Exercise daily- Why do we allow junk food and soda to be served at school cafeterias? Is it a good idea for kids to consume these foods? Should junk food be banned in schools? So what are the cons of allowing junk food at school cafeterias? These are the types of questions parents and school administrators are often asked. This article is ideal for you if you are looking for solutions to the questions above.

This article aims to discuss how children can be protected from junk food. 


“Junk food” are foods that are high in fat, sugar, and sodium yet with a low amount of nutrients like protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
It is no secret that junk food is everywhere. It is in our supermarkets, convenience stores, and even our schools.

Why do Children Love Junk Food?

The reason why children love junk food is that it offers them a balance between the two. They eat junk food to satisfy their hunger, which is tasty and readily available. But, on the other hand, junk food contains too much oil and spices, which is very dangerous for health if you eat these regularly.

Cons Of Eating Junk Food:

There are many cons to eating junk food. Some are as follows:

  • Eating Junk Food Leads To Obesity:

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the issue of obesity. Many studies suggest that eating junk foods and processed food (like chips, fried food, sweets, and drinks with lots of sugar) is one of the major causes of obesity. These contain high content of sugar and fats; that is why they are high in calories, which increases the chances of developing obesity. They are known to be an important factor in the rise in childhood obesity, so the school should not allow the students to eat junk food in school.

  • Eating Junk Food Leads to High Risk Of Diabetes:

Diabetes is a serious health problem. It affects the lives of many people, especially teenagers. This article will focus on junk food, specifically junk food’s role in diabetes during adolescence. The major source of sugar for most children or adolescents is juices, ice creams, chocolates etc. These foods increase the insulin level in the bloodstream, and then glucose intolerance occurs in their body.

The key to getting rid of this problem is nutrition. Diets low in sugar can help prevent or reverse diabetes once it has started. The first step in taking control of diabetes is to learn its symptoms and recognize when the disease may be developing. People who have diabetes have other medical problems, including high blood pressure (hypertension), kidney failure, heart disease, and high blood cholesterol. People with diabetes also have a higher chance of developing heart diseases when they are older.

  • Eating Junk Food Leads To Heart Diseases:

It is not safe to consume junk food. It contains high content of sugar, fat, and sodium, and that leads to heart diseases like Stroke. Obesity is one of the leading causes of Heart Attacks and Stroke. So, what are you waiting for? Start eating healthy food now so you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

  • Eating Junk Food Leads To Increased Risk Of Depression And Anxiety:

Eating junk foods leads to an increased risk of mental problems like anxiety and depression over time. The prevalence of both is increasing in the western world, which is also true of anxiety disorders.

  • Junk Food Causes Acne:

Some studies have found that junk food can cause acne. People who eat junk foods their immune system gets affected by these foods when they eat them regularly. That can cause acne as well.

  • Un Healthy Eating Addiction In Children And Adults:

This article looks at the impact of junk food on children and adults, specifically on their relationship with food. Children and adolescents nowadays are addicted to junk food like fried chips, pizzas, etc. This addiction can lead them to many irreversible health problems. Nowadays, due to the media, this addiction is getting worse. Because there are so many commercials on tv that show all these junk foods in such an engaging manner, every child or adult started getting cravings for them. It is the strategy of the media. Children nowadays hate eating home made healthy food, which is due to the media.

How can children be protected from junk food? 

We can’t totally ban junk food in schools so we should train our children to hate junk food and love healthy food. These are some ideas to stop them:

Children can Learn about nutrition at school:

Teachers should prevent students from eating junk food in schools by telling them they should eat healthy and nutritious foods. These foods include fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats.

Teachers should tell the students about the importance of healthy food. They should tell them about junk food’s harmful effects on their health. 

Parents Role :

Parents should also encourage their children to eat homemade lunches. Mothers should prepare their lunch in a very creative way. Parents should not let their children see those ads on tv that show junk food. 

Government’s Role:

Government should make healthy food more affordable. They should give healthy free lunches in schools. Every child needs a balanced diet to live healthy life, so food should be at affordable prices so every one can afford that.

Trying to ban junk food is not the solution

Banning junk food completely because it is harmful for health might not be the answer. So instead, we should educate our children about nutrition. Good nutrition leads to a healthy life. And lousy nutrition can cause many diseases. So we should tell them what healthy food is. And we should say to them the importance of eating healthy food. In this way, we can protect our children from junk food.


The argument for a ban on junk food is straightforward. Junk food is unhealthy and can lead to obesity among young people. In addition, the media is constantly marketing junk food, which can lead to unhealthy eating habits in children. We cannot completely ban junk food in all schools, but what we can do is to educate our children about nutrition.

Junk food is the most commonly used food in schools. It has become a part of the daily routine in children’s lives, and this must not be allowed. Children should have regular lunchtime and break times at school. Their parents teach them to eat correctly, so the school should provide them with the proper food. Or students should also bring their home-made healthy lunches. There is a need for better schools in the country.