Amazon

Bigzzia is providing the best-looking abs trainer with 6 back rollers. It is so flexible in design. The handlebars and the rollers are covered with good-quality foams.

The foams will reduce back pains during workouts. The strong and flexible frame is made with steel, and the seat and handlebars are made with plastic. It can carry up to 100 kg, where the muscle trainer’s weight is only 11kg.

The abs trainer is compact in size and design. It is foldable and portable. Thanks to Bigzzia for the cool-looking shape and good roller position. The machine is very efficient for beginners. Anyone can use the abs trainer as home gym equipment.

This ab machine can give your abs a good shape if you work out regularly. This machine is completely designed for any type of exercise.

As it is flexible and the levels are adjustable, you can select your level and do the workout perfectly. Also, you only need to install those foot-bar and rollers. The rest of the parts are pre-installed.


  • Compact, portable, and foldable abdominal trainer
  • Good build material – For steady and heavy weight lifting
  • Soft foams – Reduces back pains and foot pains during the workout
  • Suitable for all exercises
  • Flexible bench – The bench is auto-adjustable, can be bent up to 75 degrees


  • Smaller in size than the other products
  • Digital measurement and Digital LCD is not included in this package
  • Little expensive considering this price point


The Bigzzia Abdominal Trainer is a great choice for people who have pains during the workout. The roller has quality rollers with good foams covered. The foam reduces the pain. But the machine is not so big as its competitors.

It is a good choice for those who have a shortage of storage. Just fold and put the machine in any corner of your house. But if you want powerful home gym equipment with all features, look at the other machines mentioned above in this list.

Abdominal Exerciser – Buyer Guide 2022

There are many available abs trainers, abdominal exercisers, ab king, abs machines, and many other products. Don’t judge products by their name. First of all, list the features and compare them with the other machines in the market. You will find the difference.

Build Quality of Abdominal Exerciser

The more focused part of an exerciser is its build quality. Check the materials which are used to make the machine. Check the material’s stability. Compare them with the equivalent machines which are available at the same price point.

Guide: Choose the abdominal exerciser, which is made with high-quality steel and ABS plastic.

Features of Abdominal Exerciser

Always check which type of features an abs machine is providing. Choose wisely. Check the other brands. Check what type of new features they are providing at the same price point. Don’t buy the machine which so features fully. Just buy as your need.

Guide: Try to buy abs building machines with digital measurements and an LCD workout intensity meter. Find which machines which are supported all types of workouts. Try to buy an abdominal exercising machine with an adjustable bench.

Portability and Weight of an Abdominal Exerciser

The heavier machines can carry heavy weights. Don’t go for the cheaper and lighter ones. They are light in weight, also carry lighter weights. So, for High-intensity workouts, choose the best abdominal exerciser wisely.

Guide: Buy abs trainers by checking their weight lifting capabilities. Check whether the machine can carry up to 240lbs or not. Don’t buy Aluminium or plastic-made products. They could not lift heavy weights. If you are under budget, or if you have less space to keep the machine, go for the cheaper or compact ones.

FAQ related to Abdominal Exerciser

Does Abdominal Exerciser reduce belly fat?

Answer: Yes, if you do the perfect workout of 8 – 15 minutes regularly, you will find good results. The ab trainers are made in that way to build and make strong our core muscles. The core muscles are hiding behind your abs.

So, doing the perfect workout with the perfect abs exerciser can give your abs a good shape.

Which are the best Abdominal Exercisers?

Answer: There are many abs exercises available in the market. I have mentioned most of the best-sellers above in the list. Though I am providing the best selling company list below:

  1. WellKare
  2. KeshWell
  3. Mikat
  4. I-Deer Life
  5. Leike fitness
  6. Core max
  8. Tristar
  9. Fitlaya
  10. Bigzzia

How to choose the best Abdominal Exerciser?

Answer: Choosing the best product is not a tough job. I have written a buyer guide above. Now I am going to give you some small tips while buying a new abs trainer.

An abs trainer is not an expensive machine. But people make decisions after selecting their budget range. So, let’s start with the budget. If you are under budget, then go for the products which are providing good build materials but have fewer features.

If your budget has no limit, then buy the latest models with the latest features and functionality.

Try to get the machine with a hardy build material like steel and good-quality ABS plastic. The foams are not always good in quality, so check them also.

If you need the digital measurement and LCD attached to the machine, you would have spent some more bucks.

Lastly, I will tell you not to believe in someone who has never used these abs machines. Buy from trusted and brand companies. Check the machine, its looks, features, functions, build quality, and weight picking capability. Check the other products in the same price range. Compare them and after analysis buy the best abdominal exerciser.


In terms of ab machines, there is a wide range of options available, and which one is best for you will be determined largely by your preferences and goals. Based on your workout routine, what do you think is the best abdominal exerciser?