how many exercises per workout

Are you confused about how many exercises per workout you should do to get most out of the workout sessions?

In this article, you will get to know everything that pops-up in your mind regarding number of exercises per workout. Here are a few questions that you need to understand.

How many exercises per workout you should do? A perfect plan

1.Have a plan; what are your targeted muscles?

Success is an important element that keeps you motivated for your next step. But how does it all begin? Obviously you should have a plan. Research and planning will keep you going and you shall be able to avoid any disasters in your life.

If we talk about workout exercises, then you must have a plan for this too. It is very immature and unprofessional of a person to go straight in to the Gym and start hitting weights randomly. Without a game plan, you may fall down and it will not only hit your physical health, but also your emotional state of mind.

Start with the first step;ask yourself that what are your targeted muscles and what you want to achieve from your workout sessions?

Your answer may be any one or more of these

  • To increase mass around muscles
  • Gain weight
  • To lose weight
  • Give shape to body
  • Increase overall strength of the body
  • To increase stamina

There may also be other different reasons; but the point is to have a vision and goal you seek to achieve.

Exercise increases your HDL (good cholesterol), improves cardiac function and helps prevent stroke,cardiac arrest, high blood pressure and diabetes.

2.Why you should keep a tight schedule of exercises?

A well-known workout expert Stephen was interviewed by our team and inquired about his schedule for workout and his views on tight schedule for workout exercises.

“How on this earth is this possible to get something when you are not ready to give your best and ready to bear some pain. Success comes with passion and passionate people are not lazy to achieve their goals. They fight with their fears and this world to reach their destiny. Successful people are always organized and they hold themselves in tight schedules. Rest is equally important but a tight schedule doesn’t mean that you just keep pushing your body to limits without considering other factors. Tight schedule means to choose how many exercises per workout you need and when you need them. It means to eliminate laziness and every other thing from your life that takes you away from your goals.”

A scheduled and well planned task is mostly more productive and fruitful. But is your schedule a tight one? Or just a relaxing and lazy one?

A tight scheduled workout is preferably more effective than a loose and lazy schedule.

Why a tight schedule?

  • It keeps you active and energetic
  • You are pumped up all the time
  • You are not ready to give up
  • It keeps your body and mind fresh and healthy
  • You don’t have to spend unnecessary time on warm up. A little warm ups may be enough.
  • It helps you identify how many exercises per workout you need

Why not a loose schedule?

  • It will get you off the track
  • It will make you lazy and stagnant
  • You won’t be enthusiastic about your goals
  • It will give you unnecessary time to relax which decreases your muscle growth
  • You will need more time to warm up for your workout sessions

If you select an appropriate workout set planned with a tight schedule, you will be happy to see the results sooner than expected.

3.Why is it important  to choose your workout exercises wisely?

Unnecessary and wrongly directed efforts always lead to failures which result in psychological breakdown of a healthy mind.

Are your efforts in the right direction?

Are you doing what needs to be done?

You must have a very clear mind about these questions.

Exercise workouts should be planned in a way that they give you optimum results. Exercise is important and a major contributor to a healthy lifestyle.

You must choose your exercises wisely. Mistakes lead to injuries that may take long period of time to heal. You must avoid injuries since they take you back to where you started. All your efforts go in vain.

Talking specifically about choice of exercises, let’s take an example;

  • If you are a person with weak legs and strong upper body, you need to focus more on your legs. Your legs include four different muscles;
  • Quads
  • Calves
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes

You must identify your weakest spots and push them harder but gradually. A sudden load on the weakest part may do some serious damage. Do more reps with light weights. Keep a balance between all your muscles to avoid any abnormal behaviors from your body.

  • If you are person with small biceps and large triceps, you need to work more on your biceps.You may increase number of reps or number of sets to balance them out with your triceps. Choose exercises which hits the core of your muscles.

    4. Why to distribute your workouts evenly during the week?

Due to lack of awareness and knowledge, people are unable to understand the importance of number of exercises per session. We have seen people doing a lot of exercises in a session resulting in injuries. More exercise doesn’t mean more muscle growth.

You must follow a schedule that is evenly distributed on weekly basis. Weekly schedules give your time for rest and the muscles also heal and get ready once again for exercise.

You must cover all your exercises in a week. Separate days must be allocated for each of the following;

  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Abs
  • Legs

Or you may choose to group them up as per your trainer’s advice. Further a rest is also very important at the weekend.

5.Why shouldn’t you go for more than 5 exercises per workout session?

A very important question is that how many exercises per workout session should we do? 5 is the perfect deal. Here are a few reasons:

  • Fatigue:

    If you train with high intensity, you won’t be left with much energy after fifth exercise. And if you still go for sixth and so on, you will ultimately drain your energy without and further output. There is a limit to everything and you cannot push beyond that.

  • Over training:

    A long workout session with many exercises results in over training. Putting an extra pressure and strain on particular muscles. Few exercises with focus and appropriate intensity may give better results.

  • Time Consuming:

    Reap more, Do less. You must be smart enough to utilize your time efficiently and effectively. A forty five minutes workout is perfect.

  • Hampers your performance:

    A few exercises are enough to annihilate the muscles. You don’t require a variety in every session.By doing a lot more exercise than required, you won’t be able to focus on each one of them.For best results, you shall give your full attention to a few exercises and train with appropriate intensity.

  • 6.How can you make your workouts more effective and efficient?

Focus and proper diet is the best way to make out your workouts more effective and efficient.

If you workouts are followed by a poor diet plan, then all your efforts will go in vain.

Calculate required amount of calories your body needs or consult a nutritionist.

Your diet must cover all the important factors that help muscle growth.


How many exercises per workout session you should do is as equally important as how to plan your workout. Hard work pays off if it is in the right direction. Don’t waste your time. Start today and welcome a healthy life style.