women's full length raincoat with hood

Exercise Daily – Women’s full length raincoat with hood is a great way to deal with a rainstorm. Let’s take a look at the 10 best raincoats.

Anyone who has been caught in an unexpected downpour while traveling has undoubtedly had to spend a significant amount of money on a cheap, flimsy umbrella or poncho from a street seller to avoid getting completely wet. 

If you want to avoid wasting money on low-quality rain gear that is unlikely to survive the rest of your vacation, it’s best to always bring along a high-quality rain jacket that will keep you protected from any unforeseen weather conditions.

10 Best Women’s Full Length Raincoat With Hood

To ensure that you don’t get caught in a tropical monsoon, a rainfall, or a sudden storm, we’ve put together a list of the best raincoats for women.

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Columbia Womens Arcadia II Rain Jacket

Columbia Womens Arcadia II Rain Jacket - women's full length raincoat with hood

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In addition to being well-made and lasting a long time, it’s also ideal to use as a base layer below when the temperature drops.

Besides being composed of water-resistant fabric, this rain jacket from Columbia is also seam-sealed to ensure that water does not leak through anywhere in the garment. 

It is lightweight and breathable, features a drawstring storm hood, and is flexible enough to let you move freely while wearing it, making it an excellent choice for outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling. 

There are also two zippered hand pockets as well as a drawstring hem. As an added bonus, it is available in eight fashionable colors.

The Bottom Line

Designed to keep you dry on the trail even when it’s raining, this rainy-day MVP women’s jacket packs down small enough to fit in your pack when the sun comes out. 

This rain jacket has a waterproof Omni-tech membrane with complete seam sealing, as well as a breathable soft mesh inner.

Hount Women’s Lightweight Hooded Raincoat

Hount Women's Lightweight Hooded Raincoat - women's full length raincoat with hood

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Anyone who’s been to the tropics knows what a miserable combination of rain and heat it can be.

As a result, the Hount Raincoat is the ideal rain jacket whether you’re exercising outside during rainy season or not. It is one of the best women’s full length raincoat with hood.

While the Hount Raincoat’s pastel color scheme may look like something out of a children’s storybook, it’s actually very capable of keeping you dry and cool.

Because it’s thin and light, it’ll keep you dry in light to medium rain. You won’t feel suffocated by the quick-drying, breathable fabric, which helps when you’re stuck between rain and sweltering heat on the route.

The Bottom Line

As a result of the Hount Raincoat’s feminine color scheme and tailored silhouette, we’ve rated it one of the best women’s fashion raincoats available.

Women looking for an all-purpose rain jacket that is both stylish and functional in hot weather need look no farther than this one.

CAMEL CROWN Womens Rain Jacket Waterproof Coat

CAMEL CROWN Womens Rain Jacket Waterproof Coat - women's full length raincoat with hood

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A raincoat that isn’t waterproof isn’t much of a raincoat at all. Even if the streets around you are slick with rain, the Camel Crown waterproof rain jacket will keep you fully dry.

All-taped seams, the “lotus effect,” and the trademark Camel-Tex rainproof technology combine to create a truly excellent ultra-lightweight rain jacket.

The innovative design also assures that any dreaded raindrops will transform into rain beads and slide off your coat like water off of a duck’s back, literally.

With an adjustable drawcord hood, the Camel Crown waterproof rain jacket is completely windproof, and the hood can be turned into a collar when the clouds pass. It is one of the best women’s full length raincoat with hood.

The Bottom Line

For women who need a rain jacket that will keep them dry and warm in inclement weather, this is the perfect option. It has cutting-edge technology to keep you warm and dry.

CREATMO US Women’s Trench Coat

CREATMO US Women's Trench Coat - women's full length raincoat with hood

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You’d never suspect that this trench coat is actually really practical because it’s so stylish. Additionally, the jacket has two buttoned external pockets and a removable hood. 

It also has an adjustable belt and an inside hand pocket in addition to the two buttoned exterior pockets. 

Made of wrinkle-resistant fabric that is also waterproof, windproof, and UV damage-resistant, you’ll be comfortable and fashionable no matter what kind of weather you find yourself in. 

Wine red and army green are just a couple of the lovely colors that are available. The clothing runs small, and the belt is exceptionally lengthy. Even when it’s not raining, it adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

The Bottom Line

Polyester has excellent anti-wrinkle properties, allowing you to skip the ironing step when rushing to get to work on time. 

Made from high-density polyester fibers, this slim-fit dresscoat for women is durable and machine washable. Membrane technology is UV resistant. CREATMO rain jacket is one of the best women’s full length raincoat with hood.

SaphiRose Women’s Long Rain Jacket

SaphiRose Women's Long Rain Jacket - women's full length raincoat with hood

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When it comes to rainproofing, the SaphiRose Long Hooded Raincoat does not disappoint.

This imposing raincoat is made entirely of polyester, making it breathable, lightweight, and quick-drying in all conditions. If you wear it with the hood up, you’ll have a raincoat that will protect you from head to toe from even the most intense of storms.

Mischievous raindrops will not be able to slip past the zip-and-buttoned front closure, and the spacious pockets provide secure storage space for your everyday items.

The SaphiRose long hooded raincoat is also extremely lightweight and compact, making it an excellent choice for women on the go. So if the weather improves, you won’t have to worry about hauling a cumbersome raincoat.

The Bottom Line

It is the best choice for individuals looking for a robust, full-length waterproof raincoat that will keep them warm and safe from stormy winds and heavy rain.

Blanc Noir Camo Anorak Jacket

Blanc Noir Camo Anorak Jacket - women's full length raincoat with hood

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Given its elegant and adaptable design, it’s likely to become one of your most often worn coats, even when it’s not raining.

It has a figure-flattering style as well as a protective hood and drawstrings at the waist and hem that can be adjusted to fit your preferences. It is among the best women’s full length raincoat with hood.

In addition to a snap storm flap that provides additional protection from rain and wind, the machine-washable coat has a zipper closure. 

It also boasts two snap-flap pockets on the front for added convenience, as well as thumbhole cuffs for more warmth and fashionable appeal. 

The Bottom Line

Because of its water-resistant nylon construction, it’s the perfect fashionable alternative for rainy days, but it’s also great for dry spring and fall days. 

However, the pockets are so small and may not be able to accommodate larger phones. You may need to find another waterproof spot to keep your phone.

Columbia Women’s Switchback Iii Jacket

Columbia Women's Switchback Iii Jacket - women's full length raincoat with hood

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If you’ve ever hiked in the mountains, you know that no matter how well prepared you are for the weather, you can never predict what kind of day you’ll have on the trail. In order to meet the shifting demands of the hiker, you’ll need a rain jacket.

When shopping for a new women’s hiking rain jacket, the Columbia Switchback III is a great option. The hydro plus 100 % nylon shell makes it very light while still providing excellent waterproofing.

In addition, it’s easy to store in its own pocket. As a result, you’ll be able to quickly remove your coat as the sky clears. 

Because, well, having to wear an unnecessary coat when out in nature is the greatest hindrance to having a good time. Columbia women’s jacket is one of the best women’s full length raincoat with hood.

The Bottom Line

Although it has a distinctively outdoorsy air, the Columbia Switchback III’s timeless style makes it suitable for wearing with just about anything.

It’s best suited for both occasional and regular hikers who are looking for the most waterproof rain jacket on the market that doesn’t weigh you down.

Marmot Women’s Essential Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket

Marmot Women's Essential Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket - women's full length raincoat with hood

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Rain jackets are a wardrobe must for individuals who live in rainy areas such as Washington’s west side or the coast of Maine. 

Others may love the extra coverage and aesthetics of a full-length jacket, while others will appreciate the adaptability and cost savings of a one-quiver design. 

Wearing a windproof jacket when strolling in the rain, sitting on slick surfaces, or dressing up in layers like a coat or dress is a great way to remain dry and warm. 

Many parka-style coats don’t lose much in terms of performance, with waterproof constructions and high-quality finishes, despite their casual appearances.

The Bottom Line

With good reason, the Marmot Essential is one of the most popular parka-style raincoats. Attractive mid-thigh length (33 inches at the center back) and a modest hood with one adjustment characterize the Essential’s stylish design. It is one of the best women’s full length raincoat with hood.

Outdoor Research Women’s Helium Ii Jacket

Outdoor Research Women's Helium Ii Jacket - women's full length raincoat with hood

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It’s safe to say that Outdoor Research has done its homework when it comes to making the best raincoats for women. The Helium II is a 156-gram rain garment that’s difficult to believe is a rain jacket (5.5 oz). So, you don’t have to sacrifice vital space or add weight to your suitcase by keeping it about.

The AquaGuard zippers on the waterproof and windproof shell accomplish exactly what they claim they’ll do: they keep you completely dry.

Reflective logos for walking or cycling in the dark, a carabiner hook for keys, and a pocket for stowing away are just a few of the features of this rain jacket. 

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a rain jacket that’s both lightweight and functional, go no further than the Outdoor Research Helium II.

A lightweight rain jacket that is both packable and full of extra features is ideal for adventurous women.

Mountain Hardwear Women’s Stretch Ozonic Jacket

Mountain Hardwear Women's Stretch Ozonic Jacket - women's full length raincoat with hood

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The Mountain Hardwear Stretch Ozonic redefines what it means to be a rain shell. It’s hard to believe this lightweight jacket is waterproof given how soft and comfy it is to wear. 

But don’t be fooled – it offers great protection in a lightweight, stretchy jacket that can be worn peak-bagging or just taking the kids to school in comfort. It is among the best women’s full length raincoat with hood.

Long arms and torso make the Ozonic a protective suit that moves with you. It doesn’t leave you exposed to the elements simply because you’re reaching for something. 

The Bottom Line

Even though it’s made of a flexible fabric, the wide pit vents assist make this a layer. The large-toothed zipper makes it a breeze to use, and it fits neatly into its own pocket for portability.

FAQs – Women’s Full Length Raincoat With Hood

Which raincoat is best for heavy rain?

When it comes to raincoats, polyester, nylon, or proprietary mixes like Gore-Tex are the finest options. 

Because polyester is hydrophobic (water-resistant), whereas nylon is hydrophilic (water-loving), this is the case (water-absorbing). DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coatings are also common.

What makes waterproof raincoat waterproof?

The obtuse angle of contact between water and the raincoat’s material is created by the raincoat’s fabric. As a result, the rain water does not get inside the raincoat, indicating that the raincoat is water-resistant.

Does washing a waterproof jacket ruin it?

Use a mild detergent and fabric softener when washing water-resistant clothing. With each wash, the detergent’s chemicals might break down the fibers’ makeup and remove the fabric’s waterproof covering. It is suggested that you use a cleaner intended for technical clothing.


Fortunately, there are a wide variety of fashionable raincoats to choose from, ranging from trench coats to charming rain jackets.

Multi-layer technology and thick, robust fabric are used to create the best waterproof jackets that genuinely keep you dry. As a result, the jackets tend to seem a little bloated, which is understandable. 

Instead, you may choose a more tailored jacket with a cinched waist and fitting sleeves.

But these sorts of coats are often better suited for light rain and short amounts of time.

Which one is your favorite women’s full length raincoat with hood? Share your review with all of us in the comments section below!