Exercise Daily – In a universe where despair and dejection drive people into bleakness, there is a parallel world for people like Ashley Johnson, who build empires out of the blues that life throws their way! 

If you are overweight and you are letting desperation take hold of you, you’re doing it wrong. This young lady, Ashley Johnson, lost 100 lb all on her own! I know a lot of you might think it’s not possible, but read along to know how she did it. 

Ashley Johnson

Ashley told EDM how she braced herself and encouraged herself to do better instead of delving into depression. She speaks of it as “I started my fitness journey during the pandemic after suffering from depression and anxiety after losing my mom.”

Losing your loved one is a time when we find out our strengths – and this is exactly when Ashely actually found hers. 

She worked hard with dedication and commitment to make her dream come true. And she did it! She lost 100 lb and this didn’t end here. Ashley now ventures on a new journey to help other women achieve the goals that she once set for herself. She wants women to be healthy, fit, and beautiful in their own amazing ways. 

The best thing that happened all along is that Ashley found herself a career that best suited her personality. She lost her mother, and instead of giving up, she rose! Despite the flares of depression that’d consume her up, she lost 100 pounds, got certified as a trainer, and took the entrepreneurial journey.

You will always find her greeting everyone with a big happy smile on her face. Thus, she is a happy charm for all of her clients.

Ashley Johnson

Something Ashley Johnson Has to Say

Now she trains and inspires individuals and groups, and helps them on their fitness journey. She explains it as: “Not only do we have fun but we are shedding pounds and becoming a better version of ourselves.”

Ashley now has her own trainer’s identity that goes by the name BE U FITNESS. She’s a lady with reasoning and intelligence, so she explains the reason behind this name: “The name BE U FITNESS was inspired to encourage women to be YOURSELF.”

“I want people to know that no matter what the world throws at you you can overcome anything as long as you stay focused. You never know who may be inspired by hearing your story.”

– Ashley Johnson

To add to the list of amazing qualities that she has, Ashley Johnson does not forget her mentors. She never fails to mention how Wendell Thompson trained, encouraged, and motivated her in her journey to lose those 100 lbs that gave her life a completely different meaning. She explains seeing herself helping more and more people around her in the next 5 years. 

If this story about Ashley Johnson inspires you, and you wish to have her as your fitness trainer, Exercise Daily Magazine takes pride in connecting you with her. She currently holds virtual and in-person training sessions, and welcomes everyone who needs her assistance!

Hopelessness is not the solution, it’s just a clue for you to go out and search for solutions. Ashley did it, and she did it successfully. Now it’s your turn, and luckily, you are not alone, you have Ashley to support you and to set an example for you.

Connect with Ashley Johnson

Find Ashley on Facebook: https://facebook.com/beufitnes
Find Ashley on Instagram: @be.ufitnes
Call at: +1 870 444 0632