Seven types of lips and ways to take care of them

Exercise Daily – our lips are generally tied to symbols of emotional attachment, affection, love, care and sensuality. This is probably because it feels so great to give a kiss to someone who means a lot to you, someone who is close to you.

A kiss may be a gesture of love for your partner, a symbol of affection for your kids and a glimpse of love for your parents, but most people don’t know why it feels so good.

Lips are one of the most salient features on a person’s face and might also be something that not only catches a lot of eyes in the crowd but may also make you stand out in your group of friends. Ladies are susceptible to their features.

Especially for parties and events, they want to present themselves as the most elegant and attractive creature on the earth. And when it comes to facial features, there is no compromise on that. Taking care of your lips might be something that you may never want to ignore.

There are 7 types of lips, and every lip-type needs to be dealt with care and attention.

You may know that type of your lips is mostly because of your genetics and you may don’t have a choice to have some specific type of Lips.

Do you agree? But wait a minute. You can enhance the features of your lips by taking care of them.

Furthermore, you can also get lip surgery if you want your lips to look different. In this article, I will guide you how you can take care of your lips according to your lip type.

By carefully following our tips about all the 7 types of lips, knowing their salient features and how to enhance their beauty, you can easily make your overall facial looks glamorous, beautiful, stunning and perfect.

Seven types of lips and ways to take care of them

  1. Heart like lips

Heart-Shaped lips people got a prominent cupid bow which means that their upper-lip has a dip in the middle.

This might be the most romantic lips shape. Taylor swift has a very well defined cupid bow and because of this, her lips are perfectly heart shaped. Similarly many actresses and renowned stars have Heart-Shaped lips.

Among all types of lips, it is most loved and liked by not only the ones having them, but also the ones who wish to have them.

Makeup Tips for Heart like lips

  • Try sharp and shocking colors to look more glamorous and attractive.
  • Use a nude color eye shadow to make your lips look fuller.
  • To sweeten up these lips even more, wear a sexy red or a flirty pink hue
  • Try to achieve balance by using same color tone on both lips
  • Avoid using light colors since they may not make your lip shape prominent

Amongst all the types of lips, Heart-shaped Lips are rated to be the most romantic and attractive ones. If you have tis lip shape, you are the lucky one.

  1. Heavy top Lip shape

These types of lips are heavier from the top. Most of the Asian women got Top-Heavy lips.  Your upper lip is a bit fuller than the bottom one.

However you can simply define that shape with a lineror if you’re looking to balance it out, you can use foundation or concealer to soften that top lip line.

Here are a few grooming tips for heavy top lip shape:

Grooming tips for heavy top lip shape:

  • If you want to make your upper lip appear smaller, use a dark shade lip liner on your upper lip and light shade on lower lip.
  • You can also expand the lining of your lower lip by using a lip pencil in order to make both lips balanced and fuller.

Amongst all the types of lips, Top-Heavy Lips are rated to be the best for making pouts and taking pictures by beautiful ladies.

  1. Thin Lips

Your lips shape may be thinner naturally. A few people like it and a few really don’t wish to have thin lips. But once again, you don’t choose to look certain way.

Your pout may deflate with age since the lips lose volume over time. Although every lips shape is unique and beautiful in its own way, but still if you are a little anxious of your thin lips, you don’t have to worry since we are here with the best tips for you to overcome this anxiety.

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Makeup Tips for thin lips

  • Draw a line slightly outside of your natural lip line with a lip pencil and then smudge the line that you have created with your natural lip line.
  1. Gold lock Lip type

These are neither too small nor too large lips. They are the balanced lip type. People with this lip type are usually undemanding and understanding and they become very good life partners. If you have a Goldilocks lips shape, your partner might just get lucky.

Your common sense savvy and logic skills are sharp and you are a good listener.

Makeup tips for Gold lock lip type:

  • Use shimmery and frosty colors to make your lips more Plump and fuller.

Among all the types of lips, people with gold locks lips are most desired life time partners. They will always hold onto you.

  1. Plump Center

These types of lips are fuller and thicker from the center. People with these kinds of lips love to become a center of attention. People with these types of lips look beautiful and charismatic.

Makeup tips for Plump Center Lips:

  • Use a lip liner to line your lips. Try using a shade that is slightly darker than your natural color of lips.
  • To sweeten up these lips even more, wear a sexy red or a flirty pink hue
  • Since they already look fuller, a slight lining on the outer lips will make an amazing look.
  • Try using soft colors to give a more soothing effect.

Amongst all the types of lips, people with plump lips are really attractive and fascinating. Their looks are always unique and they stand out amongst crowd.

  1. Wide Lips

People with this lip type are very rare. They are extrovert, friendly, bold, and good friends. They have a good leadership potential and they want perfection in every sphere of life.

Makeup tips for Wide Lips:

  • To offset your shape, create an ombré lip with two coordinating, creamy lipsticks
  • First of all, fill in your lips using the lighter shade lipstick.
  • Use a small lip brush to apply the darker shade to the outer corners of your lips.
  • Blend the two shades together for a seamless transition.
  • This ombré lip will help create the illusion of a pout with more height.
  1. Full Lips

These types of lips are fuller and plump. People with fuller lips are sympathetic, loving and have parental instinct. They love to protect people around them. They have a very charismatic, independent, bold and glamorous personality.

Makeup tips for Full Lips:

  • Try using dark colors since your lips already look fuller
  • For smooth effect, try using soft color
  • If you’re looking for more definition, you can always tap highlighter on the Cupid’s bow and use a bit of liner to sharpen the corner. This enhances the V-Shape look.

Amongst all the types of lips, people with Fulllips are generous, caring and compassionate. They make the best parents. They always take care of matters that relate to their loved ones.


After going through all the types of lips, we can say that apart from being a part of our bodies, lips are also linked to specific traits based upon their shapes. Taking care of them is very important since they are one of the most prominent features of your body.

Apart from makeup tips, the most essential thing that matters is their care in changing weathers. Lips get drier in cold weather.

Try applying lip gloss irrespective of your Lips-Shape. Caress your lips very often. Try to keep your lips hydrated to carry your favorite lips shape all the time.

Always adore your natural looks and love being what you are. Self-admiration and self-love is something very important. It will make you take care of yourself with more love and concern.

Always caress your natural looks. Use best quality makeups since low standard makeup may harm or damage your skin and your lips. Long lasting effects may leave a bad impact on your overall facial looks.

You are adorable and you must carry yourself with perfection. Whether it is your workplace or a casual party, always be very careful about your looks.