Are you also that guy who gets confused by girl products and could not differentiate between them? You may want to gift something to your girl but don’t know what she truly loves except chocolates and teddy bears. Well, let me tell you.

Girls love to do makeup. So next time, when you decide to gift her something, go with some makeup products; she will genuinely love them.

But how would you buy them? Hmm. As you don’t have any experience of buying them. The answer is getting to learn about the girls’ products first. Get some experience and then buy some beauty products that your girl might think you don’t even know about and surprise her.

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First, learn about these products, which confuse many boys. Get your cuffs up because I am going to tell you about all those girl products that confuse may guys.

1.Jade roller

jade roller - girl products that confuse guysBuy on Amazon

Men are straightforward when it comes to identifying girly products. Jade roller is one of girls product that confuse many guys. If you are a man who is hearing about this product for the first time. Don’t worry; you are not the only one.

Most of the men don’t know about it. Well, you may have seen this before. It’s like a paint roller with the olive-like long stone in the front and a bead-like small stone at the end. These stones are marble-like.

If you have seen it before and remember about it or know about it, congratulations, you are one of that 10% of men who know about this girly product. If not, still don’t worry; I am going to reveal the mystery about it.

It is a jade roller that women put in the refrigerator; after cooling it down, they roll it gently on their face up and down to decrease puffiness and dark circles around the eye area.

Surprises your girl by showing interest in her beauty product. You can also try this out with her when next time you see her using it. Jade roller is one of the girl products that confuse guys.

2.Eyelash curler

eyelash curler - girl products that confuse guysBuy on Amazon

If you see it before but didn’t know about its purpose or if you have seen it for the first in this post, I want to welcome you to the girl club; at least you are curious about knowing about it. Tell us in the comment section below if you already know about it or hearing about it for the first time.

You may see this product many times but may never know about its name and usage. Its name is a lash curler, and it is used to curl lashes.

Well, let me tell you about it. As the name suggests, it is an eyelash curler which women use to curl their lashes. It feels weird, right?

It completes the overall look and makes your lady more beautiful. So next time you will be thinking about gifting her something, consider this one too.

I bet you will surprise her. It’s not much expensive, though, but it would reflect to her that you care about her and are interested in her beauty regimens.

3.LED lights 

photon mask - girl products that confuse guysBuy on Amazon

You may have seen these flashy lights in your bedroom, in the cosmetic store, or your friend’s house before or if you never see them. Don’t worry. I am going to reveal their mystery and will tell you everything about them.

These flashy lights, which may your woman use and you, may get frightened by or think that she got mad, have such incredible and fantastic benefits. These led lights are used to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

4.The facial brush

facial brush - girl products that confuse guysBuy on Amazon

Hmm Do you wonder about this machine? You may see it and thought what it used for is? What women call it? Well, I will reveal this mystery; it’s called the Clarisonic which is used to do the cleansing.

You may also think that why the hell women don’t use their fingers instead of throwing their money on this product? because this product is worth spending money it cleans the pores deeply by taking out all the dirt.

Human fingers can’t clean the pores as profoundly as the machines do. The fact!

5.This cute thing

toe separators - girl products that confuse guysBuy on Amazon

You may see this somewhere and now think, what is this exactly? What is it using for? Is it ring? Some beauty products, hairpin or toe separators? Well, think about it some more and you will figure out by yourself.

If not, let me tell you that it is toe separators that women use to separate their fingers for perfect nail color application. Women also use these pinky things during their manicure and pedicure to separate their toes.

6.Face masks

face masks - girl products that confuse guysBuy on Amazon

Women look horrible when they put them on. You might be thinking, why the hell they use them? Well, Face masks are the one of important step of women daily skincare routine.

They remove excel oil, makes skin hydrate, reduce pores and gives a fresh and spa-like feeling at home. They also make the skin younger looking, reduce wrinkles and makes skin clear and fresh.

How does a face mask works?

It is like a blanket for the skin. It improves the overall appearance of the skin. If you have become impressed after hearing about its benefits and want to try it out next time with your girl, wear it on a clean face to avoid bacteria and dirt getting into your skin.

7.Pumice stone 

pumice stone - girl products that confuse guysBuy on Amazon

You may have seen this stone in your bathroom and wonder about it, or if you are a man who cares about hygiene so much, then you probably know about this product. If not, let me tell you that it’s a pumice stone that women use to make their feet smooth and soft.


conditioner - girl products that confuse guysBuy on Amazon

Men never read labels. They just took things and put them on. The funny thing is, men often can’t differentiate between conditioner and shampoo, and they end up washing their hair with conditioner.

9. Lip liners 

lip liners - girl products that confuse guysBuy on Amazon

Men often get confused between a pen and a lip liner. They use these expensive things to write things. Which makes women pull their hair off?

10.Waxing kits 

waxing kits - girl products that confuse guysBuy on Amazon

Are you a man who always wonders about this thick green substance? Hmm, women use it to pull their hair off.

11.Beauty blender

beauty blender - girl products that confuse guysBuy on Amazon

You may be haring about this teardrop, like girly thing for the first time.  Women use it to blend their make up.

12. Earring locks

Earring locks - girl products that confuse guysBuy on Amazon

You might be wondering about these goodies. These tiny metal objects are women jewellery locks. You may see them somewhere but do not know what they are being used for. If you do, congratulations! You are one smart guy in the town.

13.Cuticle stick 

Cuticle sticks - girl products that confuse guysBuy on Amazon

This metal stick is also a mystery for men. They may recognize it and tell that women use it for nails, but they do not know its exact purpose. Do you want to know what it is used for? Well, women use it to push cuticle, which is dead skin on the nails.

14.Bobby pins

Bobby pins - girl products that confuse guysBuy on Amazon

Most men won’t recognize bobby pins and might think that they are colorful tapes.

Take away:

If you are a boy who gets confused by the girl products, don’t worry, you are not the only one.

Many men get confused by women beauty products, and it’s kind of funny and amusing, but if you learn about them, your girl would be much happy that you are interested in her.

If you have heard about these products for the first time or already know about them, tell us in the comment section below, we would love to listen to you.