Exercise dailyShould you work out on your period? Exercising during periods may scare you. But exercise can give you so many benefits during the period days.

We will discuss the best exercises that are beneficial for you during periods in this article. There are some important points that you should keep in your mind before exercising during your period. So, if you want to know about this topic let’s dive in!

Should you work out on your period?

Yes, you can work out on your period, but it is recommended that you should avoid high-intensity workouts because they can cause you to feel lethargic and sluggish. So any exercise can become difficult during this condition.

Many researchers recommend doing aerobic exercises in moderate amounts to help you feel better during the period because it can reduce anxiety, depression, pain, back pain, etc.

should you workout on periods?

Benefits of workout on your period:

Some researchers say that 80 % of women have period pain. And this extreme pain usually lasts for the first 2-3 days. In this, it becomes impossible to work out. Women typically don’t go for exercise because they are in so much pain.

They grab the heating pad and usually stay in bed all day, eat chocolates, etc. But this only causes more pain, and You feel lazy all day. Following are the benefits of Exercise during your period:

  • But exercise during your period can freshen up your mood and make you feel less sluggish.
  • It helps your body to release good mood hormones (endorphins). But there are many exercises that you should do during your period, like high-intensity workouts.
  • You can get more strength and power by exercising during periods.
  • It can also help to fight period pain. 

Best exercises you can do during periods:

When you are on a period, a woman doesn’t want to do exercise because of period pain. Following are the best exercises that you can do while on periods that will make you energetic and happy:

  1. Running:

Yes, you can go running when you have mild symptoms In the later days of your period. Just be hydrated and must take breaks every 10 mins. Running will help you to feel less irritable or depressed. You should wear comfortable shoes while walking. Avoid wearing tight clothes while running.

Should You Workout On Your Period?

2. Stretching:

Daily light stretching can help you feel happy and relaxed. Just laying down on your bed stretching is a much better option. This can help to relax your body muscles. You should take deep breaths during stretching.

should you workout on your periods?

3. Walking:

Daily walking can help you to feel relaxed and more energetic. You should wear comfortable clothes and shoes while walking. It will uplift your mood and can make you feel better. It can relieve your symptoms.

should you workout on your periods?

4. Yoga:

There are many types of yoga that you can try while on periods. Incorporating yoga into your daily life during a period can help you to relieve symptoms. Many researchers agree with the point that incorporating yoga during your period can make you feel less anxious and irritable.

You can try the cobra pose or fish pose. These are very easy to perform.

should you workout on your periods?

5. Swimming:

Yes, you can go swimming during your period but only on those days when you have low blood flow. You can take other safety measures like using tampons while swimming. That will help you to swim freely. Swimming can uplift your mood, and you will feel very happy after swimming when you are on your period.

should you workout while on your period?

6. Light weight lifting:

When you cannot go outside your house for exercise during your periods, you can try light uplifting at home because it can make you feel relaxed and strengthen your muscles.

Exercises that you should avoid during periods:

There are some types of exercises that you should avoid during the period because they can make your body very lethargic. Because your body is already going through so much that exercising hard can make you feel further very bad.

Following are the exercises that you should not do during periods:

  1. Strenuous and high-intensity exercises:

Strenuous exercises include

  • Jumping
  • Fast running
  • Playing tennis
  • Jogging
  • Cycling

You should avoid these high-intensity exercises during the first 2-3 days because symptoms are very high during the first two to three days, which already makes your body very lethargic.

2. You should avoid exercise for a longer period:

You should avoid exercising for 1- 2 hours or longer periods of time. Because you are already losing blood and making your body exercise this much longer can make your body dehydrated, and your symptoms may become worse.

3. Listen to your body:

Always listen to your body and what it wants. If your body has enough energy for exercise, you should go for exercise. But if your body doesn’t want to exercise or doesn’t have that much energy so don’t force yourself. Give some time for your body to heal or have some energy.

4. Inversion Yoga poses:

Inversion yoga poses include dolphin pose, plow pose, standing forward pose, or child’s pose. You should avoid these kinds of poses because they will cause irritability and make your symptoms worse. So you should avoid these yoga poses during the first to three days.

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It is a little bit expensive device.

Should You Workout On Your Period? FAQs:

1. How to relieve period pains?

You can relieve your period pain by using heating pads or by using any painkiller. But you should avoid using painkillers. You can exercise to uplift your mood. Drink warm teas or herbal things to get rid of your period pain.

2. how to relieve period back pains?

During periods back pain is very common among women. During the first 1-2 days of the period back pain is at high intensity. So you can use heating pads or any other electrical massager that we mentioned above to get rid of back pain.

3. Can we do an abs workout during periods?

No, you should avoid abs workouts during periods. Because these exercises put pressure on the abdomen muscles which can worsen the symptoms. So you should avoid high-intensity workouts during periods.


This article concludes should you work out on your period. You should avoid high-intensity workouts that include jumping, jogging, or cycling. But aerobic exercises like walking, swimming, or yoga are very beneficial during periods. It can uplift your mood and make you feel less anxious and irritable.

If you have any queries regarding whether should you work out on your period? you can ask us in the comment section below.