10 Best Exercise Dresses in 2021

Exercise Daily – No doubt, we’re completely charmed with the exercise dress trend that’s now taking over the world.

When in doubt, workout dresses are a safe option to look fantastic making groceries, lunch, and everything in between, as well as for working out.

Despite the fact that these tiny dresses are fairly short, the built-in spandex shorts beneath them provide the support and coverage you need to feel comfortable while out and about. 

If you’re as eager as we are to fill your arsenal, here are some of our favorite items to get you started.

What is Exercise Dress Trend?

It’s reasonable to say that many millennial and Generation Z women know about or possess the dress themselves. 

For the sake of those who are in the dark, we’ll explain this briefly: An exercise dress is composed of elastic fabric, with built-in spandex shorts under a short, flared skirt. 

Loungewear is often casual, but it also often lacks sportiness and attractiveness. Athleisure loungewear solves this problem and more by blending comfort with style.

The pandemic made us totally dependent on clothes, removed previous boundaries between “outdoor” and “indoor” dressing, and destroyed traditional class-based clothing. 

Sales of athleisure clothing rose rapidly in 2020, despite most gyms and yoga studios remaining closed. 

This was because the comfort clothing people wear when in quarantine is made of cycling shorts instead of sweatpants, which get clammy in warmer temperatures. 

While Covid-19 promoted soft, comfortable garments, Athleisure (i.e., the informal design trend that encourages a fusion of athletic and leisure clothing) has significantly influenced fashion trends over the last decade, allowing casual formality to slip in America.

10 Best Exercise Dresses in 2022

Willit Women’s Exercise Dress

Willit Women's Exercise DressBuy on Amazon

What we adore most about this tennis dress by Willit is the way it complements your figure. 

Shorts with a sleek and supportive fit that can be removed so that you don’t have to get out of the complete outfit when the desire to use the restroom strikes.

All-in-one Dress

And it includes all of the typical features we’ve come to expect from an exercise dress. It contains comfortable shorts that you can wear during your workout sessions.

Built-In Bra

It contains a built-in bra with detachable cups, concealed pockets large enough to hold your phone, and a lightweight nylon-spandex blend fabric that is both breathable and effective at wicking away sweat. 

Suitable for Normal Use

Did we mention that it’s also comfortable enough to spend the entire day relaxing in? It is not only a perfect fit for workouts, but you can also wear it all day long. 

Amazon Essentials Women’s Tank Swing Dress

Amazon Essentials Women's Tank Swing DressBuy on Amazon

The Amazon Essentials Women’s swing dress is one of the most comfortable and top-quality exercise dresses.


If we look at its manufacturing, it contains 95% Rayon and 5% elastane. The elastane provides it a stretchy touch making it suitable for workouts.


Moreover, it has a scoop neckline with a comfortable and flowy fit. It is super soft and soft with a beautiful drape.

Trusted Brand

The best thing about this workout dress is that it is a trusted Amazon brand. We believe that it is a must-have product in every fitness freak’s wardrobe.

The only downside of this workout dress is that it doesn’t have a built-in bra.

KORALHY Women’s Tennis Dress with Separate Shorts

KORALHY Women’s Tennis Dress with Separate ShortsBuy on Amazon

The tennis dress is comprised of 88 % nylon and 12 % spandex, according to the manufacturer. 

Comfortable, skin-friendly, moisture-wicking, lightweight, and stretchy compression, soft fabric provides a better movement experience than other fabrics.

Built-In Shorts

The built-in shorts are long enough to provide coverage while also keeping everything in place during practice. 

Because the shorts underneath are separate, this dress may be worn for both an active day and a relaxing day at home. 

Both sides of the shorts include pockets large enough to hold your phone, tennis ball, and keys, so you won’t have to be concerned about losing anything.

Y Back Spaghetti Strap

The dress’s elegant attractive spaghetti strap design, which combines fashion and sport, gives it a feminine appearance while also being comfortable. 

While exercising, you may show off your beautiful dress. With the scoop neck design, you can keep your shoulders and neck free of chafing. Cross straps help to relieve back pressure when exercising and keep you breathing easily.

Appropriate For Any Occasion

It is suitable for Workout Tennis, golf, volleyball, baseball, cheerleading, exercise, and jogging. 

You may wear it alone or with other everyday jackets, sports coats, running tops, and yoga pants to complete your look. You will enjoy sports if you wear this outfit.

Mondetta Performance Gear MPG Ladies

Mondetta Performance Gear MPG LadiesBuy on Amazon

This women’s exercise dress is a great combination of attractive, comfy, and supporting. It’s perfect for wearing throughout the summer months when it’s hot or for going to the beach. 

Built-In Bras

It’s an athletic dress with a natural drape that comes with built-in bras that can be taken out for washing. The fabric used in the design is a trendy zig-zag stripe pattern, which also has appealing curved seam lines on the chest and sleeves. 


The fabric is so soft that it moves with you due to its stretch properties. You can wear it all day long without feeling any type of discomfort. It is also suitable for traveling and other everyday activities.

Good Length

As you can assume from the product image that this exercise dress comes with enough length. You can wear it without the shorts. However, we always recommend wearing shorts, especially when you go for intense workouts.

JINSHI Women T-Shirt Dress

JINSHI Women T Shirt DressBuy on Amazon

The JINSHI Women dress is one of the comfortable exercise dresses. It is made from 55% Cotton, 40% Nylon, and 5% Elastane.

Breathable and Moisture Wicking

Fast-drying performance fabric for women’s activewear dress that is breathable, skin-friendly, moisture-wicking, lightweight, and stretchy compression.

The comfortable fabric transports sweat away from the body during the high-intensity performance, allowing you to move more freely and comfortably. 

Moreover, it gives you a better moving experience and everyday wear.

Attractive Design

It has an attractive design comprising of short sleeves, a three-button placket, and a fashion wet collar. Moreover, it has a unique logo on the chest, and it incorporates the features of a slim polo dress.

Suitable for Exercise

The JINSHI women’s dress is suitable for exercise and other day-to-day activities. It is highly breathable and especially suitable for summers. Sweating won’t be a problem anymore if you wear this exercise dress during your workout sessions.

HDE Women’s Exercise Workout Dress with Built-in Shorts

HDE Womens Exercise Workout Dress with Built-in ShortsBuy on Amazon

This adorable dress is extremely simple to dress up or down. It is very flattering and makes for walks, touring, even a perfect substitute for your golf or tennis skirt in summer. This is one of the best dresses for exercise. 


The material is 100% polyester. Unlike the other summer dresses, the exercise dress was designed for comfort and flexibility. It is made of flexible moisture-wicking fabric and can be worn from the gym to brunch in the same morning.


Breathable and lightweight material with built-in biker short lining offers pockets for essentials like a credit card or mobile phone. 

Pull-On closure

The dress pulls on closure. This means you do not have to worry about any buttons or zippers.

The plus point here is your hair doesn’t get stuck in the zippers or the buttons. Furthermore, the pull-on closure dress helps you wear it anywhere, shopping or going to the park. 

JACK SMITH Women’s Golf Tennis Dress

JACK SMITH Women's Golf Tennis DressBuy on Amazon

The 2 in 1 tennis outfits with separate shorts with 2 internal pockets are handy for you to wear. The woman’s tennis robes, which are asymmetrically sloped, are mild, will not ride up, will prevent embarrassments, and move quickly during activity.


The dress is made of 76% polyamide, 24% spandex; furnishing: 90% polyester, 10% spandex. The material is sustainable and respiratory, skin-friendly, wicking moisture and sugar properties.

Unique Design

The dress features 4-way stretching and anti-wrinkle fabric. Tennis clothing can make you seem more beautiful and comfortable in sports. The slim fitness & sleeveless, tight across your body and arms to re-touch your shape. 


This woman’s tennis/golf dress is flexible, maybe styled with sports arms, running top, or other activewear as you want. Ideal for tennis,  yoga, golf, exercise, jogging, walking, cycling, holidays, casual holidays, etc. It is appropriate for both sports and everyday life.

Women’s Workout Dress Sleeveless Exercise

Womens Workout Dress Sleeveless ExerciseBuy on Amazon

The dress can be dressed up or down quite easily and is extremely flattering. The priority is the health, fitness, and satisfaction of the customers. There are multiple colors of choice for the buyers. 


The material is non-see-through tissue, breathable, soft as clouds—professional fabric designed to achieve great performance while keeping you attractive and comfortable every day. The breathable material makes it easy to wear. 

Removable Pads

This exercise dress features an integrated support bra designed for all-day comfort and a highly flattering fit and can be removed to adjust your coverage. These features make it easier for you to wear them while exercising. 


The outfit is excellent for golf, yoga, tennis, volleyball, baseball, cheerleading, dance, jogging, and walking. You may also put it on as an outdoor dress. Furthermore, you can also wear it while going out shopping or at a cafe. 

PCGAGA Women’s Workout Dress

PCGAGA Women's Workout DressBuy on Amazon

The stretchy fabric is extremely smooth and versatile and helps you stay comfortable and move freely in all sorts of sports. 

Unique waistline mesh design and mask dress render the dress more beautiful and respiratory and allow you to go out of the usual. The medium-length enables you to prevent confusion when exercising.


The dress is made of 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex. The material is very stretchy and comfortable. Incredibly soft and smooth material makes it easier for you to wear it not only during exercising but also when going out. 

Moisture Wicking

Activity material transfers perspiration off the body to remain dry and comfortable in high-intensity performance. The flat seams minimize stubbornness in the workout.


Slimmer cut bends your streamlining and increased comfort, which is ideal for sport and everyday life. Ideal for golf, volleyball, tennis, baseball and cheering, dancing, hiking, and jogging.

adidas Originals Women’s Racer B Dress

adidas Originals Women's Racer B DressBuy on Amazon

The Adidas Original Women’s dress is one of the best dresses for not only exercise purposes but also for going out on logging, running, walking, tennis and yoga.

The stretchable and soft material is very comfortable. The dress is pull-on closure, meaning you do not have to worry about the buttons or zippers.


The dress is made of 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane. The stretchy and soft material aids in every kind of exercise, from jogging to machines. Furthermore, the material is machine washable, and also it has a round neck for better styling. 

Unique Design

It has a unique design with a women’s racerback to provide a better style and sporty look. You can wear it while doing sports like tennis, volleyball, baseball, etc. The medium-length also makes it easier for you to exercise without any confusion. 

Suitable for Everyday Use

The beautiful look provided by the racerback makes it more stylish and unique that you can also wear it while going out shopping or going to a cafe. You can also wear it on usual morning walks or a meeting with friends. 

Exercise Dresses – Buying Guide

Exercise Dress

Think about the following points before you begin browsing through the options to determine which one could be the greatest fit for you and your exercise routine:

Determine Quality

It is critical to determine the quality of the gym clothes, which is one of the most significant considerations. You may determine this by looking at the product’s durability, which you will only discover after using the product frequently. 

Because you can’t do that without purchasing the goods, there are a few things you may check for to determine whether or not quality control has been performed on the product.

If you’re shopping in a physical store, test the crumbles by scrunching them up and seeing if they come away easily. Second, stretch the fabric to see if it becomes more stretchy.

If you’re buying gym clothes online, have a look at the product photos and characteristics and see if they fit your preferences. Check the brand’s quality page as well for further information. You will get a good notion of the product’s overall quality.

Performance-Oriented Fit

When purchasing gym clothing at a real store, always try them on before making a purchase. 

Your ability to succeed at the gym is dependent on how well your workout clothes fit you. They will slow you down and influence your performance whether they are too loose or too tight.

If you’re shopping online, make sure you’re using the size chart provided on the retailer’s website. 

Because sizes vary from brand to brand, it is recommended that you consult the sizing chart. Otherwise, you may incur additional costs when returning or exchanging the product.


When shopping for exercise clothes, the most important element to consider is moisture-absorbance. 

Because sweating will not slow you down, you will be able to achieve your desired result while wearing breathable materials. 

Dry fit is one of the phrases that manufacturers use to describe their products, which all perform the same function. Always go for the one that offers the most value for the money compared to the price.


In particular, when it comes to exercise dresses, not all fabrics are made equal. Depending on your preferred mode of activity and how much you sweat, you’ll want to be sure the materials are appropriate for you before purchasing them. 

If you’re going to be sweating a lot in your dress, look for dresses that include moisture-wicking technology or fabric rather than cotton.


Because you’ll most likely be jumping, sprinting, flipping, and doing other activities while wearing your workout dress, you’ll want to make sure it includes shorts — either built-in and connected or sold separately but not attached. 

It’s probable that a pair of shorts that are integrated into the dress will be more to your liking if you don’t want to be concerned about the tops of your shorts slipping about while you’re moving around. 

Also, check the fine print to make sure your selection is two pieces if you prefer shorts that aren’t linked because they are more breathable.

Built-In Bra

Despite the fact that virtually all exercise dresses come with shorts, not all of them come with built-in bras, so keep an eye out for those if you require more support. 

The latter is especially crucial if you’re wearing a tank top dress since it might be tough to wear one with a bra that isn’t already built-in underneath.

Now that you’ve taken everything into consideration, it’s time to decide which one you should add to your collection next. Prepare yourself, feel the burn, and go!

Air Flow/Breathable

Continuous airflow is required for exercise clothes to keep you cool and dry. Airflow is improved in some synthetic textiles due to their open weave construction. Cotton blended with polyester and spandex is the finest fabric to use for this type of work. 

No matter how much you sweat, better ventilation will not cause an unpleasant odor to accumulate. Keep an eye out for other people when you’re at the gym. No one enjoys the stench of rotting flesh!

Price vs. Value

Every consumer is price sensitive, and the first thing they want to know is how much anything will cost. 

However, while determining the selling price, the consumer should consider the worth of the product. What kind of benefit does it provide to them? Is the pricing being fair in comparison to all of the factors? 

Take into consideration the variables given above, and you will be able to determine the worth of the product in comparison to other similar products.

What Online Reviews Have to Say

One of the most effective methods to learn about things is to find out what other people think about them. Look at the product page to see if there are any customer testimonials. 

Whether this is not the case, then Google the product to check if any other platforms have user reviews for it. If you are still unable to locate it, search for brand reviews.

If you can’t discover many genuine customer reviews, it’s difficult to make a selection. You have a clear vision for where you want to take the product. Also, be on the lookout for false reviews!

Exercise Dresses – FAQs

Which is the best dress for exercise?

If you sweat a lot while exercising, it’s important to get the perspiration off your skin before it can seep into your clothes. 

Fabric that breathes, like polypropylene and SUPPLEX, are an excellent choice since they let the sweat evaporate and keep you feeling comfortable.

You can also select any of the exercise dresses we reviewed above.

Does the exercise dress have a bra?

Yes! There are a lot of exercise dresses that have a built-in bra. Some of the dresses we reviewed above have built-in bras, and it is recommended that you choose the one with a built-in bra.

What is a workout outfit called?

Any garments or items designed for athletes, especially their footwear, fall under the category of a workout outfit. Wearing clothes that are designed specifically for sports and exercising makes a huge difference for athletes.

When should you wear an exercise dress?

You can wear an exercise dress during your workout sessions. However, most of the exercise dresses are suitable for everyday use. So, you can also wear them while walking to a grocery store or sleeping at night.

Can you swim in the exercise dress?

Yes, you can swim in an exercise dress. We have reviewed some of the dresses that are not only suitable for exercise but also suitable for swimming, jogging, hiking, or yoga. So, it is your call to select the one with the most usability.