Youth Baseball Cleats

Exercise Daily – So, what if you wanted to take your baseball game to a whole new level? Well then, in that case, you may need the best youth baseball cleats, and you are in luck as you’ve come to the right place. 

We have reviewed the top 10 youth baseball cleats for you to make that home runs a lot easier. Baseball cleats are as important as Football cleats.

It is no secret that baseball players are always on the move. From running for those big home runs to tracking down fly balls – their feet are rarely at a halt.

While it is true that baseball can be pretty much played in any standard shoes, you are missing out on some of the best playing experiences you can get. You are going to be a lot faster, swifter and are likely to have an overall better game experience.

But choosing a greater pair of baseball cleats can be trickier than most people think. There are multiple factors to be taken into consideration, such as type, material, and height which can drastically affect its performance. 

This list has taken into consideration all these factors to make sure you get the best product possible.

Under Armour Unisex-Child Leadoff Low Rm Jr. Baseball Shoe 

Under Armour Unisex-Child Leadoff Low Rm Jr. Baseball ShoeBuy on Amazon

Under Armor is providing one of the best youth baseball cleats in the market out there. They come in different sizes and have a plethora of colors that you can choose from.

They are sure to promise comfort for your child with their superior quality. For a good reason, they are our number 1 on the list. Following are the features that make these cleats superior:


Being affordable is always a plus point for the best youthful cleats. Add that to the fact that there is no compromise on quality – you have yourself a winner. Buying these cleats won’t make your wallet light while assuring you quality.


The upper shoe part is lightweight and durable, ensuring the best feet movement. On top of that, there are perforations in the toe box that enable extra breathability for the feet.

Padded collar & heel

For the ultimate step comfort, the collar and the heel are padded to ensure that each step you take makes you want to move forward.


Having over 1500+ reviews, the users relate to a feeling of utter comfort wearing these youth baseball cleats. The overall fit and finish are more than satisfactory, and the material is top-notch.


  • Economic
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Aesthetic
  • Enhanced breathability
  • Comfortable


  • Difficult to put on

Guardian Blaze Baseball Cleats for Boys Shoes Youth Little Kid Rubber Turf Little LeagueGuardian Blaze Baseball Cleats for Boys Shoes Youth Little Kid Rubber Turf Little League

Buy on Amazon

Designed by College and Pro players who mentor and train players all over the US, The Guardian Youth Baseball Cleats are top of the line. These cleats are designed for superior stopping, cutting, and leadoff. Wearing them gives any player a performance edge.

They are made to be lightweight with superior-designed cushioned insoles that provide support, comfort, and stability during on-field play for increased endurance. Buy these youth baseball cleats for your little league athlete to give him an edge on the field.

Following are the top reasons that make these cleats one of the best:

Support & Breathability

The synthetic rubber upper design showcases unmatched support for the athlete’s ankle. For further ease and perseverance, the design contains air exchange vents for breathability. This robust, breathable design provides superior comfort for a weeklong playing session or an all-day tournament.


Foot fatigue is what many people face while playing baseball. It may be due to cleats that don’t fit well. Guardian Baseball Cleats are engineered to be lightweight with superior designed cushioned insoles that provide support, comfort, and stability.

Fashion & Performance

These cleats feature branding on the tongue and side of the shoes. They feature their Patented V-Cleat configuration, low-top design for top-notch durability and comfort. Your child (girl or boy) will enjoy wearing them!

Designed by Sports Professionals

The Guardian youth baseball cleats are designed by professional coaches and athletes. All of their years of baseball experience have been incorporated into the designing of these cleats.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Sturdy


  • It may not be very durable

adidas Icon V Molded Cleat – Kid’s Baseball

adidas Icon V Molded Cleat - Kid's Baseball

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Big hitters in the making. These Adidas youth baseball cleats give your young ball player the speed and power they need to impact the game. With the speed and agility they will provide your child, it will improve their game in no time.

But what is it that makes these youth baseball cleats so special? Let’s dig right into it.


They’re built to last, with a durable synthetic upper that has a supportive mid-cut. The synthetic material will withstand any forces of nature that are thrown at it.


The Light strike midsole provides cushioning, so they stay comfortable. The feet fit in snugly, and the movement is more than comfortable.


Molded rubber cleats on the outsole elevate traction in such a way that it gives the player the agility to make sharp turns and run fast. Lace closure ensures that it is a snug fit. Moreover, the textile upper and lining offer breathable comfort.


  • Robust
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable


  • May wear out earlier than expected.

adidas Unisex-Child Fx4068 Baseball Shoe

youth baseball cleatsBuy on Amazon

It is no secret that the Adidas brand has had a long history with quality. It provides innovative solutions to athlete’s problems to make sure they perform their best on the field.

With these youth baseball cleats, you can be sure your child will be performing their level best. Let’s take a look at what Adidas youth baseball cleats have to offer:


These cleats from Adidas Baseball have an ultra-lightweight Light strike midsole so kids can fly around the bases.


The outsole plate features molded TPU cleats for elevated grip on dirt and grass.

Sustainable material/Eco friendly

This product is manufactured using recycled materials as part of the company’s commitment to eliminating plastic waste. The uppers are manufactured using a minimum of 50 percent recycled material in 20 percent of the parts utilized in their production.

Breathability & Design

Textile upper and a mesh tongue offer breathability. It contains a Nubuck upper with an abrasion-resistant Iron skin toe cap and a padded wing tongue.


  • Perfect Grip
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight


  • Inconsistent Size

Nike Vapor Ultrafly 3 Keystone Baseball

youth baseball cleatsBuy on Amazon

Nike youth baseball cleats are among the most comfortable and stylish on the market, and they are also among the most affordable. In recent years, Nike kids baseball cleats have taken the market by storm.

They’re constructed of synthetic leather with rubber cleats and have a mesh tongue and collar, as well as a padded tongue and collar.

This particular model is popular with young children because it has a sock liner that provides a little amount of additional cushioning. They also offer many benefits such as:


You’ll find a phylon midsole improves cushioning and offers good arch support. Foam provides soft, comfortable cushioning. The Nike Fastflex outsole provides greater flexibility and allows you to move more freely. Mesh’s tongue adds ventilation to keep your foot cool.


Rubber cleats give you the flexibility to make quick plays and the traction to tear down the base paths. With eight full-length cleats in the forefoot and four full-length cleats in the heel, this shoe provides excellent grip while also minimizing hot spots.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable


  • Price is a bit on the higher side.

Nike Kids’ Force Trout 6 Keystone Baseball Cleats

Nike Kids' Force Trout 6 Keystone Baseball Cleats - youth baseball cleats Buy on Amazon

In terms of comfort, pricing, and style, Nike kids baseball cleats are among the best on the market. The Nike Force Trout Keystone is inspired by Mike Trout’s speed and strength. It gives you versatility for rapid plays and great traction on all portions of the field.

These are some of the attributes that set these cleats apart:


The adjustable strap locks your foot on soft foam for long-lasting support and comfort.


Safety is always the top priority for parents while purchasing youth baseball cleats. As young baseball emphasizes sliding to get out of the way, the plastic spikes will make it less likely for your child to spike not only himself but also the other player.


The high-top ankle support gives stability to the ankle. High ankle cleats are also becoming more popular among professional and collegiate players because of the added support they provide when rounding the bases.


  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Stability


  • Price
  • Standardized design limits customer’s options

New Balance Kids’ 4040 V5 Molded Baseball Shoe

youth baseball cleatsBuy on Amazon

Rather than following trends, New Balance just makes a quality shoe. These youth baseball cleats provide young athletes all the speed and power they require to make an impression on the game. 

They will boost your game in no time with the speed and agility they will give. These are the characteristics that set these cleats apart:

Breathable mesh

Mesh fabrics are used in the New Balance youth baseball cleats to promote breathability. The perforated synthetic upper allows for more airflow and a lighter feel.


This New Balance design is distinguished by its lightweight design, which is designed to be as near to a running shoe as possible.

High-end durability

They have metal cleats and are constructed of synthetic leather. The front of these cleats also has a protective liner to protect your feet from balls or impacts.


The fact that this shoe is available in large sizes sets it apart from the competition. Wide sizes, especially for youngsters, are quite difficult to come by. It’s remarkable that it’s available in every size and with so many options.


  • Breathable Mesh
  • Light Weight
  • High-end Durability
  • Size


  • Price
  • Lack ankle support

3000v5 Youth Molded

3000v5 Youth Molded - youth baseball cleats

Buy on Amazon

These youth baseball cleats are designed to help your youngster realize their maximum potential on the field. 

These sneakers are just fantastic at whatever they do. They are one of the most popular shoes on the market because of their endurance, quality, comfort, and availability in a wide range of sizes.

The mid-cut profile provides support when sprinting, promoting proper form. The qualities that distinguish these cleats are as follows:


Its full-length EVA foam midsole cushioning provides comfort and support, while its Rubber-molded outsole with cleats provides exceptional traction and added durability.


These lightweight baseball cleats have a synthetic and mesh design that is breathable and designed to reduce heat, perspiration, and smells.


Its 50% Synthetic, 50% Mesh design give it a really impressive design along with added durability and comfort. It has a Synthetic upper in a mid-cut silhouette for added foot support.

Size Range

These youth Baseball cleats are available in extended width sizes. It makes them your best cleats if you are facing a size issue.


  • Comfort
  • Breathability
  • Design
  • Wide Size range


  • Price

Mizuno Unisex-Child Baseball Cleat Shoe

Mizuno Unisex-Child Baseball Cleat Shoe - youth baseball cleatsBuy on Amazon

The Mizuno Select Nine JR is a top rubber molded youth Baseball cleat option suitable for all field types. It offers an EVA midsole for enhanced comfort and durability. 

These youth Baseball cleats are top of the line, having been designed by experts. Any player who wears them gains a competitive advantage.

These are some of the attributes that set these cleats apart:


Mizuno’s 9-spike style offers excellent traction. These cleats are constructed of synthetic materials with long-lasting rubber studs. They’re also optimized for comfort with extra padding in the tongue.


Its Mizuno Wave plate disperses energy from an impact to a broader area providing a stable platform and superior cushioning, and it also has a Velcro strap for a secure, comfortable fit and convenience of the youth player.

Lightweight design

The ultra-lightweight construction of these cleats sets them apart. The sole is light, allowing youngsters to soar around the bases.


  • Grip
  • Stability
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Lightweight design


  • Lacks ankle support

Under Armour Unisex-Child Harper 5 Mid Rm Jr. Baseball Shoe

Under Armour Unisex-Child Harper 5 Mid Rm Jr. Baseball Shoe - youth baseball cleatsBuy on Amazon

These youth Baseball cleats, with their Lightweight textile upper with TPU throughout for zonal abrasion & structure, are built for the most electrifying player in baseball. 

They are available in a variety of sizes and colors for you to select from. With their high quality, they are certain to provide comfort for your youngster.

The qualities that distinguish these cleats are as follows:

Best ankle support

Its adjustable ankle strap locks you in with powerful stability & support. You can’t go wrong when your equipment makes you feel good and increases your safety.

Great design

These cleats feature a solid design and are available in a variety of colors. When they wear Bryce Harper cleats, most young players will think they’re the coolest kid on the field.


These youth Baseball cleats have unmatched comfort and amped-up performance. 

Their Full-length EVA midsole helps disperse, cleat pressure & provides ideal comfort & cushioning. They also have lots of cushioning around the ankle and in the midsole for comfort.

Light Weight

Its Synthetic upper is lightweight & durable with a 3D print for added abrasion resistance. Despite having a high-top, these cleats only weigh about 9 ounces, meaning they shouldn’t take away from your player’s speed.


  • Ankle Support
  • Great Design
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight


  • Velcro strap wears out over time

Best Youth Baseball Cleats – Buying Guide 2021

Today market is flooded with different types of baseball cleats, which puts people in a position where the decision for a good pair becomes difficult. 

Baseball is a game with high stakes, and these stakes can be in your favor with the right cleats. We have created the best cleat buying guide that you will ever need to select the perfect ones.


Remember, you have to wear these for games that last a couple of hours, so comfort should be your highest priority. 

Walk around in the cleats before you buy them and even run a little. Check if your ankles are properly supported, and the feet feel firm on the ground.

Cleat height

Baseball cleats come in two different heights: Low-Tops and Mid/High-Tops.

Low-Tops are lighter, offering greater agility but sacrificing ankle support. In comparison, Mid/High-Tops are heavier with ankle support.


Youth baseball cleats come in a different types of materials – from synthetics, rubbers to mesh. All of them have their own perks.

Synthetic material provides the player good support at the tip of the shoe and at the ankles, whereas a cleat made from mesh would provide good flexibility and breathability.


Baseball cleats are straightforward to find the correct size in as they usually have the same fit as normal shoes.  Here are some ideas on getting the perfect fit for your youth baseball cleats:

  1. Your toe ought to leave no more than about a quarter of an inch from the end of the cleat. On top of that, the heel should have a snug fit.
  1. If you are not sure about a particular size, pick the size that is a tighter fit. Cleats will expand over time, which means that after a few uses, they will fit perfectly.
  1. Comfort is always on the top of the priority list. The style will only do you so well if your feet are hurting.

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What are the most comfortable baseball cleats for boys?

There is a wide range of options available for boys for them to choose from. The list we have provided on top contains a plethora of boys’ baseball cleats that would be the most comfortable to them.

Many options are available from companies such as Nike, Under Armor and Adidas, etc.

What baseball cleats are best?

The best baseball cleats are ones in which you feel good, and they vary from one person to another. A cleat which you play better in may not work for another person.

The youth baseball cleats that we have listed are one of the best in the market out there. None of them will let you down!

Are high-top cleats good for baseball?

High-top cleats are usually bulkier, but they provide ankle protection. If you are comfortable carrying around a little more weight on your feet but wanting ankle protection, then high-top baseball cleats might just be for you.

Are TPU cleats allowed in youth baseball?

TPU cleats are the same as molded cleats. The only difference is that instead of having rubber cleats – they have a solid molded plastic cleat.

They offer the same benefits as rubber cleats and can be used in youth baseball and softball leagues.

Are metal baseball cleats better?

While metal baseball cleats are preferred by professionals in pro leagues, they are prohibited in soft leagues and youth baseball due to safety concerns. This is due to a variety of reasons such as:

When a runner changes direction suddenly, they can cause an injury to their leg or ankles due to the sturdy grip of metal cleats.

They may also cause injury to a fielder’s leg when a base runner slides feet first into the base.

What should I look for in baseball cleats?

There are multiple things that you should look for in a baseball cleat, such as material type, cleat type, height, and size. All of these factors will need to be accounted for in order to make sure you get that dream cleat.

Do MLB players use metal cleats?

Yes, they are the top choice of MLB cleats, and for a good reason. They offer expert grip and benefit each position: they give pitchers stability and provide infielders/outfielders the best traction.

On top of that – when playing on gravel or dirt, metal cleats pick up and retain the least amount of material as compared to any other type of cleats.