why soccer is so popular

Have you ever watched soccer or you are a fan of it? Are you also looking for the answer to this question that why soccer is so popular? Whether you agree or not with this statement, but soccer has a pretty strong case for its title. Soccer is crowned as a global sport because of its immense popularity across the globe. Half of the world’s population, which is around 4 billion people watch soccer with their hearts in hand.

Soccer is not any more male-only sports. Hence, it has been played and enjoyed equally by both genders. FIFA’s big count official survey was conducted a few years back, which indicated that actual players of this sport are 265 million. Watching soccer is not just their pastime, people are obsessed with it. However, it has become a part of their lifeblood.

This article explores the truth of how soccers has expanded to all corners of the globe and what makes it different from other sports. Let’s take a look at the factors that makes soccer so popular and why its popularity in the US has been a roller coaster.

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Reasons why soccer is so popular around the globe

Why soccer is so popular

We have gathered here all the possible factors that make soccer popular. Let’s have a brief look over them.

Easily accessible

Soccer is one of the sports that have no hard fast rules to be able to play it. It doesn’t demand peak physical conditions or characteristics of the players like many other sports. Hence, Two legs, two hands, and your ability to play in the field are enough. Players don’t have to be quick, muscular, and able to take heavy contact as they have to in football. Soccer doesn’t require a superhuman physique and a player of certain height as in Olympic events or basketball.

The game has very obvious and accessible rules. Hence, skills, speed, and coordination with the ball are all that a player needs to be in a field. Short height and Special physical parameters will have no impact on the ability of players in the field. The best scorer of Barcelona and the Argentine national team “Lionel Messi” with a height of 170 centimeters is the best example you can count. However, he is also the holder of “Gloden Ball” four times.

Simplicity-easy to play

Games like football, baseball, rugby are so complex that it takes years to get your head around them. On the other hand, soccer is very easy to play. Hence, the reason for its popularity and its reach beyond the countries boundaries lies in its simplicity and less complex nature. Soccer has very simple basics. Even kids understand its rules easily and they love to play it. Those who have never played soccer can get their head around after watching it for the very first time.

Global Expansion of soccer

The popularity of soccer in the UK is huge. One of the factors of its popularity is decentralization. Most of the games such as football, baseball, and cricket are usually played in only one region. Instead of only one region, soccer is played globally. Hence, it is shown on TV in 212 countries. The audience of FIFA’s world cup 2014 had over 3.4 billion viewers.

Soccer is an incredibly powerful sport that will inspire you to give it a try if you don’t practice it. People of every age group watch, play, and enjoy soccer. It is a global sport as it unites different races and communities a one. It bonds the countries together. International soccer tournaments draw attention to financial and political issues of smaller and poor countries. However, it gives them chance to shine. It makes the people forget about their struggles for 90 minutes that is definitely why soccer is so popular.

Leagues all around the world

Sports like American football, baseball has only one huge league in the US. But in the case of soccer, every country has its national league of soccer. Hence, overseas fan bases of some of the world’s biggest league are higher than their own country. The most-watched league of soccer in the world is the English premier league. Soccer fans support its leagues in other continents more than the European league. It has international clubs in many countries that help keep the passion of soccer alive in fans all year.


Soccer is one of the low-cost sports games. It is cheap to play as compared to other sports. It doesn’t require any equipment and you don’t have to spend loads of money to play soccer. A soccer ball and space where you can play it easily is enough. For example, Polo is an expensive game that requires a horse than a place to keep and haul the horse. Other than that American football seems to be very expensive because of the number of coaches, equipment, and other expenses as well. High school football requires $ 75 whereas high school soccer needs $15 to provide insurance and outfit. That is a huge difference!

Overall, soccer is less expensive and does not need any safety equipment or gear such as a helmet, shoulder pads, gloves, mouthpiece, etc. as in football, baseball, golf, or tennis. Anyone can play it anywhere as the least expensive game. Hence, this factor makes it more likely to be popular.


Soccer is known to be a beautiful game. Hence, its rules and length are the same for both genders. Its creativeness makes it popular. This game is visually appealing and very exciting to watch.


It is a player-focused game as it is not driven by the coach like other sports. As in football players have to follow the instructions of the coach and he guides the game. But in soccer, every player on the field can handle the ball. However, it allows every individual to shine. The dynamics of the match can change by the techniques and skills of a single player. This game has fewer restrictions and it gives more liberty to play.


Thanks to sponsorship and marketing that makes soccer so popular and brings 4 billion people to watch it. Soccer is a sport in which so many companies invest. You will get to watch it everywhere you go whether it is a restaurant, airline, bar, or a videogame. However, soccer clubs Barcelona and Real Madrid are the biggest sponsors of soccer. Soccer has become a billion-dollar market. Hence, it is becoming bigger and more significant every day.


Soccer has a glorious history and a great time being played which makes it so popular. It is one of the oldest sports. Similar ball games as soccer have been played in the U.K in early 200 B.C. The first soccer club was founded in 1857 in England and the first-ever world cup was held in 1930 in Uruguay. Soccer tradition and culture have developed a long time ago which keeps on passing generation through generation.


This game has a very high competition which attracts people and makes it entertaining. People all over the world take it seriously and personally what happens in the game. However, sometimes riots in cities may occur because of the game. All this is because of the growing competitive nature of soccer.

Fast-moving play

Soccer has a short watch time. There is no extra time added or penalty shoutouts, the total match is 90 minutes long. This is very little time as compared to other sports. It fits nicely into any schedule. Football and baseball can last in three to four hours which makes them less engaging. Hence, soccer is a fast-moving and engaging game. It is so simple and straightforward that the minds don’t get bored and tired of watching it. Moreover, you can continue with the rest of your day after 90 minutes of seeing soccer. Thus, the short time of soccer favors its popularity.

Artful techniques

Playing soccer is an art itself. It is famous for its artful techniques. Soccers appeal is in the control and handling of the ball with grace, style, and artful techniques. keep the ball moving on the ground from one corner to the other and tackling the opponent players’ demands requires actual skills. Hence, these inspirational skills help players become future leads.

Passion and loyalty

Passion and loyalty of both the players and fans. They live the soccer as if it was their creed or religion. They feel affection and pride for their teams. However, in most South Americans and European countries, people grow up supporting the teams and become fans of the team that their parents were already supporting. Soccer tradition makes it so popular.

Soccer is a sport for everyone

This game has no restrictions for anyone. Children, men, women everyone can play it anywhere at any time. Women can play it with the same rules as men. The women’s soccer world cup is also the biggest women’s sports event in the world.

Safe sport

Last but not least soccer is safer to play than other games. It is a highly safe sport than basketball, football, and baseball. Hence, the amount of danger and injuries is very less in soccer. Past statistics reports that the rate of injuries of soccer is less as compared to baseball and football in case of the children between the age of 5 and 14 years. Adults know how to avoid injuries and how to keep control of their bodies. So they are less likely to get hurt.

Why soccer is not so popular in the USA?

It’s a big question and many people are curious about it that why soccer is not popular in the US instead of its popularity all around the world. Here are some of the reasons.

  • Maybe it’s because of the American culture. They are not the best at soccer and they want to be best at everything. This could be the reason why they dislike soccer. Americans give preference to excessively bigs things that also reflect in their sports. They have always sought to win at everything and be at the number one which is not wrong at all. They are best at American football, Baseball, and have won gold Olympic medals in Basketball whereas the soccer team is not a superpower and didn’t even make it to the last world cup.
  • The amount of scores is not big enough in soccer as in the other three American sports. The games end at an average of 2-2.6 goals. Americans reject these types of scores as they like everything big.
  • Another reason why it is not so popular in the US is that it has not enough marketing advertisements. People of the US are materialistic and they focus on making money which is no different in sports. Hence, the big TV networks in the US broadcast and promote ad-friendly sports such as baseball, basketball, and football. Halftime of soccer also not makes it suitable for advertisement.

Final thoughts

Soccer has widespread influence over people of all age groups because of its simplicity. It has the ability to bridge the gaps between people of different cultures and races. Some people love to play it because of its simple rules while others find it engaging because of its competitive nature.

Because of the huge supports of fans and growth potential, it will surely gain popularity not only in the US but also in North America. Hence, soccer is also becoming the favorite women’s sport of the US. Moreover, it is universally accepted and has a positive experience which makes it immensely popular. Soccer unites the world culture as one and it has become the most viewed sports event in the world.