how many burp cloths do I need

Exercise Daily – “How many burp cloths do I need” is one of the most basic questions that come across parents’ minds when they have their first kid.

With the first child born, you may not be much experienced in taking care of them. Burping, eating, and drooling are all common activities that might result in a lot of messes from a little kid. 

What is the most effective method of dealing with it? Look no farther than the basic burp cloth for guidance.

If you’ve been shopping for your kid, you’re probably already aware that there are a lot of options available to you.

Even something as basic as a piece of fabric might have you wondering what sort of burp cloth is ideal for your little one.

Mama, we’ve got you covered. Let us begin with the basics.

What Is A Burp Cloth?

If you’re feeding a small infant, you’ll undoubtedly have to burp them, whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle-feed.

While they’re drinking, they gulp a lot of air.

They will tell you if they have too much air in their belly since it is uncomfortable.

The act of burping newborns during or after their meal allows them to get rid of gas. However, it is difficult for them to bring up the air without also bringing up some of the milk.

By the way, spitting up is natural, temporary, and only very seldom signals that something is problematic. In the event that a baby’s belch becomes moist and sticky, the burp cloth comes in handy.

You may think of it as protective clothing for you and your child to keep spit-up off everyone’s clothes, out of everyone’s hair, and as far away from your furniture as you possibly can.

How Many Burp Cloths Do I Need?

Burp cloths are a must-have item for each parent who has a baby. You will require a certain number of burp cloths for your infant, depending on their behavior.

Some newborns have a tendency to drool or spit more than others, resulting in the need for extra burp cloths. It’s important to remember that a burp cloth should be used until the kid is ready to start eating solid meals, at which point bibs should be utilized.

It is understandable that you would be asking, “how many bibs do I need for baby?” For the most part, the quick answer is that you’ll need at least 10-12 burp cloths in varied designs or colors at home, divided into two batches so that one is being used, the other is being washed at the same time.

One advantage of purchasing ones in color other than white is that they are less prone to stain. 

Aside from that, keeping a large quantity on hand will save you from having to do endless loads of washing. At the very least, expect to go through one cloth every day, if not more. In addition, having spares to keep in your car or diaper bag is a great idea.

Since you know how many burp cloths do I need for twins, let’s take a look at how to take care of them.

Burp Cloths: How to Take Care of Them?

Formula, breast milk, and baby food stains will discolor your burp cloths in a short period of time. To keep them looking fresh, vibrant, and clean, use a three-step procedure:

  1. Spray the clothing with a stain fighter before putting them in the laundry to prevent stains. Look for a product that is designed specifically for newborns. 
  2. To remove the stain, apply a small amount of the spray to the spot and rub the material back and forth to coax the stain out. 
  3. Allow it to rest for five to ten minutes after the discoloration has begun to loosen.

Follow these additional steps to effectively take care of burp cloths:

  • Fill your washer halfway with warm water and set it on the delicate cycle. Make use of baby-safe laundry detergent. 
  • Add the burp cloth with the stain fighter that is still on it to the mixture. 
  • Once the cycle is complete, hang the clothing outside to dry or place them in the dryer. 
  • If you’re using a machine, make sure the heat is set to the lowest possible level. This will help to prevent the material from shrinking further. 
  • Fold them in half or in quarters and arrange them in a handy location, such as on the diaper changing shelf or at your breast pump station, to keep them organized.

So, it was all about how many burp cloths do I need Reddit and how to take care of them. Now, let’s take a look at how you can buy the best ones for your newborn baby.

Burp Cloths – Buying Guide


The best burp cloth material must be both useful and easy to launder in order to function properly. It should also be made of a lightweight and soothing fabric so that you and your infant don’t get too hot and uncomfortable when you’re feeding your baby.

For the most part, burp cloths made of Terry or cotton knits are the right choice for the summer months since they are breathable and simple to clean.

During the cooler months of the year, a flannel is a good option. Almost all of these materials are hypoallergenic, which means they will not create any problems with your baby’s skin (such as skin irritation) or respiratory difficulties.

Whatever material you choose, keep in mind that quality should always come first because these burp cloths will be laundered on a regular basis. It is essential that they are durable enough for washing machine use and don’t tear too much throughout the process.


“How many burp cloths do I need” also depends on the size of each burp cloth.

Burp cloths are typically rectangular in shape, with one side that is significantly longer than the other. Burp cloths are typically 10-15 inches wide and 15-22 inches long, with the width being the most important measurement.

The rationale for its length is to allow you to easily throw this cloth over your shoulder without it sliding off.

Additionally, long burp cloths are more effective in protecting your entire back, so you don’t need to use a burp cloth that is too short. 

While with a burp cloth that is overly long, women who understand how to use burp cloths are also aware that the cloth may become tangled or entangled in other objects as you move around with your baby.

When feeding your baby, you’ll want a burp cloth that fits tightly over your shoulder and tapers off your arm for a little bit of length. 

As an alternative to the more traditional rectangular burp cloth, you can pick from a variety of various fabric designs that are available.


Your concern of “how long do you use burp cloths” depends on the quality of burp cloths. As you have already become familiar with how many burp cloths do I need, but you should also know about the quality as well.

Material and quality are important considerations. They go hand in hand since the sort of material from which the burp cloth is manufactured will have a significant impact on its overall quality. 

In addition to keeping yourself dry, you want your infant to be comfortable while they’re burping, and the sort of material you pick will have an impact on this.

In the short term, doing your research on burp cloths may seem unnecessary, but it will really benefit your baby in the long run. 

It is possible to find burp cloths that are composed of numerous layers, as well as those that are not. These additional layers will be of superior quality for dealing with the baby’s spit-up and, ideally, will protect you from getting spat on.

Also necessary are burp cloths that will hold up to repeated washing. It is certain that you will be cleaning baby’s clothes on a regular basis. 

Especially when it comes to spitting up, so you’ll want to choose clothes that are machine washable and won’t lose their quality after only a few washes.

10 Best Burp Clothes for Newborns in 2021

Since you know about “how many burp cloths do I need,” let’s take a look at the best ones for your newborn baby.

Aden + Anais Burpy Bib

Aden + Anais Burpy BibBuy on Amazon

Each of these adorable burp cloths is manufactured from many layers of ultra-soft, ultra-absorbent muslin. 

You may simply lay them over your shoulder when burping baby because they’re curled on one side to make it easier to do so. 

The fabric is quite durable, so it will stand up well through many washings, but it will also get softer over time, making it more comfortable against the baby’s skin. 

Using the snaps on the back of this burp rag, you can secure it around your baby’s neck and also use it for a bib as needed. They are available in a variety of themes and colors. 

The Bottom Line

Do you like the concept of multifunctional products? Make use of these Aden + Anais “Burpy Bibs,” which may be used as bibs or as muslin burp cloths, as the case may be. 

What is the advantage of having a snappable burp cloth that baby can wear instead of you? Not having to worry about it falling off your shoulder will be a huge relief. 

Other advantages include the four absorbent layers included in each bib. Aside from that, the lovely pattern selections are also very fantastic. You are good to go with this burpy bip if you are familiar with “how many burp cloths do I need.”


  • 4 layer of ultra-absorbent muslin
  • Durable and easy-to-wash
  • Comfortable feel


  • Price range is higher as compared to others

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Flannel Burp Cloths

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Flannel Burp ClothsBuy on Amazon

Using Hudson Baby’s 4-Pack Flannel Burp Cloths will save you time and effort in cleaning up all of the stains and spills that you will undoubtedly face with your new baby. 

These burp cloths are made entirely of 100 percent flannel cotton, which is soft and soothing on the baby’s skin while also being sturdy and machine washable for convenience and easy cleaning. 

With three layers of fabric in the center panel and two layers on the outer, these burp cloths will keep parents’ clothes safe from the spit, messy eating, and spills while feeding, burping, and hugging baby. 

This four-piece set includes three patterned burp cloths and one solid color burp cloth, which together create an appealing matching set that is ideal for traveling or leaving at daycare.

The Bottom Line

If you’re one of those moms who believes that you can never have too much gorgeous animal print baby gear, you’ll want to get your hands on these from Hudson Baby. 

Design sets are available in a wide range of styles and colors. Each set has four burp cloths that are 14 inches x 20 inches in size.


  • 100% cotton flannel fabric
  • Machine washable and easy to carry
  • Highly durable


  • Not properly sewn

Gerber Baby Flannel Burp Cloth

Gerber Baby Flannel Burp ClothBuy on Amazon

After knowing “how many burp cloths do I need,” the next question that comes to mind is “which one.” So, we think Gerber Baby Flannel Burp Cloth can be a great choice for your newborn.

These lovely Gerber cloths are large enough to cover your entire shoulder, ensuring that none of your apparel is ruined by a spit-up event. They are available as a set of four and are an excellent value for people on a tight budget.

The nicest part about them is the adorable selection of patterns to pick from, which include flowers, polka dots, stripes, hearts, and adorable little elephants, just to name a few examples.

They’re composed of pure 100 % cotton flannel, which is gentle on babies’ skin while yet holding a significant amount of fluids. Because the edges are carefully serged, they should remain fray-free even after several washings.

The Bottom Line

If you enjoy a variety of styles when it comes to your burp cloths, you’ll want to pick yourself a few of these flannel ones from Gerber to round out your collection. 

The patterns on the pack of cloths include stars, stripes, and two distinct cloud patterns on white, black, grey, and yellow fabric, as well as a variety of other colors. 

They are made entirely of cotton and are machine washable. Each fabric measures 14 inches by 20 inches.


  • Most absorbent burp cloths
  • Comfortable flannel fabric
  • Long-lasting


  • Colors will fade after several washings

Green Sprouts Muslin Burp Cloths

Green Sprouts Muslin Burp ClothsBuy on Amazon

Since you got familiar with how many burp cloths do I need, why not choose Green Sprouts Muslin Burp cloths?

Green Sprouts’ hourglass-shaped burp towels are made of organic cotton and come in a set of three. They are a full-coverage fabric, measuring 11 inches wide by 22 inches long.

These organic cotton cloths, which are made up of four layers of absorbent organic cotton, are an excellent solution for parents who are concerned about their children being exposed to fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. 

Furthermore, they are hypoallergenic and feel luxuriously smooth on your baby’s delicate skin.

The Bottom Line

Sprouts promote the use of safe and high-quality resources over the use of dangerous additives, and if feasible, the company opts for natural materials. 

Breathable and soft against baby’s skin, yet thick enough to resist a lot of spit-ups, are the characteristics of their organic burp cloths. 


  • Fabric becomes softer with every wash
  • Available in different patterns and colors
  • Hourglass shape


  • Prone to shrink after washing

Comfy Cubs Muslin Burp Cloths

Comfy Cubs Muslin Burp ClothsBuy on Amazon

Each of these white burp cloths is manufactured from six layers of 100 % cotton muslin, which is one of the most effective materials for absorbing liquid fast. 

The cloths are multipurpose and may be used as diapers, cleaning cloths, nursing covers, changing pads, and a variety of other things.

When you’re attempting to burp or put your baby to sleep, the super-soft cloth will feel great on their skin as you work.

This bundle contains six cloths, each of which measures a substantial 10 by 20 inches and offers excellent coverage against messes.

The Bottom Line

Comfy Cubs Muslin Burp Cloths are an excellent must-have for new parents and will come in helpful for everything from feeding to changing or cleaning your newborn. 

Due to the fact that they are constructed entirely of sturdy and breathable cotton, they are the ideal material to put against a baby’s sensitive skin.

Both boys and girls will enjoy these white burp cloths since they’re soft, simple to launder, and extremely durable. An attractive bow is included with each pair of muslin clothes. 

After being familiar with “how many burp cloths do I need,” select the best one for your newborn baby.


  • Muslin fabric absorbs the liquid quickly
  • Size is big enough
  • Multi-purpose


  • Not much durable fabric

Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Cotton Flannel Burp Cloths

Buy on Amazon

Luvable Friends burp cloths will have you breathing a sigh of relief if you’ve been put off by the price of some other products and questioned how such a small piece of fabric could be so pricey.

They are one of the more economical clothes, and they are available in a variety of attractive colors and designs. You may get a large number of them and ensure that you never run out of a fresh, clean cloth.

The central panel is made up of three absorbent layers of 100 percent cotton, while the outside panels are made up of two layers each. Each box contains three cloths that have been tied with ribbon.

The Bottom Line

These long-lasting burp cloths from Luvable Friends are a great value for the money, and the quality is excellent. The three types of 100 percent cotton are offered in a wide variety of colorful and soothing designs.

Each cloth is large enough to give adequate coverage, and it is simple to fold so that it may be slung over your shoulder.


  • Multiple designs available
  • Soft and gentle fabric
  • Affordable price range


  • Not much durable

Milkbarn Bamboo Burpies (Bear)

Milkbarn Bamboo Burpies (Bear)Buy on Amazon

Once you get familiar with “how many burp cloths do I need,” you should think of selecting the best one.

If you adore vintage patterns, rustic baby accessories, and adorable old-school baby outfits, you’ll fall head over heels with these Milkbarn burp cloths. This combination is soft, eco-friendly, and long-lasting, thanks to the use of 70 % bamboo rayon and 30 % cotton.

Each bundle has two burp cloths, each measuring a generous 23 inches square and featuring antique patterns in a variety of earthy colors.

Despite the fact that these burp cloths appear to have been passed down from great-grandma, they are durable enough to hold up to several washings. They also come packaged in a charming burlap bag with a wooden button to close it up.

The Bottom Line

Designed for life on the move, these thin single-layer clothes dry quickly, are lightweight, and are compact enough to tuck into a bag, car seat, or stroller for easy storage and transport. 

When the spit-up days are over, the cloth will get softer with each wash, allowing you to use it as a dish towel or a blankie instead. Some parents, on the other hand, felt that the single-layer was not sufficiently absorbent.


  • Environment-friendly fabric
  • Natural and cute design patterns
  • Suitable size


  • Material is thin and not much absorbent

KeaBabies Organic Baby Burp Cloths

KeaBabies Organic Baby Burp ClothsBuy on Amazon

When it comes to purchasing baby supplies, keeping things practical is always a good idea. These KeaBabies burp cloths offer a wonderful gift choice for new parents. 

They are available in packs of five and are available in a variety of vibrant designs and plain colors, as well as a variety of unisex alternatives for presents given before the gender reveal.

They are wrapped in recyclable cardboard that may be given as a gift on its own, with minimum embellishments, or as part of a gift set. 

Because they’re made of 100 percent organic cotton, they’re quite soft and comfortable. Parents appreciate that the clothes stay on your shoulder even if you have to bend forward or grab for anything.

The Bottom Line

It will take time and patience to clean up the mess. KeaBabies Burp Cloth Sets, on the other hand, allow you to prevent such a disaster and make parenting a little bit simpler. 

These Burp Cloths are designed to be ultra-soft and absorbent, making them the perfect everyday necessity!

If you are still unsure of “how many burp cloths do I need,” you should take a look at the guide above.


  • Organic burp cloths
  • 100% cotton
  • Best as a gift for newborns


  • Quality is not too good

Burt’s Bees Baby Burp Cloths

Burt's Bees Baby Burp ClothsBuy on Amazon

These rising stars, which are available in quantities of two, three, or five, are ideal for traveling. They are available in a range of soft designs and solid colors and are made of a lightweight fabric that folds up into a little packet. 

You may easily pack a few in your luggage or diaper bag, confident with the idea that they’ll be simple to clean while you’re away from your home base.

These cloths, which are made entirely of organic cotton, are a sustainable and ecologically responsible solution that is meant to resist wear, tear, and many washings.

Those who have children adore the burp cloths made by Burt’s Bees Baby. The product page claims that even celebrities have included them in their gift lists! 

The Bottom Line

What is it that makes them so special? First and foremost, they are extremely absorbent. Second, they provide additional protection by covering a wide surface area. 

Third, they are made entirely of organic ingredients that are suitable for even the most delicate newborn skin. Oh, and fourth, they come in a variety of adorable patterns.


  • Three-panel design for easy folding
  • Soft to touch
  • Highly durable


  • Not much absorbent

San Francisco Baby Bamboo Burp Cloths

San Francisco Baby Bamboo Burp ClothsBuy on Amazon

Premium quality, custom-designed rectangular, layered spit-up rags from San Francisco Baby that lay flat and securely over your shoulder. If you are still not aware of “how many burp cloths do I need,” scroll up and read out a comprehensive guide on it.

It provides a comfy spot for the baby while also serving as an extraordinarily absorbent safety net for mom and dad. You’ll have complete coverage where you need it with this 9″ wide by 19″ long bib! All of this, as well as a Bonus Pacifier holder.

Each wash of this easy-to-clean parenting essential, which is composed of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, results in it being softer and more absorbent. 

Bamboo dries at a pace that is 50 percent faster than that of conventional textiles, resulting in the need for less of them. It’s hardly surprising that these towels are popular among parents because they’re so simple to care for.

The Bottom Line

It is possible for these cloths to survive for many years, and you will appreciate being able to use them for future children. The fact that these grey clothes are a traditional pattern that is suitable for both boys and girls makes no difference to us.


  • Contains 70% bamboo in fabric
  • Highly comfortable
  • Also suitable for face


  • Not durable

FAQs – How Many Burp Cloths Do I Need?

How many burp cloths do I need per day?

To be on the safe side, you’ll need between 8 and 14 burp cloths to ensure that you don’t run out of supplies. A lot of moms prefer to have a fresh burp cloth for each feeding, as well as a spare in case something happens. 

Newborn newborns often eat between 8 and 12 times each day, depending on their size. Even if they don’t spit up all the time, that’s a lot of burp cloths to go around for them.

How many burp cloths should you register for?

A typical baby registry includes 4 to 6 burp cloths, which is an average of two packs per baby. Our general rule of thumb is to double that amount. Make a registry for 10 to 12 cloths in a variety of designs or colors.

Do you really need burp cloths?

Burp cloths are essential since you will need to use them to wipe your baby’s spit-up or drool while they are awake. 

Burp cloths are unlikely to be required if your child does not spit up while being fed. However, the odds are against you if this is your expectation. According to a study, up to 50% of newborns spit up more frequently.

What age do babies stop needing burp cloths?

Burp cloths are safe to use for your kid for the first 6 to 9 months of his or her development. Burp cloths are commonly used by parents to wipe off regurgitated milk, milk dribbles, and drools from their kid’s mouth. 

As a result, you may expect to deal with all of these concerns when your kid is around nine months old. You will no longer need to burp your kid after he or she has learned to sit or crawl about.


“How Many Burp Cloths Do I Need?” – To sum up this comprehensive guide, you will need 8 to 12 burp cloths on average. 

The messiness of babies is unparalleled, especially when it comes to feeding time.

When you have a newborn infant that has to feed up to 12 times each day, you’ll need a lot of burp cloths and bibs to keep them (and yourself) clean.

In the event that relatives inquire as to what presents they should purchase for the baby, bibs and burp cloths are excellent choices. You’ll use them on a daily basis, and you can never have too many of these essentials.

You should check out the 10 best burp cloths we reviewed in this article. If you have some other burp cloths in mind, please share your experience in the comments section below!