flaxseed oil for hair

Exercise Daily – Flaxseed oil for hair is one of the best ways to improve the overall health and appearance of your hair.

Although flaxseed has been used for years in nutrition and alternative health practices, it has recently gained popularity for a completely different reason: to improve the health of your hair.

Whether you use flaxseed topically as an oil or consume more powdered flaxseed on a daily basis, there is a widespread notion that doing so can strengthen your hair, allowing for greater growth and general manageability.

The evidence for ground flaxseed and flaxseed oil is limited. However, there is no doubt that they have a wide range of potential health advantages.

What Exactly is Flaxseed?

Flaxseed, distinguished by its golden-brown color, is regarded as a nutritional powerhouse. This is majorly due to its high concentration of important macro-and micronutrients. Protein, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and antioxidants are just a few of the nutrients you’ll find.

Despite the fact that it contains several nutrients, whole flaxseed is not readily absorbed by the body. In order to consume it, it is either crushed into a powder for consumption or cold-pressed to extract the oil. You can then use the oil in cooking and flavoring particular foods.

Aside from being utilized in a number of complementary health practices and home treatments, flaxseed oil is also beneficial for hair health.

What Role Does Flaxseed Have in Hair Health?

flaxseed oil for hair

When applied to your hair, any form of plant-based oil may help seal the cuticle. This may help prevent breakage and frizz while promoting optimal growth and development. 

Flaxseed oil for hair provides a variety of additional advantages that are dependent on its total nutritional composition.

Some of the following substances may be beneficial to your hair in particular situations:

Omega-3 fatty acids

It may come as a surprise that flaxseed contains a fatty acid that is commonly found in fish. However, it is a distinct type of fatty acid known as alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). 

On the other hand, fish contains docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), which are essential fatty acids (EPA). 

ALA is a plant-based compound that is well-known for its heart-health advantages. It can also help to decrease inflammation. Reducing inflammation in the body is critical as it is a major factor in the development of many illnesses. It can also impair hair growth.

B vitamins

Flaxseed is a dependable source of B vitamins. This is a group of nutrients that are recognized for promoting the growth of stronger and healthier hair. Moreover, these nutrients help hair grow at a faster pace.

Vitamin E

This antioxidant is also abundantly accessible in nuts and plant-based oils, as well as in other foods. 

Specifically, vitamin E helps to improve the health of your hair by reducing the impact of free radicals on your scalp, which in turn helps to promote hair development. 

It is also possible that adequate vitamin E intake will result in healthier hair follicles.

The nutritional advantages of flaxseed are best accessed through the use of ground seeds or flaxseed oil for the hair rather than whole seeds. Topical applications may also be beneficial in terms of appearance on a temporary basis.

How to Use Flaxseed to Improve Your Hair Growth?

There are a variety of methods to take advantage of flaxseed’s hair-health advantages. When applying flaxseed straight to your hair, though, you won’t want to utilize the seeds in their full or crushed form – you’ll want to use the oil instead.

Flaxseed oil may be found in the cooking oil area of your grocery store, as well as at health food stores and specialist wellness stores.

To use flaxseed oil as a hair mask, pour a tiny amount of the oil into your palms and massage it into your hair from the roots to the ends. Leave on for up to 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly and shampooing as usual.

Flaxseed may also be used as a pre-conditioning rinse after washing to keep your hair looking healthy. Simply rinse the oil out of your hair before using a conditioner to finish the job.

Making a gel from flaxseed is another option. Like a mask, flaxseed hair gel is intended to remain in your hair throughout the day until you rinse it out again the following morning.

Flaxseed oil is available in capsule form, which may be used as a dietary supplement. Before taking any supplements, including flaxseed, consult with your doctor. Supplements can have negative impacts on one’s health.

While the dose varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, some companies recommend taking as much as six flaxseed capsules each day, while others recommend taking none at all.

Finally, you may get the advantages of flaxseed by consuming the seeds in their crushed form. Everyday foods such as oatmeal, salads, and cereals might benefit from the addition of flaxseed, which imparts a nutty taste.

Advantages of Flaxseed Oil for Hair

flaxseed oil for hair

Consuming flaxseed on a daily basis has several advantages for your hair’s health. The following is a list of the advantages of using flaxseed oil on your hair.

Leads to A Rise in Moisture Content

The use of flaxseed oil might help you combat frizzy hair and keep it from becoming tangled. 

According to research published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, flaxseed oil has a composition that is comparable to castor oil, but it is more easily absorbed into the hair. 

This makes your hair more manageable, and flaxseed oil may also be used as a styling aid in an indirect manner.

Helps in the Prevention of Acne on the Scalp

A study conducted on the link between acne and nutrition was published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), which indicated that flaxseed oil is beneficial in avoiding scalp problems such as acne. 

Many oils, including coconut oil, are comedogenic, which means they cause acne. As a result, if they are applied to your forehead or skin, they may cause blackheads to appear. 

The flaxseed oil for hair is incredibly light, which makes it ideal for applying to the scalp without having to worry about causing acne to develop.

Helps in the Maintenance of Healthy Hair

According to the findings of research published in the NCBI Database, the omega-3 fatty acids found in flaxseed oil can assist in strengthening your hair. 

As one of the most abundant sources of omega-3 fatty acids, it is strongly advised that you use flaxseed oil for hair on a daily basis if you have dry or flaky hair or a dry scalp.

Helps in the Treatment of Dandruff

Flaxseed oil’s chemical structure makes it a good anti-inflammatory component that may be used in your hair because of its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Furthermore, according to research published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the amino acids found in flaxseed oil have the ability to combat dangerous germs and keep dandruff at bay.

Improves the Elasticity of the Hair

Flaxseed oil is an excellent source of vitamin E, as well as vitamins B1, B2, B6, and biotin. 

According to research published in the NCBI, these chemicals are well-known for their hair-beneficial qualities and may significantly enhance the texture of your hair, according to the study.

Makes Your Hair More Manageable

Because flaxseeds are high in important nutrients, they provide all-around conditioning for your hair, preventing breakage and split-ends while also promoting hair growth. It also acts as a moisture-binding agent, keeping your hair silky.

Inhibits the Formation of Free Radicals in Your Scalp.

Its high concentration of antioxidants aids in the prevention of free radical damage to your scalp and the maintenance of good scalp health. 

According to a study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the vitamin E included in flaxseed oil helps to promote the healthier and stronger growth of hair follicles.

Flaxseed oil’s nutritional profile makes it an excellent choice for use in hair care products. Additional advantages of flaxseed oil for hair are still under investigation, and we can expect additional findings. 

But, how does one go about making flaxseed oil for hair growth? Let’s find out everything here.

10 Best Flaxseed Oil for Hair

NatureWise Flaxseed Oil – Editor’s Choice

NatureWise Flaxseed Oil - Editor’s ChoiceBuy on Amazon

With its high dose (1200 mg per capsule) and detailed breakdown of the quantities of omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9 fatty acids included in the oil, NatureWise Flaxseed Oil is the most popular capsule-based flax oil supplement available on the market right now, according to the company.

Especially if you’re attempting to balance your omega fatty acid levels, this will be really helpful. 

Its main downside, according to some customers, is the presence of gelatin in the capsule; those seeking a vegan source of omega 3 may wish to search for a product that uses a cellulose-based capsule or liquid flax oil as an alternative.

Barlean’s Fresh Flax Oil – Best for Hair

Barlean’s Fresh Flax Oil - Best for HairBuy on Amazon

As one of the most well-known names in natural seed oils, Barlean’s ensures that as many of the naturally occurring nutrients are in its oils as possible.

They produce it using organic methods and are cold-pressed immediately after harvesting. This ensures maximum nutritional content and potency.

The use of an opaque plastic bottle also guarantees that the flaxseed oil’s antioxidant properties do not inhibit as a result of exposure to light. 

In the event that you do not want your flaxseed oil for hair to meter out into capsules, Barlean’s liquid flax oil is a great alternative.

NOW Flax Oil – Best for Vegans

NOW Flax Oil - Best for VegansBuy on Amazon

NOW Flax Oil is organically certified and packaged in an opaque bottle to preserve the oil from oxidation and spoiling during transportation.

It is cold-pressed to ensure that the nutrients in the raw flax seeds are preserved, making it an excellent alternative for anyone looking for a liquid flax oil supplement.

Nature’s Way EfaGold Organic Flax Oil – Best Under $25

Nature’s Way EfaGold Organic Flax Oil - Best Under $25Buy on Amazon

Nature’s Way of Doing Things It contains 24 ounces of liquid flax oil that contains a high amount of lignan. Lignan is one of the flax oil components that are likely to be responsible for some of the oil’s particular health advantages.

Nature’s Way flax oil is a fantastic choice if you are a frequent user of flax oil and want a product that has high concentrations of omega 3 and lignan.

NatureMade Flaxseed Oil – Best Soft Gel

NatureMade Flaxseed Oil - Best Soft GelBuy on Amazon

With 1400 mg of flaxseed oil per soft gel, NatureMade Flaxseed Oil is a very high-dose product. Despite the fact that it is not organically certified, it provides one of the largest doses per pill that you can find elsewhere.

It is still preferable to utilize a liquid flaxseed oil for hair supplements. Particularly, if you wish to consume extremely high dosages of flax oil, even though it is more expensive.

NOW Flax Oil Capsules

NOW Flax Oil CapsulesBuy on Amazon

NOW Flax Oil is a flax oil supplement that is simple and straightforward to use. It is a capsule-based supplement that has 1000 mg of flax oil each capsule.

The capsules contain gelatin, making them unsuitable for vegetarians or vegans who follow a strict vegetarian or vegan diet. Additionally, it’s a really good choice if you’re looking for a high-dose flax oil supplement in the form of capsules.

Vitalité Now! Flaxseed Oil

Vitalité Now! Flaxseed OilBuy on Amazon

Vitalité Flaxseed Oil is now available as gelatin capsules that provide 1000 mg of flaxseed oil each capsule. 

The supplement design is quite straightforward, and you even receive information on the specific breakdown of the different fatty acids in each capsule. Despite the fact that it is organically certified, it is still a very good pick.

Sports Research Flaxseed Oil

Sports Research Flaxseed OilBuy on Amazon

Sports Research Flaxseed Oil is a very typical flax oil supplement that comes in pill form.

The vegetable capsules contain 1200 mg of cold-pressed organic flax oil in each capsule. It has the extra advantage of 60 percent ALA. It provides you with benefits similar to those of omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil.

Puritan’s Pride Organic Flaxseed Oil

Puritan’s Pride Organic Flaxseed OilBuy on Amazon

Puritan’s Pride Organic Flaxseed Oil comes in a big 16-ounce bottle and has been certified organic by the Organic Trade Association. 

The biggest problem with this flax oil is that the container isn’t opaque at all. The plastic is almost totally transparent, which means that it won’t be able to block any visible light that comes in through the opening.

It is possible that the flaxseed oil for hair antioxidant properties will deteriorate with time, especially if you do not store it in a dark cabinet or refrigerator.

In this case, the problem is the relatively high volume of flax oil present within the bottle: because it will take you longer to consume it, there will be more time for the oil to react with light and oxygen.

Zatural Flaxseed Oil

Zatural Flaxseed OilBuy on Amazon

Despite the fact that Zatural Flaxseed Oil comes into existence from cold-pressed flax seeds, it falls short of the competition on two counts. 

For starters, the capacity (eight ounces) is insufficient for frequent users, making it an unsuitable choice. 

Second, the bottle is totally transparent. Hence, it is unable to shield the antioxidants contained within it from the effects of UV radiation.

Risks Associated with the Use of Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed’s fatty acids and antioxidants may help your hair become smoother and stronger over time. It is beneficial for your overall health. The best way to enjoy flaxseed, like with any “superfood,” is to include it in a well-balanced diet.

Despite the fact that flaxseed oil is a plant-based, natural food source, it can nevertheless pose a number of health concerns.

  • Stomach cramps, bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation are some of the gastrointestinal side symptoms that might occur.
  • toxicity resulting from the consumption of unground, immature seeds
  • lowered blood pressure
  • a potential increase in the chance of developing prostate cancer
  • an elevated amount of estrogens (derived only from flaxseed), which may have a negative impact on a baby during pregnancy
  • certain drug interactions, particularly with blood thinners, cholesterol medicines, and insulin for diabetic control
  • sensitivity of the skin to topical oils

Furthermore, while flaxseed oil for hair is an excellent method to supplement your diet with essential omega-3 fatty acids, it is not the most plentiful source of these fatty acids.

In order for your body to absorb omega-3s from flaxseed, you must transform them into DHA and EPA. This means that you only get a fraction of the omega-3s you need in the end.

If you wish to increase the amount of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, you can’t solely rely on flaxseed. Instead, eating fatty fish or taking fish oil supplements may be the best option. It is just not sufficient to rely solely on flaxseed oil.


Flaxseed and flaxseed oil are unquestionably nutritious plant-based supplements that you may incorporate into your diet on a regular basis. 

It is possible that you will not be able to consume flaxseed internally in some circumstances. Consult your doctor to see whether or not it is safe for you to take.

If you want to smooth and condition your hair immediately, you may apply flaxseed oil directly to it as well.

Despite you use flaxseed for hair, keep in mind that it’s also vital to follow other good hair care habits. These habits might include getting regular haircuts or trims, washing regularly, and conditioning.

Flaxseed Oil for Hair – FAQs

flaxseed oil for hair

Is flaxseed good for hair growth?

Flaxseeds are high in vitamin E, which is beneficial to the health of both the skin and the hair. 

They aid in the improvement of circulation in the head. Therefore, they encourage hair growth and reduce the rate of hair loss. Flaxseeds may also be beneficial in preventing premature greying of the hair.

Is flaxseed oil a protein hair?

Hair that is weak and brittle is the result of a protein-deficient diet. Given the high protein content of flax seeds, both internally and externally, it will aid in the maintenance of healthy natural hair.

Can I leave flaxseed oil in my hair overnight?

If you want to use the oil as a moisturizer, you have two options. You may leave it on overnight and rinse it off in the morning. Alternatively, you may apply it in the morning and keep it on all day.

How can I use flaxseed oil for hair growth at home?

  • Put 2 cups of water in a saucepan and heat over a high burner until the water begins to boil.
  • Now, add about 2 teaspoons of flaxseeds to the boiling water and decrease the heat to low-medium on the stovetop. Allow enough time for the seeds to thoroughly cook.
  • Stirring constantly, boil the mixture for approximately 8 minutes, or until the liquid thickens somewhat.
  • At this point, you may see that the water has become shiny and viscous, with streaks that appear to be similar to egg whites running through it.
  • Remove the mixture from the heat and allow it to cool for around 25-30 minutes on the countertop.
  • The seeds would have softened and begun to discharge their oil at this point. Alternatively, you may strain the oil through a screen once it cools if you prefer to remove the seed coverings.
  • Fill an airtight jar with the oil, and place it in the refrigerator for up to 10 days to keep it fresh.