Exercise Daily – Buying the best gifts for sports fitness lovers and outdoor lovers can be challenging, since they often know precisely what they want — and, in most cases, actually have it.

For too many rival companies touting the new and best fitness equipment, it’s difficult to find a present that won’t collect dust.

However, this does not mean it is impossible! To assist you in your gift-giving endeavors, we’ve compiled a list of the best outdoor, wellness, and fitness gifts available right now that will surprise even the savviest fitness enthusiasts.

Fitness presents have never been more in demand than they are during the Coronavirus pandemic, owing to the rise in at-home workouts.

From yoga mats and backpacks to exercise tops and strong perfumes, there’s nothing quite like a fresh piece of gym gear to boost your energy levels as the chilly nights set in.

Therefore, whether you’re a yogi or a triathlete, you should be certain that there will be plenty of exercises presents available to add to your wish lists and share with your sporty relatives and mates.

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16 Best Gifts for Sports Fitness Lovers

Best Gifts for Sports Fitness Lovers

Here are our top picks for presents for gym enthusiasts to include in your cart:

#1. Fitness Tracker – Fitbit Charge 4 
Fitness Tracker - Fitbit Charge 4

Buy on Amazon

Let’s face it, we all need a gentle reminder from time to time to get off the sofa and move. The Fitbit Charge 4 will provide the extra incentive your giftee requires, particularly as the new workout session approaches.

With built-in GPS, our favorite exercise tracker records move, sleep, and even outdoor runs. It features a slim design, a touchscreen that automatically responds to ambient light, a 7-day battery life, and is waterproof. Additionally, the mobile alerts make this Fitbit an ideal friend for lazy days.

#2. Wireless Headphones – Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds

Wireless Headphones - Jabra Elite Active 65t EarbudsBuy on Amazon

For the exercise enthusiast who works out alone, the least you can do is have a way for him or her to listen to “Eye of the Tiger” on loop while sweating it out. The Jabra Elite Active 65t are among the best true wireless earbuds we’ve tested, and they come with the added benefit of being waterproof.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a less expensive gift option, the MPow Flame earbuds cost far less and have dozens of new positive reviews. We discovered they could play music for 30 minutes while immersed underwater. They are not completely wireless due to the wire connecting the two earbuds, but they are an incredible value and a reliable performer.

Wireless earbuds are among the best gifts for sports fitness lovers.

#3. A Stretching Strap – Top Choice of Physical Therapists

A Stretching Strap - Top Choice of Physical TherapistsBuy on Amazon

Many fitness enthusiasts are very flexible… while some have sacrificed their flexibility in favour of other activities, such as running very long distances or carrying extremely heavyweights. If you know someone who can run a mile in under seven minutes or bench three times their body weight but is unable to move their toes, this is the gift for them.

The Original Stretch Out Strap covers the gap provided by extremely short arms and adds traction to the stretch. Additionally, it has a how-to guide with the beginner’s guide to flexibility instruction;n because let’s admit it, they’re going to need it.

#4. Bathroom Scale – Etekcity Scales for Body Weight

Bathroom Scale - Etekcity Scales for Body WeightBuy on Amazon

A bathroom scale can be an invaluable device for those attempting to control, lose, or gain weight – and a smart scale that measures improvements in body structure in addition to weight loss or gain is much more important when someone begins a healthy lifestyle.

The Etekcity Scales for Body Weight was the clear winner in our test due to its accurate readings, simple-to-use application, and reasonable price.

#5. A Stay-Put Waist Belt – SPIbelt Running Belt

A Stay-Put Waist Belt - SPIbelt Running BeltBuy on Amazon

For those who work out outside, carrying a mobile has a number of advantages, whether it’s to search directions or to make an emergency call.

The SPIbelt Running Belt extends to accommodate extra-large phones and keys and is constructed of water-resistant fabric to keep products dry in the event of inclement weather or sweat. It’s convenient for gym rats, who are likely to crack a phone left on the floor or bench.

So, Stay-Put Waist Belt can be the most suitable and the best gifts for sports fitness lovers.

#6. Silly Socks – Zensah Wool Running Socks

Silly Socks - Zensah Wool Running SocksBuy on Amazon

Both male or female, young or old, everyone enjoys getting a nice novelty pair. Zensah makes them with anti-odor fabrics that are also designed to be blister-proof, which is beautiful music to any exerciser’s ears.

There are some more subtle designs for the more serious kind, but really, who wouldn’t want a pair of socks covered in donuts (or watermelons, beer mugs, or dinosaurs)?

#7. Suspension Trainer System – Lifeline Jungle Gym

Suspension Trainer System - Lifeline Jungle GymBuy on Amazon

If you’ve ever seen those strange-looking handled belts at the gym, you know they’re much more powerful than their flaccid, hanging state suggests. Lifeline Jungle Gym is the industry standard in this category for a reason.

The foam-covered handles have a secure grip, the braces have been safety checked to support 350 pounds, and installation is simple from any durable fixed point with a minimal footprint. And it’s enjoyable to use, if oddly difficult for a device intended to strengthen users solely with their body weight, according to one satisfied Reviewed editor who purchased it early during quarantine.

#8. Resistance Bands – SB SOX Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands - SB SOX Resistance BandsBuy on Amazon

To become stronger, you must gradually add external resistance beyond what your body can generate by gravity alone. There is just so much you can learn from small, lightweight dumbbells, but investing in a complete range of weights is expensive and takes up a lot of room.

Space and cost-efficient option, a collection of resistance bands. These ones from SB SOX include handles, ankle braces, and a door anchor for establishing exercises that work the whole body.

We believe that these resistance bands are one of the best gifts for sports fitness lovers.

#9. Jump Rope – Buddy Lee Professional Aero Speed Jump Rope

Jump Rope - Buddy Lee Professional Aero Speed Jump RopeBuy on Amazon

If your loved one is looking for a simple way to integrate cardio into their routine, consider a high-speed jump rope. Designed for use in a boxing ring, the flexible rope enables individuals of any size or shape to customize the length of their own requirements.

Yes, a jump rope that is actually long enough for those over six feet tall is finally available – and it makes an excellent gift for an affordable price range. You are most welcome!

#10. An Awesome Water Bottle – Hydro Flask

An Awesome Water Bottle - Hydro FlaskBuy on Amazon

Hydration is important for fitness. You can sprint and lift weights to your heart’s content, but if you’re not drinking the recommended amount of fluids per day, your body can struggle to work at its best.

A Hydro Flask water bottle holds cold beverages cold for 24 hours and hot beverages hot for 12 hours. However, most importantly, it fits in car cupholders.

#11. A new Shaker Bottle – BlenderBottle

A new Shaker Bottle - BlenderBottleBuy on Amazon

If you’re shopping for someone who is fascinated with protein shakes, chances are they already own at least one (or even more) Blender Bottles – which is not to suggest they wouldn’t love an upgrade to their set. However, an individual does not have to be the proud owner of a Blender Bottle if they have a massive tub of whey powder sitting on top of their refrigerator.

These wide-mouthed shakers are also an excellent purchase for those who love taking their smoothies on the go or for runners who appreciate the ease of powdered electrolyte recovery drinks but dislike swallowing clumps of undissolved powder. Regardless of their beverage of convenience, this is certain to be a success for those on the go prior to or after a workout.

#12. A Great New Cookbook – Fresh and Easy Cookbook

A Great New Cookbook - Fresh and Easy CookbookBuy on Amazon

It isn’t enough to be bland when it comes to eating healthy. It shouldn’t be, at least not in; this case. Each of these great cookbooks deserves a spot on the counter for someone who is always sharing tasty, healthy meals on Instagram or could use a little inspiration in the kitchen.

“The Complete Clean Eating Cookbook” deconstructs what it means to ditch the garbage in favour of whole foods that taste great and eliminates the reason that you don’t have time to prepare a nutritious dinner.

#13. An Easy-to-use Spiralizer – Ontel Veggetti

An Easy-to-use Spiralizer - Ontel VeggettiBuy on Amazon

Even among those who love the taste of fresh vegetables, the process of chopping, steaming, and eating can be tedious – chop, steam, consume, repeat.

That is why we’re sure your cheap kitchen gadget, which quickly transforms zucchini, squash, carrots, and other dense products into noodle-like ribbons is a success. And you should be assured that you have a decent deal: The Veggetti outperformed spiralizers worth four times as much in our test.

So, undoubtedly, it is one of the best gifts for sports fitness lovers.

#14. A Soothing Spa Bath – Ivation Foot Spa Massager

A Soothing Spa Bath - Ivation Foot Spa MassagerBuy on Amazon

Remember that footbed which seemed to be a reflective present but ended up behind the wardrobe? This isn’t the foot spa. Once you slide your recipient’s toots into the soft and hot waters of Ivation Foot Spa.

The finest of the 14 we reviewed, we trust that it will be loved regularly for healing soreness and for a pedicure. This gift comes after Christmas at this stage, but we are sure it will be enjoyed at all times.

#15. A Set of Kettlebells – BalanceFrom Wide Grip

A Set of Kettlebells - BalanceFrom Wide GripBuy on Amazon

Static weight lifting is all good and well, but you know what much more fun is? Swinging a weight of 15 pounds into the air. If you know someone who can also appreciate the sport, consider legacy with a package of three BalanceFrom kettlebells.

The 5, 10, and 15-piece instruments provide sufficient variety and difficulty but need far less room in a home gym than most fitness facilities.

#16. A Carryall Bag – HEXAD Carryall Duffel Bag

A Carryall Bag - HEXAD Carryall Duffel BagBuy on Amazon

It’s a never-ending fight to keep gym gear intact while still distinguishing the dusty and humid from the tidy and dry. Fortunately, the Defender duffle bag has plenty of smart pockets for segregation, with some mesh for drainage so that the sweat can breathe.

And just to ensure that the bag and its goods are still in the locker at the end of a workshop, the perfect complement to this gift is a strong padlock with a programmable combo.

Best Gifts for Sports Fitness Lovers – Buying Guide

Are you stuck between so many gift choices for fitness lovers that I explained above? Well, don’t worry! Let’s have a look at how you can choose the best gift for your fitness lover, friend, or family member:

Should Be Useful

When you send someone a present, it must be something they use repeatedly. You don’t want to offer a present that will only rest in the corner. There’s no particular point if it’s just good enough for one-time use.

Should Be of Good Quality

This is different from functionality.

Sure they will use it, so it won’t crack if it’s high quality. Buy something they certainly wouldn’t buy on their own, because it’s luxury, but not too costly. It means, “Hey, I care about you and really want you the best quality.”

You want it to be something that’s likely to last.

Should Be a Surprise

There is nothing more thrilling than not realizing what someone is buying for you. It means you have considered buying them and not just asked for a wishlist. One way to surprise others is to give them a present one day before they should be expecting it.

The Bottom Line

The art of giving gifts comes easily for some people. They’re the fortunate ones of us who know what to buy immediately when an opportunity comes—but it isn’t the way for all.

It will cause you a headache if you don’t have the spirit of giving. Just imagine what the recipient wants, let alone buying things.

This is where this article invades! We are on a mission to help you get the right gift down your muddled list. All the products and gifts we discussed in this article are one of the best gifts for sports fitness lovers.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and order the best gift that you found suitable for your friend. If you have any more ideas about the best gifts for fitness fanatics, then share them with all of us. We will be pleased to know about your wishlist.